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Paris Hilton Death Threats For Being Jewish
But She Is Not Jewish

By Randal M. Bundy - 05 Decenber 2014
Paris Hilton
An apparently antisemitic man, who thought Paris Hilton to be Jewish, has posed death and rape threats on the Instagram accounts of both the socialite heiress and her father Rick.

Paris Hilton
and her family ARE NOT Jewish.  I suppose that it is possible there could be ancestors of hers that might have been Jewish, but this is not necessarily unusual for anyone who has European or American ancestors..
However as far as I can deteermine from her particular ancestors, they are of Norweigian and German ancestors who immigrate to the United States.  I find nothing at all in records or even family names to in any way suggest any of them were of Jewish Ancestors.  

I am also descended from one of the Hilton/Helton/Hylton Families on my mother's side, except my particular ancestors began spelled their name Helton after arriving in the USA, whereas Paris' family began spelling their name Hilton. They are all of the same family with many branches and a long Christian History both in the USA and before that in England and Before that in Norway - they were of Viking Blood.  Noreigians that would have arrived in England with other Viking Invaders and after being defeated in battle were permitted to remain in England and to integrate and become English.  My particular branch have spelled their family names Hilton/Helton/Hylton and in old records I've seen the spelling in all three fashions.

As far as Paris Hilton being Jewish, according to Jewish Tradition if a Jewish Woman married outside of the Jewish Faith, then the children of that marriage would be considered Jewish, however if they chose not to be Jewish and instead chose to be Chritian, then they would be Christian.  It's very simple to understand here.

However Paris Hilton's mother is Kathy Avanzino-Hilton and her father is Richard Howard "Rick" Hilton
Kathy Avanzino whose parents were Laurence K. Avanzino (Italian) and Sharon Kathleen Richards (née Dugan; 1938–2002

Sharon Kathleen Richards paternal grandfather was of Italian descent. She also has Irish ancestry. Hilton's parents later divorced, and her mother married Kenneth E. Richards; through this remarriage, Kathy has two half-sisters: actresses Kim and Kyle Richards.  Hilton also has five half-siblings from her father's remarriage. She graduated from a private high school in Los Angeles.

Paris Hilton's Father's parents were Barron Hilton, Marilyn June Hawley - Barron Hilton was born in Texas.   Barron Hilton's Parents, Mary Adelaide (née Barron) and Conrad Nicholson Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels. Conrad Hilton was half Norwegian and half German descent, and his mother was from Kentucky.  The Hilton family farmed land in Kløfta, Ullensaker, Norway, where relatives still live.  The connection between our two seperates families are probably in England when some of the Hiltons might have arrived there with Viking Invaders who were permitted to take up residence in certain parts of England and eventially became one of the Noble families of England and huilt the Hylton Castile. (See below)

 - Randal M. Bundy - 05 December 2014

For more information of the Hilton/Helton Family lines and Ancestry in the USA and UK see:
and Cauld Lad of Hylton  as well as the following youtube video
The Cauld Lad of Hylton Castle

although this video is produced by young school children, it is based on legends and actual reporting of Hylton Castile being haunted which go back for many hundreds of years.
Hylton Castile
Hylton Castile - Baron Hylton is a title that has been created twice, once in the Peerage of England and once in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. The first creation came in the Peerage of England 1295 when Robert Hylton was summoned to the Model Parliament as Lord Hylton by writ. His son, Alexander, was called to Parliament in 1332 and 1335, but no further summons were sent for his descendants. Therefore, the title has only been held de jure after the death of the second baron. Indeed, the last baron was Member of Parliament for Carlisle after "inheriting" the title, due to this anomaly. Despite this, the creation is deemed to have fallen into abeyance on the death of the eighteenth baron with male heirs in 1746.
The line of Hylton Family with title is as follows:
Barons Hylton (1295)
Robert Hylton, 1st Baron Hylton (d. 1322)
Alexander Hylton, 2nd Baron Hylton (d. 1360)
Robert Hylton, de jure 3rd Baron Hylton (1340–1377)
Sir William Hylton, de jure 4th Baron Hylton (1356–1435)
Sir Robert Hylton, de jure 5th Baron Hylton (1385–1447)
William Hylton, de jure 6th Baron Hylton (d. 1457)
Sir William Hylton, de jure 7th Baron Hylton (1451–1500)
Sir William Hylton, de jure 8th Baron Hylton (d. 1535)
Sir Thomas Hylton, de jure 9th Baron Hylton (d. 1560)
Sir William Hylton, de jure 10th Baron Hylton (c. 1510–1565)
Sir William Hylton, de jure 11th Baron Hylton (d. 1600)
Henry Hylton, de jure 12th Baron Hylton (1586–1641)
Robert Hylton, de jure 13th Baron Hylton (d. 1641)
John Hylton, de jure 14th Baron Hylton (d. 1655)
John Hylton, de jure 15th Baron Hylton (1628–1670)
Henry Hylton, de jure 16th Baron Hylton (1637–1712)
Richard Hylton, de jure 17th Baron Hylton (d. 1722)
John Hylton, de jure 18th Baron Hylton (1699–1746) (abeyant)

see also Images for hylton castle

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