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Oslo Peace Ring Organization Really all about Blaming Israel for attacks upon Jews in Europe
by Randal M. Bundy - 23 February 2014

Another article appeared on the international wire regarding the so-called "Ring of Peace" that occured in Oslo and the information which is now being revealed further confirms the validity of my suspicions regarding the true motives of the Muslims/Palestinians who had promoted and were involved in this typical propaganda HOAX. 

We now learn this entire media charade was just another method of attacking Israel.  This time in order to get the attention of the news media, they attempt to pass off thier activity as some sort of gesture of peace by saying they were surrounding a Synagogue to protect it from being attacked.  However protecting the Synagogue or Jewish people was never what they or their activity was all about.  In fact it was just one more of the numerous Palestinian propaganda ploys and another way of attacking Israel by trying to lay the blame for ongoing attacks upon Jews in Europe, upon Israel, instead of upon what is really to blame which is Islam, it's ideology and the Arabs and Muslims in general.  

If the Palestinians were ever sincere, they would publically denounce HAMAS, publically denounce attacks upon Israel and upon anyone simply becasue of their religious beliefs.  As a matter of fact if the Palestinians themselves were to actually ever come to their senses,  they would denounce Islam as itself as a Satanic Cult of evil,  which most of the civilized world knows it is.  They would also denouce every single Imam who has lead them to war by constantly riling up their young populations attending the Mosques every friday.

You see folks, this little charade was never about promoting peace and coexistence among Islam and the rest of the world.  Remember this, when Muslims have been at war with the rest of the world for over 1,400 years and their entire existence is based upon that war.  So when they come to you with anything resempling a peace treaty, it is always a lie and they are attempting to deceive you as part of their long term military strategy.  Anything resembling a cease fire means only they have run out of bullets or rackets to fire at you.  The will use the time of the sease fire to regroup, restock and supply and rearms for their next round of assaulst against you, while waisting your time with stalling and negotiations that will actually be going no where.  They don;t want peace, they abhore peace, but even they too must take a break now and then to rest and recouperate.  
You’ll find out more in the following article. 

If you are fighting a Muslim enemy, you must be prepared to defeat them completely/  You must disarm them, make sure they can not be resupplied by their muslim allies and the terms of their surrender must be "unconditional Surrender".

Even then you must be prepared to eventially fight the same damn people again or their children and descendants, becasue as long as you allow them to raise their children and grandchildren, you are allowing them to continue that ideology of war against you.  They will raise their children to attack you whenever they get a chance and whenever you are at your weakest.  

It is fact to allow them to raise the next generation is the same as allowing an abusing parents to continue to raise their children when you know damn well they will continue to abuse their children.  The resulst will be statistically that those children raised by abusive parents will be mentally twisted and warped and will carry on the same type of abuse toward their children as was inflicted upon them.  What is and has been happening with the Muslim comminities at large is a constand chain of abuse being past from one generation to another and it is never going to stop, until you either slaughter them all or seperate them from the next generation who they will otherwise contaminate.

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