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even from his own Democrat Party Members

by Randal M. Bundy - 11 October 2014
Obama Ass WhippingTo be a Democrat in the United States right about now is almost the same as someone to have been a member of the Nazi Party at the end of world War Two.  Your neighbors all know who and what you are and who you supported all those years before through out the entire course of Hitler's Dictatorship over Germany.  

If you stood with Hitler all those years, supported him and his policies, even if you did not know all of the horrifying details of what he and the higher ranking Nazi Party members were doing which also included persecution of many of the German people themselves, then you share in that guilt. 

There is in fact little difference between Hitler and Obama insofar as both destroyed Freedom and Liberty as well as initiated Political Persecution of all who did not support them.  For Hitler this ended in the deaths of millions, but Obama has not yet reach that level.  

The leftists are good at one thing, stealing words that use to mean one thing, such as the word "Liberal".  It use to mean one who truly supports Liberty and Freedom. 

What some people now refer to as "Jeffersonian Liberal".  It was the same with the word, "Progressive" after all who would not support progress right?  but that is not what the word now means since it was stolen by the very same leftist types of people.  The word Environmentalist was also stolen by the leftists or more accurately, the  leftists infiltrated that particular movement itself and use it as a means to destroy the industrial progress made by our societies.  The leftists Movement with all of it various manifestations is purely a destructive and vicious enslavement movement.  Those who have become part of it are just like the Nazi Hitler youth of long ago. 

Now along with the word, "Democrat" there are many other words and initials of Government agencies that have because of Obamas Dictatorship reign are now also equally as tarnished and I doubt they will ever be able to regain their once respected status.  They are IRS, NSA, CIA, Justice Department, DHS,  and quite a few other not mentioned.  The American people will never again be able to look upon any of these agencies or the people who work for them as they once did because these agencies have become Politicized and dominated by Democrats.  Of course along with that began their Political Persecution of more than half of the American Population who are NOT Democrats.  Now we know that this practice by the leftist dominated Democrat Party began with the Jimmy Carter and continued on with Bill Clinton for two terms.  By the time Clinton lost to George Bush, Jr.  the left had already infiltrated virtually ALL Branches of Government and All agencies as well.  George Bush Jr. should have cleaned house, but he chose not to in an effort to appease the leftist Democrats.  His idea was to become friends with them, but they had no intentions of ever being friends with those who they long ago declared to be their absolute enemies, thus they remained in power for the most part and also in numbers as well, they dominated from the top all the way down to the lowest ranking janitor who swept the halls at night. 

When once and for all we are able to rid ourselves of these leftists who have infiltrated every single crack and crevice within all agencies of the US Government, a complete and thorough reorganization must occur.  This happened when the Nazi Party was finally destroyed.  The Entire German Country went through what was called "The DeNazification".  because it was agreed by all that the Nazi Party itself was working against the basic tenants of what a free society, it was not working in the best interest of the people and that it as a movement was actually a destructive force harmful to the general welfare of the German Nation. Remember that no matter how the left tries to spin it, the fact is that Hitler was a leftist and the Nazi Party itself was leftist too.   Therefore they were determined to be the enemies of Freedom and Liberty as defined by all sane and reasonable people.

Those of us on the right hold as our guide book the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.  Our ideology comes from those documents.  We welcome political debate and acknowledge that others have the same rights as we, except for those of the left who do not subscribe to these basic tenants of Freedom and Liberty.  The comparison can be made with the rights of every person to work hard in American and perhaps they too will become rich and successful.  However if their definition of becoming rich and successful is to be strong armed robbers on a street corner to get their wealth then they can not be tolerated.  They are the same as the leftist Democrats who want you to believe in and subscribe to exactly what they want….or else!

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