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Examples of Palestinian Terrorists using Children and Civilians as Human Shields

by Randal M. Bundy - 25 July 2014

Some might argue that these children were in fact curious or facinated with the Gunmen, as many children around the world are.  Young males children do in fact admire soldiers but even if that was the case then children brought into an area where there is active combat with an enemy is something that would legally be considered neglegent on the part of the Officers and command structure that would permit such as act.  However these are not pictures of any such case, they are children who have been deliberately allowed

These fighter can only be considered as cowards and war criminals to me for using children in battle as cover.

What makes these children and unarmed civilians remain right there as cover for the terrorists firing at the Israelis?  I can only conclude they were actually informed they would be emediately shot if they were to flee the battle.

Personally I would not at all feel any sympathy toward this soldier, who is obviously using the crowd as Human shields while he is firing at the Israeli Forces.  Obviously in order to stop this fool monsterous fool and war criminal from firing, some people in the crowd could very well be killed.  The blame for civlian deaths would not be attributed to the Israeli's Returning fire, as in this case it was absolutely necesary to kill the soldier.  The deaths of any unarmed civilians could only be considered as unfortunate colladeral damage.

this above photo is obviously a staged event where a child has been staged with suicide bombers.  Photo could have been from a parade by HAMAS or some other event sponsored by HAMAS for the purposes of recruitment of suicide volunteers.  Obvious,y children at this age are not capable of making such as decision of life and death.  Anyone seeing this sort of photo must conclude that in any civilized society, this would be considered child abuse.

another such event as describe above

These two above images are from actual fighting between HAMAS and Israeli Forces.  The children have obviously been placed around the HAMAS fighters and remain there out of fear of a certain death should they flee.

another image of actual live fire between HAMAS and Israeli forces.  You can see the three HAMAS fighters recognized with black hoods on.  You can also note the obvious fear on the faces of the crowd in the street and what appears to be reluctence on the part of the crowd to fleed from gun fire out of fear of a certain death should HAMAS soldiers see them flee the site of battle.
This is clearly some type of fabriated pipod stand for what appears to be a shoulder held rocket launcher.  to me it would also seem to be also an unintentional suicide machine, as if the soldier were to actually fire that thing in the possision that he is in, the back blast would kill him.  It could be I suppose be fired by what also appears to be a firing wire which he would stand back a distance away and out of the back blast zone.  Either way, this pipod is not an original part of the rocket itself.

Again even if these civilians are there voluntarily, it is still a War Crime to allow them that close to the battle.  To the unobservant viewer it may appear as though this could be a photo of a demonstration of military weapons, but then the observant viewer will notice the child on the left who seems to be standing back out of the way of any returning fire from enemy forces who are beyond the wall.

In this above photo I have placed here to show the type of palestinian who is involved as a rock thrower.  They often show up where ever there are Israeli Border guards and what the Palestinian Propaganda Machine described as a peaceful protest is in fact part of an attack on Israeli Forces.  This young man can in this case only be considered an enemy combatant, as even in the case of a rock being thrown could actually kill an Israeli soldiers.  Remember the biblical tale of Dave and Galieth.  Had I been that soldier I would have shot to injure and thus the rock throwing would have stopped.  

Here we see an image from a live fire with Israeli Forces.  Clearly this soldier is using the crowd as cover.

Another such case where children should never be any where near combat or the combating forces.


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