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Progressives, Eugenists, Nazi's and the Ebola Virus
by Randal M. Bundy - 24 October 2014

It's a pretty frightening thing to learn that the person Obama has chosen to be appointed as his "Ebola Czar" has absolutely no Experience in medicine at all.  He is in fact an attorney and a political operative.  He is also a person who openly subscribes to the Progressive Ideology of Eugenics.

Some people may not even understand what the word, Eugenics means.  It may sound harmless enough, sort of like the word, "Euthanasia", which is not a word referring to young people of Asian descent. Quite simply Eugenics is Selective Population Control and Population Reduction.

I know exactly what you're thinking right about now, "This can't happen here, Not in this country and not
in this age".  Well I remind you that the Jewish people and the German people living in pre-Nazi Germany
also probably felt the same way and we all know how that turned out, don't we?  It is only the fool who says this will never happen, because they have not learned from history and they are not paying attention to what is really going on around them.  They see the world from the perspective of only what they can see and touch and what directly at this time effects them personally.

Who will be making the decisions as to who is entitled to have children and thus reproduce?  The same elitist types of people who in time will extend their powers to decide who will live and who will die, all perhaps in the name of something like, "Saving the Planet".  As a matter of fact under Obamacare this has already begun.  First in secret, hidden within the thousands of pages of typical double talk which no one can really understand the meaning, except those who have written it.  The full intent of the Obama administration and his cronies is now to let the old people die and deny them medical treatment.  That's right folks, your grandparents and mine who spent a lifetime being patriotic to this country and helping to raise their children and grandchildren have been deliberately targeted by Obama and his kind.  Let's also not forget that they were the same people who fought wars to protect us and our country and now in the last years, we are expected to just do nothing to attempt to prolong their lives, which we can do. 

I believe that everyone GOD puts on this planet has some value.  If we start killing off the elderly simply because the may not be what some people like Obama considers worthy to live, then we as a society have sunk very deep into that black hole.  We will find that black hole pulling more and more lives down into it.  Perhaps next will be the handicapped children, the blind, the disabled and perhaps anyone the Government and Obama things unworthy to live.  Perhaps then the gates will be open for the political opposition too.  Why not since Obama has set the precedence for anything.  Any Political Opposition will be fair game simply because Emperor Obama and his leftist say it is so.  Hay why not allow the crazy radical environmentalists to have their way too.  Let's "Save the Planet", by killing off anyone who might possibly disagree with the Environmental Crusade.  Some have actually said that anyone who does not believe that man made global warming exists should be sent to prison and other have actually said they should be executed.

You're right I've draw here a connection between "Radical Environmentalism" and "Eugenics / Euthanasia".  Now you know the kind of people who subscribe to all of these movements are the same as some people tend to follow fashion or trends.  When I went to school it was not so much the environmental cause they were into.  The leftists had not yet fully infiltrated that movement at that time.  They were all their however and I could recognize in what they were saying and the philosophy they were following and gravitating toward that they were potentially very dangerous

Eugenics is the belief by some elitists that not only do some people born on this planet should not have right to live and have children, these elitists believe they have are entitled to be the ones who make that decision.  It is a frightening thing because these people do not truly understand that everyone on the planet regardless of their intelligence level or their educational achievements do have the potential to be great contributors to man kind or just simply contribute in minor ways.  It is all in the hands of GOD, not man.  God may choose a person of low intelligence to one day intervene in such a way perhaps save one a persons life as a child.  That person may grow up to be a future President who may provide extraordinary leadership for the country in dire times.  Who is to be partially credited for that?  They guy who saved that person when they were a child.  That person who in fact might not have measure up to the Eugenists predetermined intelligence level to be entitled to live.  Since the goal of the Eugenics Program is in part based upon the individuals intelligence level, that person would not have been able to live.  I'd like to be a fly on the wall when these Eugenists themselves die and stand before GOD to and attempt to explain their actions while on earth.

You don't believe me about the Eugenics movement and the people involved, do you?  That's understandable, after all who could believe such a thing?  I never would have believed it either when I was growing up.  I was growing up at a time when the general belief was that intelligence and educational levels meant more decent people.  I was led to believe it also meant moral, kind, compassionate, sane, reasonable and rational people.  However their was one thing that struck me in those days and serves as an example to prove my point.  Some of the most notorious mass murderers, tyrannical dictators, rapists, lunatics and deviates through out history have not only been very intelligent people, they have also been some of the most well educated people as well.  They were also in their time able to ascend to some pretty high levels of their society as well.  Some had very impressive educational degrees like PhD.  So my point is that one can not measure a persons net worth to society based upon their intelligence and educational levels.  If a person is Religious, then presumably they are also aware that GOD has intentions of some sort for all of us.  Those who subscribe to Eugenics are truly Monsters, more so that Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin or any other mass murder that has ever lived upon this planet.

Who could believe that such people like that actually exist who think they have the right to make such monstrous decisions over the lives of other people?  Well they have been doing it now for the past number of decades, its called abortion.  However I am talking about something far more sinister than abortion, if we can believe that is possible.

Leftist and people allied with them do have a tendency to highjack words, which either sound good to the an audience or confuses them.  For those who do not understand what the entire Progressive Ideology is in fact Eugenics.  It is “Big Brother” deciding who is worthy of reproduce and have children and who is not.  It is just one little step away from ultimately decide who will live and who will die.  There is a certain percentage of people in our society who think they have the right to make those decisions, and if you are not forever vigilant, that is exactly where your society will end up.

It is the same over reaching and abusive power that Hitler and the Nazi’s exercised in the 30’s and 40’s in Germany and occupied countries.  There are a number of things that seem to have changed little in our societies from those times.  A large percentage of the populous is naive and gullible and far too trusting and tolerant of those whose they elect and delegate authority over their lives.  People are also far to easily distracted away from the important things.  For those in government, these defects play right into their hands and they use it to benefit and further their goals at the expense of the populous.

To appoint someone who subscribes to the Progressive views, who is to be in charge of the countries response to the Ebola Virus situation is an incredible revealing of what the people running our government might have in store for all of us.  Furthermore the fact that he appointed someone who is clearly a Political Operative, should make half of the population who did not vote for Obama, very concerned for their future.  If you think it is far fetched to suggest that they would withhold certain medical treatment, then you have not been paying attention for at least the past 6 years.  Shall we recall the warnings of Sarah Palin who tried to warn us all that Obamacare included "Death Panels" and the Obama administration and the Democrats laughed at her and assured us this was NOT true, however there are death panels.  Shall we also consider the people who have infiltrated into all levels of Government, such as the IRS, who it is pretty well known by now have abused their powers to persecute their political enemies.  I don't really think I need to continue to site examples of their abuse of power.

The Obama administration ignores the warnings and advise from medical experts who have basically said it will be national suicide to admit into our country people from West Africa, because of the Ebola Virus there could end up infecting our entire population.  Considering that Ebola has a fatality rate of anywhere between 70 and 90 %, one can not help but wonder about the person in charge of oversight of the Ebola Crisis in our country.  Put a person in charge of that who is on record as subscribes to the doctrine of Eugenics, what's wrong with this picture folks?

I have also seen reports from medical doctors who are saying that patients who were admitted to the hospital with Ebola and were being treated, have disappeared from the hospital.  In some cases the hospital staff are being order but unknown government officials to lie and report their illnesses as Tuberculosis, Influenza (Flu) or Malaria.   So the Government has been caught in a lie.  Perhaps if we all didn't know better we might conclude that those in charge of safeguarding our society and our health and well being are actually trying to wipe out 70 to 90 % of our population.  Then again I personally think most of us do know better and know that that could very well be exactly what they are doing.  Perhaps by the time enough people become so outraged they will actually try to do something about it, it will be too late. A certain percentage of the population will be in high positions who have the power of life and death over others, and they and their loved ones will be assured of survival for their cooperation.

It sounds Crazy doesn't it?  It sounds like "Nazi's".  Actually you can just substitute the words "Nazi's" and "Eugenists" with the more politically correct and socially acceptable word, "Progressive".

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