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Pajama Boy
and the Death of the Last Real American Man
by Randal M. Bundy - 06 August 2014
Pajama Boy
No! The "Real American Man" is not dead, regardless of what the Political Correctness Crowd may say, nor what the social engineers may hope for.  There are in fact many "Real American Men" still left alive in the world today and they have absolutely no plans of becoming extinct or going anywhere.  The "Pajama Boy" on display (above right) in an advertising campagne is what the Obama gang of sissies may want us all to think is a typical American Male, but he and those like him are in fact a very small sector of the American Male Population.  He and those like him are NOT Real American Men and I just don't know what we can do for him, except to advise him to NOT wear Red Flannel Pajamas and sip on Hot Chocolet as Real Men do not wear such attire or behave like that.

No! The little sissy Justin Bieber, (pictured below) is also NOT a Real Man either and it's doubtful that he ever will be.  Selena Gomez would agree with me on that subject and she's even gone further to publically refer to him as a "weeping little girly boy."
Not A Real Man
Justin Bieber is some sort of "fluke of nature".  He is not a real man as "Real Men" do not wear Pretty Pink Shirts and display hearts shapes out of their hands and fingers.  This is something that little girls may do. This little "eunuch" has absolutely NO CHANCE of actually ever becoming a real man either, no matter how much of a "Punk" he may act like.  Now he could very well become "A Punk" but only in the "Prison Definition" of the word.  

Just for fun and to further agrivate both the feminists and the radical homosexual mafia types that seem to  dominate some sectors of the media, I have here included here "a guide of Real American Men" just in case the younger crowd of people, male and female are confused. Yes I include here woman too, becasue believe it or not guys, Real Woman do prefer Real Men instead if little sissy boys.

When I was growing up our role models and heros were men like Clint Eastwood, so I found this particular image below very meaningful.  
Real Men
Now there are rare occasions and times of course when "Real Men " do shed tears.  This is because of real men find themselves in  circumstances where it is  perfectly acceptable and the  following photo is a perfect example of those circumstances.
Soldiers - Real Men
This Soldier was just medevaced from an intensive battle during the First Gulf War, in which most of his squad were killed.  He and the other lone survivor beside him both sustaned serious injuries.  Obviously the loss of their fellow comrades was very tramadic for them and the pain of their physical injuries which they both sustained was very intense as the battle was also.  

Tears under these circumstance are not only expected but is also completely acceptable.  As a matter of fact I would even wonder about a soldier who does not shed a few tears under such circumstance.  We all hope that while fighting in a war and in battle we do not shed tears, however after the battle, it may actually be a very good thing.  It is sort of a necessary relief and these are truely "Real Men".  Think of It is sort of like an automatic presure relief valvue.  It is a sign that even a Warrior is still a Human Being.

Real Men, Real Soldiers
The above image shows again, tears shed after an intense battle and obviously the loss of comrades, perfectly understadable of warriors and shows that even the most fierce warriors among us are still human and thank GOD for those qualities.

And on a lighter note regarding Warriors, Soldiers and Real Men
Real Men, Real Soldiers
Yes, it is perfectly acceptable and encouraged for Real Men to have "Tea Parties with their daughters", even if they are Soldiers and even if they are Marines as is seen in the above photo.  This memory will remain forever with his young daughter through out her entire lifetime and long after he has taken his place in GOD's House, she will remember this of her father.  As a father of a daughter myself, I encourage this as good therapy for ALL Real Men as I did with my daughter while I was a soldier and a even after when I became a civilian.  I now again enjoy these little "Tea Parties but now with my grand daughter".  

On another note 
It is acceptable for Real Men to have played with dolls when they were children.
It is perfectly ok for a Real Man to have played with dolls when they were growing up and when they were at certain young age, provided of course that those dolls were GI Joe Dolls as seen above.

The below imge will also guide the young men of today of being Gentlemen too
Real Men
It is actually more that OK for Real Men to be Gentlemen also and hold a car door open for a woman, or even open her car door for her, it actually does show proper upbringing.  At least it was the case when I was growing up.  Additionally I learned very early on that when picking a woman up for a date, to actually walk up to her front door and ring the door bell or knock on the door.  The hazards of course were that I might have to actually meet her father, but that all went along with the territory.  Plus it increased the odds of acctually being permitted to take his daughter out on a second date.  It is ok as Real Men do in fact act like Gentlemen and usually themselves find this to be rewarding in many ways.

Real Men do like Dogs and Real Soldiers do too and sometimes those dogs are little dogs, and that's ok too as the following image shows.
Real Men

Now sometimes Real Men do like Cats, as the following image shows.
Real Men do like Cats
However a wild tiger as seen above, no matter what age, may actually NOT be for the weak of heart, so it actually may take a Real Man to have such a pet as this.

Real Men are kind to animals
Real Men are kind to animals and so are Real Soldiers.  They are also kind to woman, children, the elderly and anyone who is helpless or defenseless.  It comes from ancient times as part of the code of the class of  Warrior Knights.  These were then and still are considered "Real Men",

Here is another Role Model from my Child Hood, No Not the guy on the rigtht.  I am refering to the guy on the left, Sean Connery.

Sean Connery who has always been considered a Real Man.  Now the guy on the Right, well I really have absolutely no idea what happened with him, but I do know for certain that he is not a real man.

Below is another photo of "Real Man, Sean Connery" in the company of a "Real Woman"
Sean Connery, Real Man
Yes Woman! It is ok, acceptable, perfectly normal and encourage to actually LIKE Real Men and enjoy yourselves in their company.  It is the way GOD had designed it for all.

So hang in their "Real American Men", I know you have not all died off, although we live in confusing times. Those who are actually trying to defeat the real men are loosing their battle of converting the male population into becoming "Sissy Boys".  There are actually Many Real Men still left in American and there are also Real Woman who are grateful that they have NOT all died off.  Let this be an inspiration to both of them and help to make it all less confusing.

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