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Palestinian Monster and The Many Tentacles it has
Muslim Provocators in Ferguson
by Randal M. Bundy - 23 November 2014
Bassem Masri
Bassem Masri, a Palestinian Radical livestreaming with his cellphone-video camera in hand at a protest against the police killing of Michael Brown.  Now when we look at these morans with their locked hands we must all remember all of these protests actually have NOTHING at all to do with Michael Brown's death.   None of these people we see siting on display here in a row are certainly NOT roicket scientists and if asked none of them could quote a single section of the 1st Ammendment, nor do any of thema ctually give a damn about anyone elses Rights.  They are quite simply a bunch of Racist Thugs, just like Michael Brown, who enjoy Rioting, Looting, Burning and Destroying other peoples property and assaulting innocent white people who might be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I have said from the very beginning that in the protesters I could see a radical Muslim presents and now I have confirmation of the Palestinian Presence as provocators at Ferguson, Missouri

The confirmation comes from two different sources, CBS and Al-Jazeera - In the CBS report it says, "CBS reported that one arrest of note was that of Palestinian-American activist and agitator Bassem Masri."
On a police Report of his arrest, "Bassem Masri" 27 years old at the 15000 block of Coventry Farms in Chesterfield, Missouri.

He also was invited toand of course accepted a sit down interview with Al-Jazeera - no surprise there as Al-Jazeera is Pro-Palestinian and Anti-Israel and Anti-American.

During an interview with CBA, at one point during the interview, the interviewer asked Masri why he decided to become a “citizen” journalist.

“I’m a Palestinian,” Masri responded. “I know what the media can do.”

Masri said he is acting on behalf of the people of Ferguson, but his actions suggest he may have an entirely different agenda.

During previous protests, he shouted anti-Israel statements like: “You fucking lie about Ferguson. You lie about Occupy Wall Street. You lie about Palestine. You’re all run by Zionists. We’re holding y’all accountable.”

The CBS article concludes with, "Accountability goes both ways, Mr. Masri."
Ferguson Protestors Shout Down CNN Live Broadcast: ‘Fake Journalists!’
Bassem Masri was in on this too - he was shown footage of himself cursing at cops and wishing death on them, all while blaming Jews for the media coverage of the event.

National Muslim leaders who came to Ferguson include Nihad Awad, the executive director of CAIR, and Linda Sarsour of Brooklyn. - this is confirmed in the article:  Muslims in Ferguson – On the Ground and Active Since Day One
although this article is written by Muslims and they portray the typical Muslim propaganda as their part being peaceful protests, and they even portray Bassem Masri as being peaceful. Which anyone can watch his videos and his ranting as realize that he is a provocator.

This kid really likes the lamp light and media attention - St. Louis police pressured me “to snitch on my friends,” says Palestinian-American protester - this favourable article writen by Rania Khalek who is known to be anti-Jewish / Anti Israel and Pro-Palestinian is a work of fiction on her part and that of  Bassem Masri - I'll eventially get around to researching her a little more but as for Rania Khalek, I believe she is probably Palestinian - see THE WARPED MIRROR By PETRA MARQUARDT-BIGMAN - Racism 101 for Rania Khalek published in the Jerusulum Post

Bassem Masri threatening police and their children saying they will never be safe

Back to Bassem Masri, who appears to enjoy the limelight. He sat down for an interview with the local Fox affiliate Fox 2, which includes video of some of his actions toward police.
“I’m praying for your death,” Masri says in one clip. In another, he tells a cop: “What happens when we take your gun?”
Bassem Masri busted by Fox 2 News

Update, 11 a.m.: Ferguson Police released the names of the protesters arrested Wednesday night:
- Bassem Masri, 27, of the 15000 block of Coventry Farms in Chesterfield, MO was arrested on the charge of being a fugitive from St. Louis City.
Bassem Streaming Ferguson Protest & Arrest — 11 19 2014

It appears as though what Bassem Massem Masri, a muslim provocator is also trying to do is get intel on the police by collecting their names.  He also seems to be a favorate of Al-Jazeera to be interviewed.

Another Muslim provocator, going by the name Yakoub El Amin on Facebook, wrote a threat describing a plan where ‘police will be surprise assassinated.’ He said, ‘…catch them eating…anytime their guard is dwn (sic).’ He recommended ‘clean head shot.’

Ferguson thugs threaten to rape cops wife 10/22/14 at 8:36 PM CDT
Here is another example of the abuse police are enduring in Ferguson. In this video, protesters can be heard talking about raping the officer’s wife:

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