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Racism Against Whites by Blacks and Others
074 - White Pride - Be Proud of your White European Ancestors
073 - White Genocide - A True Conspiracy
072 - Race Wars - News Reports
071 - Persecution of Whites - Mainstream News Media Deliberately witheld Reporting
070 - Origins of Caucasians, NOT Africa - The Myth is Shattered
069 - Europeans First In America
049 - Eric Holder, The Racist & The Justice Department Now An Institution of Racism
042 - Subliminal Messages & the Puppet Masters
450 - Race War?
446 - Whites Know Their Being Persecuted by Obama's Government
434 - Civil War?  No Alternative!
419 - Democrats Blame Racism & Sexism for their loses in the Mid-Term Elections but ignore Blacks & Woman Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party Supporters
394 - Democrats have NOT won a majority of White Woman voters since 1992
378 - Progressives, Eugenists, Nazi's and the Ebola Virus
259 - Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe will learn to say, "Yes Master" in Chinese
255 - Does the Black Community at Large Really Want a Race War?
221 - Breakup of the United States and Racial Wars
211 - Patriot American Citizens Arm Yourselves, Organize & be Prepaired for Anything
205 - Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and South Africa, used to be,The Bread Basket of Africa - Now  a Waste Land of Starvation and no food - Hows that Black Majority Rule Working For you Now?
201 - Ticking Time Bomb Already Here In The USA
197 - The Coming American War on Four Fronts
162 - End of American and the Rise of Civil War
126 - Agenda 21 - Forced Depopulation & One World Government - end of National Soverignity
104 - Obama plays the Race Card Again
103 - White Genocide in South Africa
102 - Discrimination against white people Now Legal in the USA, Sanctioned by Obama
101 - Racism Wilmington DE Blames Victims
100 - Racial Wars

098 - Eric Holder, The Racist & The Justice Department Now An Institution of Racism
097 - News Media Lies about Black on White Racial Assaults, Generally Ingored or Misreported
096 - Mandela Is Dead, May He Roast In Hell
493 - PEGIDA: Patriotic Europeans Against The Islamization Of The West
490 - Paris Under Siege, All of France Under Threat from Islam and Muslims
476 - German Nationalist Movement Growing as Islamic Threat Increases
469 - NYPD On Alert as Black Racist-Militant Gang, 'Black Guerilla Family' 'preparing to shoot police officers
466 - Know your Enemy - The New Black Panther Party and Quanell Ralph Evans aka Quanell X
462 - Lena Dunham and her alleged Rape during her College Days
460 - Latest Victims of Black Racist Attacks on White People in the Race War - Started by Blacks
459 - On the matter of Race and History
457 - The Real Louie Farrakhan
456 - Deval Patrick says Ferguson Grand Jury  should have Indicted "Good For The Community"
454 - Ferguson Rioters And Race War Hopefuls Wimp Out At The First Snow Fall 449 - Black Rioters in Ferguson Destroys there own Community
448 - Ferguson Grand Jury Returns "NO indictment" Officer Wilson is Exonerated of All Charges
445 - Message to Pastor Carlton Lee of Ferguson, Missouri - "Vengeance is Mine sayeth the Lord" - and it looks like the Lord is getting his Vengeance
440 - American Armed and Bracing For Violence in the wake of the Ferguson Grand Jury Verdict
433 - Ferguson Riots are Orchestrated and Staged
431 - Celebration of Black Pete in the Netherlands
423 - Ferguson Protest Group Releases List of Targets
421 - Rise of the Patriot Resistance Movement in Europe, U.S.A and Australia
408 - What The Real Long Term Agenda of the Left Is
391 - Black Community Turns Against Obama
390 - CNN Admits 70 % of Americans Ready to Hang the Democrat Bastards 
381 - Another Confirmation of the Wisdom of the Second Amendment
359 - Big Brother and Your Children
327 - Eric Holder, Will we see him hauled off to Prison?
305 - The Pro-Abortion Caravan and Freak Show Sponsored by MoveOn.org
303 - The Democrat Circus & Freak Show is in town, and they've Brought ALL the Clowns & Freaks
282 - The Three Stooges - Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton & Eric Holder
275 - Gresham Oregon Police At War With Their Citizens who They are suppose to serve.
257 - Who are the players behind the Ferguson Missouri Riots, the ones who are behind the Curtain?
256 - Railroading of Ferguson Missouri Police Officer, Darren Wilson
254 - Michael Brown and the Ferguson Police Shooting Incidendent - Truth is the first victim and none of the facts really matter the some people
193 - Criminal Charges and Prison Time or Violent Revolution and Executions
166 - United States Under Obama - Nazi Germany 1934
140 - Al Sharpton - FBI Informer, Dead Man Walking - No Where to Run To, No Where to Hide
131 - Abortion, The Industry Of Death
116 - Gun Control, Communist Agenda
095 - Puppet Masters who Control The United States

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