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Bishop 'too Catholic' to speak at Catholic school - Students say Timothy Dolan 'homophobic'
Cardinal Timothy Dolan
The Christian Church on principle can not condone the act of homosexuality and certainly NOT same sex marigage.  Chritianity and the Church can not make compromises of these principles to please either the populous nor their congregation.  Anyone claiming to be a man of GOD who violates this principle is a deciever for the Satanic or Demonic Legions, which is unacceptable and cowardess.  A religious Leader Must NOT be either.
- Randal M. Bundy 12 May 2015

For those who voluntarily and willingly attend a Catholic or any religious based univerity or educational institute who is displeased with that religious base, including the display of those symbols of that religion, are free to attend schools that are NOT religious based.  There are plenty of those around that will welcome them and they will be perhaps content in not having to see the Crusafix on a daily bases.  For the religious based Universities to compromise on this issue would be paramount to submitting to religious disrimination and violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.  They would sin fact be suurender their right's of Frredom of Religion which is unacceptable and cowardess.A religious Leader Must NOT be either.
- Randal M. Bundy 12 May 2015

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