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Randal's Gun Talk - My Bushmaster AR-10
by Randal M. Bundy - 23 January 2015
Bushmaster AR-10
Bushmaster AR-10 .308 ORC (Optical Ready Carbine)
Even though I am not getting paid to advertise it here, I did want to share a photo of my latest purchase which is a Bushmaster AR-10 - 308 Caliber - See Specs below and my explanation for recommending this above all other weapons to own and enjoy.
Caliber .308 Win
Magazine Capacity 20 Rounds
Overall Length 33.25″ – 37.25″
Barrel Length 16″ Rifling 1:10″
Max effective range: 1000 meters (individual / point targets). 
                                                                        Maximum range: 3754 meters
                                                                        Weight w/o magazine 7.75 lbs.
                                                                        Weight of empty magazine 0.5 lbs.
                                                                        Weight of loaded magazine 1.5 lbs. MSRP (Price) $1395

What a fantastic Resume for a weapon.  I am a person who enjoys the use of the scope for long distances, but I am also equally comfortable with iron sights or the more modern holographic sites.  With the proper scope, I would be quite confident in hitting my target at an easy 1,500 meters every time.  Beyond that, well although I too completed the Sniper Qualification Course, I admit that I am not Chris Kyle and I take my hat off for him.

Personally I enjoy my time far more when I am at the range for the afternoon or hunting trip, backwoods camping and hiking or on a deep wilderness trip.  Wherever I am I am very secure in knowing that I do have this little friend along with me for the trip.  Should the unexpected actually happen, let's say a Zombie Apocalypse, an Invasion of Hostile Forces, Race War, Civil War or whatever unexpected event, I will still feel prepaired and ready.

For those of us who have been in the military, yes we do enjoy our weapons and would never venture out anywhere without them.  Most of them slept with our weapons, and were never seen without them, they were as the Marines say, "This weapon is my best friend.  There are many like her but this one is mine".

Everything about this weapon is perfect.  The caliber of 308 / 7.62 mm is comparable to the AKMS which use to be my favorite.  The design of the weapons with scope options in the design is also perfect.  If I do want to keep it light and simple, then Iron sites are fine with me, as in most cases I do not have a need to drop a target beyond perhaps 300-400 meters.
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