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Police and Law Enforcement

  1. Police Officer Executes Unarmed, Fleeing Suspect, then Tampers with Evidence
  2. Who is to blame for the Ambush and Execution of NYPD Officers?
  3. UK Police Go After Soft Targets instead of the real National Threat from Muslims
  4. Twice Deported Drug Cartel Member Now Cop Killer
  5. Tulsa Oklahoma Police Captain Defies Illegal Order to "Celebrate Islam" and then is punished
  6. Secrets of a Small California Desert Town
  7. Seattle, Washington's Garbage Police
  8. Reverend Samuel Mostellers Inciting Shooting Of Police?
  9. Railroading of Ferguson Missouri Police Officer, Darren Wilson
  10. Pam Bondi, Florida's Attorney General Announces State will Join Lawsuit Against Obama's Illegal Executive Amnesty
  11. NYPD On Alert as Black Racist-Militant Gang, "Black Guerilla Family""preparing to shoot police officers"
  12. Michael Brown and the Ferguson Police Shooting Incidendent
  13. Mexico-U.S. Border unable to Secure? Nonsense
  14. Mexican Military Cross US Border, Fire on US Border Patrol Agents as cover for Pushing Drug Mules Across US Border
  15. In Memoriam to the Fallen
  16. In Memoriam Deputy Danny Oliver And Detective Michael David Davis Jr
  17. In Memoriam NYPD Officers Wenjian Lu And Rafael Ramos
  18. In Memoriam 0814 Las Vegas Shootings
  19. Gresham Oregon Police At War With Their Citizens who They are suppose to serve.
  20. Ferguson, Missouri
  21. Eric Holder, Will we see him hauled off to Prison?
  22. Eric Holder, The Racit & The Justice Department Now An Institution of Racism
  23. Judge Elizabeth E. Coker's Perversion of Justice in Texas
  24. Don't Go into the Woods Unarmed Escaped Prisoner Finds Out The Hard Way
  25. DOJ's own Statistics Shows Firearms Murder Down 39% since 1993
  26. Chief Mark Kessler an FBI Informer?
  27. To Sheriff Doug Gillespie, Clark County Nevada Sheriff's Department
  28. Border Patrol and ICE Agent's Frustrations
  29. Border Patrol Agent Assaulted By Illegal Alien Severely Injured
  30. Another Police Shooting in St. Louis Area - An Analysis
  31. Alert to All Police Officers, Government Officials and Employees and News Media and their family members
  32. Albuquerque Police Execute a homeless man For Illegally Camping

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