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Randal M. Bundy

Palestinian Perpetual State Of War
& their Propaganda Machine
by Randal M. Bundy - 25 July 2014

In Gaza there are no International or Independent News Reporters.  All reporters themselves are Palestinians who live in that region.  All of the photographs, videos, and reports that come out of those regions are controlled by HAMAS or as in the case of the West Bank, they are controlled by the Palestinian Authority.  A perfect example of the Palestinian Propaganda meant to play upon the sympathies of those in the Western World is in the following video.

The Palestinians are Great Manipulators of World Opinion.  They have had plenty of time to learn the art of Tricking the world and on the first level, they are somewhat affective.  However I have studied the propaganda Machine of The Palestinians for a great number of years.  You see I was born in 1954, which is approximately 7 years after the establishment of Israel.  I have for my entire life, had to listen to the Palestinian's constant whining, bitching, complaining, pissing and moaning about events which they have themselves created. 

The fact is that Israelis wants Peace and Security while Palestinians want War and Chaos. Palestinians live is a Perpetual State Of War, but they are not very good at it.  What I mean by that is the Palestinians and for the most part the Arab in general are not true Warriors in the classic sense of the  word.  Anyone with half a brain can be taught to fire an AK-47, and the Palestinians and most Arabs may instigate wars and conflicts, but they are not good Warriors.  They are only good at perhaps fighting and enemy that is much weaker numerically than they are or perhaps an enemy that is unarmed, and if at all possible that enemy should be helpless woman and children.  Intentionally targetting and killing of unarmed civilians and non-combatants does not make them good Warriors, no matter how much practice they have at it.  It will of course qualify them as mass murderers and serial killers but NOT Warriors. 

Generally speaking one should stick with what they are good at and I think generally speaking the fact that the Palestinians have lost every single one of the numerous wars they have instigated and fought, is pretty clear evidence they should perhaps seek a different occupation.  Perhaps occupations such as "goat herding" or perhaps "camel dung salesmen" might be somethings they could better qualify at but True members of the "Warrior Class",  they will never be.

This is why to me it all seems ridiculous when some new American President, such as Jimmy Carter, both Bushes, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama and all of the others who enter onto the world stage and naively calls for peace talks or negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis.  Fact is the Palestinians do not want peace, but in order to secure further money contributions which will inevitably come from the Americans and Europeans, they will go through the motions.  However inevitably they will use this down time the Americans call peace in order to increase their weapons inventory, recruit new fighters from their citizens, and prepare for the next time they start firing rockets at Israel again.  If it were up to me, I would not even entertain the thought of intervening or interfering to save the Palestinians the next time they are getting there asses kicked by the Israelis.  Instead I would assert, if the Palestinians want peace, then stop firing rockets into Israel, call me when you are willing to accept unconditional surrender and I will put in a call to Tel Aviv and see how they feel about it. 

Palestinians fire rockets at Israel from Civilian sites such as schools, hospitals and homes with the intent of targeting Israeli civilian populations.  Israel Retaliates of course as it must with bombing of  those sites where the rockets are fired from.  Recently Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel said, "The Israelis use Rockets to protect it's people, while Palestinians use it’s people to protect it's Rockets.  In other words it is common knowledge that Palestinians use their own civilians as Human Shields and they have always done this and they intentionally target Israeli Non-Combatants.
Palestinians Using Human Shields
accurate depiction of the Palestinian fighter hiding behind their own woman and children.

Palestinian Society as with most other Arab Societies seem to value the lives of their own children as tools of war.  I remember seeing the images of Palestinians hiding behind their woman and children while firing weapons at the Israeli Soldiers.  When their children are killed to the Palestinian, they still have value as  propaganda tools.  Their value to the Palestinians continues as the little bodies of the dead children are used time and time again paraded in front of photographers to show the world.  They have even removed from the morgue, dead bodies of their children, dressed them up in different cloths in order to continue to paraade them again as though they were different children so as to exaggerate the casualties.

It is within my nature to be skeptical and instead of just believing what someone is trying to hand me as fact, that information must first go through a series of investigations to try to determine it's authenticity. In the end it is somewhat difficult to past something by me without my detecting it as fabricated propaganda material.  

As an American, living in my country, I have absolutely no invested interest in Israel, except that I do believe adamantly that Israel and the Jews do have an “ABSOLUTE RIGHT" to live in peace and security in the land of Israel and where ever they presently live and wherever they in the future shall live.  I am not Jewish, but I do not have to be Jewish to recognize that the Problems that exist in the Middle East are entirely the making of the Palestinians and other Arab people.  I also recognize that much of the fault also lies with some of those people who side with the Palestinians, even the very radical elements of HAMAS.

I have meet also a number of Palestinians and will acknowledge that there may very well be decent Palestinians somewhere on this planet, however to date I have not had the pleasure of actually meeting any of them.  Those who I have had the unfortunate opportunity to meet have been people who to me seem to be possessed of evil, as one might experience when observing someone possessed of demons.  I have seen the images of those Palestinians who have to live under the brutal rule of HAMAS or  even the Palestinian Authority and I must say that that is in fact what they Palestinians should be complaining more about.  It is those Brutal gangsters that lead their societies that are the cause of most of the Palestinian’s Problems, not the Israelis and not the Jews.

Yes it is absolutely true that I have known many Israelis and many Jews. It is absolutely true that while I was in the US Army I did receive in Israel, specialized Military Training.  I trained with members of the IDF and I lived with them, ate meals with them, they took me into their homes and treated me as though I was one of their own.  They did not have to treat me with the Warmth, Kindness, Generosity and comradery as they did, it was not expected of them and they were not obligated, or required.  I am however grateful to all of them for that.  In these times of War that they must endure, I wish for them that which is the only thing they as a people desire, Peace and Security for themselves, their children, spouses and families and as a fellow Warrior I also wish for them victory on the battle field.  Certainly God is With Them. 


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