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Pope And Vatican are Cowards and Traitors
by Randal M. Bundy - 17 January 2015

That title shocked some people and I know what the faithful Roman Catholic might say that I am now destined for Hell, but I disagree completely.  You see if what damage, the Pope and the Vatican are doing, the we must consider that he is a coward and a traitor to the entire Cjristian world.  It would be the same for anyone of us to  be foolish enough or ignorant enough to think that we should negotiate with those whose sole intent is to destroy our religion and our people.  The words Cowards and Traitors are the only words that truely are appropriate labels to pin on them.  

Furthermore when the Pope advocates the restrictions of Freedom of Speech, the Press and along with it, freedom of thought, then he no longer legitamately represents the true GOD of any of us.  We must remember that it is now and has always been the intentional act of GOD to allow all of us Freedom of Speech when he created us with a "Free Will".  Had he not intended for us to excersise that free Will then we would possess that as one of our core charactors. What is Free Will without Freedom of Speech? They go hand in hand and they can not be seperatred.  Therefore the only conclussion that I have left is to presume that the Pope is not a legitimate Representative of GOD and perhaps he too, like others have "gone over to the Dark Side and the entity which presides therin.  

If you knock on the Door of Hell Long enough, eventially someone or some thing answer you and open the door.  I think this could be the answer to why the Pope and his Vatican are now Cowards and Traitors.

The Pope has publically proclaimed the we 'Cannot provoke, cannot insult other people's faith, cannot make fun of faith'.  In fact he is refering specifically to Islam and the Muslims.  However he should know that this will not appease them, this will not somehow warm their hearts and instill within them the desire of peacfully coexistance toward Christians and other Non-Jews, this will NOT bring World Peace.  It will instead encourage them to go even further than they already have in their drive across the world with the entent of slaughtering and enslaving all of mankind under the heel of Islamic Dictatorship.

This pope is an illigitimate leader and a traitor of Free people everywhere.  He may think that taking a moderate stance can bring about peaace but he is DEAD wrong and many will end up dead because he is wrong in the way he intends to handle Islam.  In view of the fact that Europe is already under invassion from Hostile Islamic Foces, the act of surrendering even one facet of Human Freedom, such as Freedom of the Press and Freedom of speech will only insire Islamic Forces to proceed further.  Any sign of negotiations of our basic human rights and freedoms will be a victory for them and a defeat for us.  

Never negotiate with mad men and never negotiate your freedoms for a temporary peace.  You enemy will still be present in the field of battle and making plans for the next battle and ultimately your defeat and slaughert.

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