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Railroading of
Ferguson Missouri Police Officer, Darren Wilson

by Randal M. Bundy
Darren Wilson Police Officer
Gov Nixon: We Must "Work To Achieve Justice For Micheal Brown" - Ferguson -The Kelly File
Gov Nixon Selling Out Ferguson Police Officer To The Mob Without Investigation - The Kelly File

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Article not yet edited and is still in brief.  Will be completed soon.

An attempted Railroading of the Police Officers, even though evidence so far indicates that his shooting of Michael Brown was justifiable.

The first thing that I find strange in this case is that here only 10 days after the shooting, there is talk of convening a grand jury even before the investigation by authorities is finished.  This investigation as most such cases will take months. 

We have the Justice Department under the known racist Eric Holder who has gotten involved in the matter as a civil rights violation, even before the investigation has begun and before any conclusions by local investigations have been asserted.   Eric Holders Justice Department has assigned to this case 40 FBI Agents and an untold number of attorneys from the Justice Departments Civil Rights Division, which itself is known to be at war with police departments all across the country.  Clearly this division of the Justice Department has a racial agenda which it has been on for many years, which is that they will only pursue investigations of racial discrimination if the alleged victim is anyone OTHER than white.  In other words, “Whites need not apply”. 
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So the Question the begs to be asked is if Eric Holder believes that Brainwashinging people regarding their 2nd amendment rights, is perfectly ok, then could he also think it's acceptable to brainwash people regarding matters of racial discrimination is perfectly acceptable if that   racism is directed against white people. In his various comments and lectures he seems to be saying that past discrimination against black people justifies the present discrimination against white people.  He also seems to practice this same belief within his own Justice Department's Civil Rights Division as is evident when looking at the number of cases the Justice Department own record of pursuing prosecutions when the claims involve white people as compared to claims involving black people.  For those who do not understand what I mean I will make it very simple, "White's Need Not Apply".

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The Governor of the State of Missouri is tainting the investigation by asserting that he want’s a prosecution, again before any investigation has determined if a crime was committed by the officer involved in the shooting which resulted in the death of Michael Brown.  It is not the job of the Governor to even get involved at this point. 
Missouri Governor: "Vigorous Prosecution" Must Be Pursued - Gov Takes Side - Fox News Deck
Missouri Gov: "Vigorous Prosecution Must Be Pursued - Lt Gov Weighs In On Ferguson - Fox News Deck

Democrat Govenor:  Jeremiah Wilson "Jay" Nixon
Jeremiah Wilson "Jay" Nixon
Gov. Jay Nixon, D-Mo., called Tuesday for “a vigorous prosecution” in response to the Aug. 9 police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Lt. Govenor Peter Kinder
Republican Lt. Govenor:  Peter D. Kinder

“It’s really heartbreaking to see a man elected to an office that high in our state government, the chief executive of Missouri state government, come out with a statement like that that does prejudge the case,” Kinder said. “It would be wrong for a prosecutor to say what the governor said here tonight and it’s wrong for the governor of Missouri to have said it,” he added.

Now clearly the governor has oversteped the bounse of his office.  The investigation is not even concluded and the Democrat prosecutor has already called for and seated a Grand Jury.  Even before the grand jury was seated the Democrat Govenor is out giving an official speech, calling for 
A vigorous prosecution" of Police Officer Darren Wilson.  The so called civil rights leaders and the racebaitors turned justice into "A witch Hunt" rivaled only by the original Salem Witch Trials of the late 1600's. The Govenor is an accomplice in this witch hunt and has effectively tainted justice by knowing commenting on the matter.  Obviously taking the side of the racist democrat president, Obama.

Darren Wilson now is being used as a "Sacraficial Lamb" in order to opease the Racist Black Crowds rioting in Ferguson Missouri, regardless if he was 100% innocent or before all facts were in.  The Governor Nixon has now appointed himself Judge, Jury and Executioner, it will be virtually impossible for Darren Wilson to get a Fair trial anywhere in the entire country an especially anywhere in the state of Missouri.  

Peter Joy, director of the Washington University School of Law’s Criminal Justice Clinic, tells U.S. News it’s highly unusual for an elected official to demand an individual's prosecution.

I would also note the crafty and dishonest matter in which he appears to be instructing the prosecutor to do his job.  I would asert that what he really is saying is that in order to have done his job, that means the Police Officer, innocent or guilt must be found guilty.  This is in fact an act of the most corrupt political figure I have ever seen be permitted to interfer with the legal working of the law and justice.  

The Justice Department is calling for the local prosecutor to step down, presumably to allow for the Justice Department to hand pick a prosecutor who will vigorously and viciously pursue prosecution regardless of the outcome of any local investigation.

Clearly race plays a part in this deliberate politicizing of this case and those in political power are abusing their power.

Furthermore we have a known racist organization, the “New Black Panthers” to be allowed to have their member, in uniform attending the protests and rallies in uniform.  We must remember that it was the Black Panther Party members who were calling for the wholesale slaughter of white people.  Remember the particular New Black Panther member who is quoted as saying to a crown, :you must be willing to kill white people, the men and their white woman and even their little white babies”. His exact words.

Article not yet edited and is still in brief.  Will be completed soon.


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