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Poll Shows Most Americans Think Obama Is ‘Incompetent,’ ‘Dishonest’ &‘Untrustworthy"
by Randal M. Bundy

Some interesting facts are discovered in a poll by Quinnipac University in Connecticut.  According to the recent Poll results indicate that most Americans believe Obama is "Incompetent",  "Dishonest" and "Untrustworthy".  Apparently the results of the poll reveil that 39 percent view his pandling of the economy negativesly.   We also learned from the Poll that 36 percent of the people ineterviewed view Obama's handling of the heathcare (Obamacare) negatively.  We are also told that 40 percent of the people view his handling of foreign policy negitively and 39 percent view his handling of Iran negatively.  Finally we learn that over three quarters of Americans believe the economy is poor while only 28 believe the economy is getting better.

Of course many of us have known all this since before Obama's first campayne for the highest office of the land.  However I am glad that more and more of my fellow citizens are in fact discovering this for themselves.   However apparently not enough citizens saw the righting on the wall in time for Obama's secont election, which he won.  It may be more accurate to say that because of the close counts, the democrats were successsful at winning enough of the votes of illegal immigrants, dead people, ineligible felons or people voting muliple times,  that Obama was able to steal the election.  

Obama Finger
It is a shame that mistakes like this have to be learned from experience by people who should have learned long ago as I have, "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.  .  

I did also say before Obama was elected the first time, the American Economy is like a chain. If you sever one link of the chain, the entire thing breaks.  If you punish the achievers with oppresive taxation, it will also hurt thos who depent upion the achievers for a job.  Where are you, the Obama Voter going to go to get a job after you have been laid off by your boss, because he has to cut back on labour because of higher taxes and obamacare.  Any negitive action taken against the perceived rich will have a ripple effect across the country and will also hurt the middle class and even the poor.  It has been a hard lesson to learn , but I hope the lesson is being realized, because the people who use to blacme George Bush and the Republicans are no longer able to blame them.  Purly it is the policies of Obama that have cause damage to this economy.  In fact it is not due to his incopedence, it is by design.  Yes he is deliberately doing it.  If people closely paid attention to what obama has said before his forst election, they would have see the writting on the ways.  If they had common sense they would also have come to realize that his policies would in time hurt them too.  

An example of class envey such as Obama and the democrats play to win votes, you can gather all of the rich people in the country, steal all of there wealth, line them up against the wall and shoot them all.  How much of all that money will find it's way into the hands of the poor people?  Not much, as most of it will be funneled to some fraudulent government agency that hires only Obama and democrat supporters.  All of that money stollen would probably fund the big blotted government for about 30 days. In the meantime that 10 percent that you just robbed accounted for something like 40 percent of the taxxed income for the government.  What are you going to do now that that income will no longer be coming iinto the government?  

The lesson here for all of those who have woke up and realized that Obama really is hurting them too, we are certainly glad that you finally woke up, although it is a little too late to correct the damage done.  In our lifetime this economy will never be back to what it was before Obama set off on his deliberate crusade to destroy it, along with everything else about the United States of America that was good.

Those who voted for Obama in 2008 have found out all this to be truth and in short order those who voted for Obama in 2012 who have not already joined the ranks of the unemplyeed will be shortly.  Remember the ripple effect.

Obamacare brings up a valuable lesson and that is never believe the man or woman who tells you you can have something for free.  There is always a price to pay.  We find out confirmed no that Obama had knowingly lied all along about Obamacare.  Because of his economic policies of attacking the successful people in this country, thos who worked for the succesful are now out of work, unable to find a job and are counting down the days now they will be receiving unemployement checks.  On top of this they also find out that they have to pay for Obamacare, it is not Free after all.  Those who thought that they could keep their original healthcare, are also finding out that Obama lied and the coast for thenm to obatain an obamacare approved policy will most likely be 3 times as much.

Consider also that you dollar value today is probably half of what it was before Obama came to office and your living expenses have increased.  It is called run away inflations and devaluation of the dollar.  That too was part of Obamas plan.  He learned this little trick when he wass being raised by MArxists and during his days at university when he was associating with MArxists and other radicals.  Conquer a country by over welming the economic system and creatying havic.

The problem not only with American Society, but with all western societies.  It seem that unless some policy created by a Tyranical Dictator such as Obama has direct effect upon someone, then that someone  does not understand or does not care.  Evidence of this is that is that through out this poll non of the questions pertain to things such as violations of the COnstitution, which Obama is guilt of, dictatorial executive powers which the president was never intended by the founders of the Country to possess such as executive order and the apointment of Zares both of which were never intended.  Violations of the Bill of Rights, too numerous to name here.  The public also seems to not understand the significance of the Chicago Style Political attacks upon his political enemies, and ussing the Government agencies to target his political enemies, which ignoring and refusing to enforce existing laws of the Land.

I am encouraged now to see the poll showin gthat people have finally woke up, even though this is primarily only because they too are beginning to personally feel the pain of Obamas Economic Policies.  Howeveer I do welcome them to the ranks as Patriots along with the rest of us who have been here long before Obama was elected the firsst time.

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