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CARAVAN HITS AMERICA WITH STARTLING MESSAGE - Ultra-liberal group pushes positive side of abortion

Pro-Abortion Caravan and Freak Show
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by Randal M. Bundy - 22 September 2014
Abortion Road Show
Pro-Abortion Road Show
That's right folks prepare yourselves because the Circus and Freakshow is coming to YOUR town soon.  It is the Traveling Caravan and FreakShow of Pro-Abortion Advocates or as they refer to themselves as "Pecemakers". This will happen thanks to their co-founder, Joan Blades and the Ultra-Leberal Group and Democrat Cash Cow "  Joan Blades was born in 1955 in Berkely, Califfornia.  That figures she was from the Hot Bed City of Leftist-Liberals.  They want are behind this traveling Pro-Abortionto Caravan  which will feaature apparently people "Sharing" their own personal stories of their Abortion Experiences with you.  Of gee how wonderful, let's all pack up all of our daughters and take them to the Abortion Circus and Freak Show, how pleasant, let's make sure to pack lunch and have a little picnic afterwards.   Joan Blades bio does not specify if she is a mother, but if she is, the I wonder how proud her daughter would be of what she and other abortion advocates are preaching to young woman across our country.  Of course they also will be having an upcoming Book published about the event too.  Behind this freakshow also is "The Center for Digital Storytelling, a San Francisco-based group that last year partnered with Exhale to compile the shared experiences of women who have "terminated their pregnancies".  What a fine bunch of woman to serve as role models for our daughters ...NOT. - The is a very old saying of "Misery Loves Company".  In other words their goal is to pull as many of our young and naive children down into Hell along with them to share the guilt of the slaughter of Millions of Innocent and helpless unborn as they can get.  They are like dispicable "Pedophiles" who might take a job on an IceCream Truck so as to get access to our children.

Those who advocate abortions or in any way profit from it or make their living from it are as guilty as those who hactually perform the abortions. - Above Photo:  Abortion Advocates and Founders of Ultra Leftist-Liberal Organization, "", shown here are Joan Blades and her husband, Wes Boyd.  They were both Co-Founders of  "Berkeley Systems, a San Francisco Bay area software comapny. - Randal M. Bundy - 22 September 2014.

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