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The Pope Deliberately Distracting Attention Away From
The Real Enemy of the Cross
by Randal M. Bundy - 07 November 2014
Pope Francis
The news from the Pope is that he is telling his faithful flock that the Enemy of the Cross is some vague entity he refers to as "Pagan Christians".  Well with all due respect toward the Pope, it is very cowardly of him to call out such a vague entity to accuse of being an enemy of the Cross, yet he makes absolutely No Mention of Islam, Muslims or Muhammad.  Islam is the Greatest to all of mankind and civilization including the Church, Christianity and all other Religions on the Planet in addition to the very Basic GOD given Rights of Freedoms of Mankind.  Some vague entity of people who the Pope Refers to as "Pagan Christians" they are of No Real Threat to anyone.   what he is referring to are the various people in our society who call themselves Christians outside of Church as Barbarians.  The Pope's words are really going to absolutely no affect upon those people or their numbers.  What he needs to do is stop wasting the time of the masses and stop distracting them.  He needs to start rallying the Christian Societies to fight back against the Horde of Demonic Islamic Terrorists.  

GOD does not instruct mankind to passively allow evil forces to slaughter us. Furthermore since we are on the subject of GOD and the Bible, if the Pope would actually insist finally upon an accurate translation of the Bible, many people would find out much more insight as to what is actually written in the Bible.  The Greeks and Romans were Not very competent or accurate at translating ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, or Syriac Scripts.  Sometime I will write a more extensive article about this little flaw of what we have all been taught and learned from the incorrect translations of the Bible.  In closing I want to make it clear that obedience to the "Church", rather it is Roman Catholic or Not is not going to guarantee you a seat on the train going to Heaven.  You do not have to step foot into or financial support the Church nor heed to the instructions of anyone, be they Pope or peasant in order to be a "Good Christian" and you most certainly Do Not have to subscribe to some doctrine of Passively standing by why Islamic Terrorists are Conquering your lands, raping your woman and Slaughtering you and your Family and your  Neighbors.  You do have the option of fighting back, which is exactly what I do recommend.
I am Not Anti-Catholic and certainly Not anti-Christian but I most certainly am Anti-Ignorance.

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