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Open Door Border Will Kill US As Illegal Aliens Bring Disease and Illness to the US
by Randal M. Bundy - 10 September 2014
It was not only predicted by the medical experts, it was guaranteed, but Obama deliberately put the entire Country at Medical Risk anyway. Outbreak of Mysterious Respiratory Illness in American Children connected to Obama release 37,000 illegal alien unaccompanied children.  Obama has deliberately exposed the American Population to possibly deadly Virus, brought in by Illegal Aliens.  American Deaths will occur as a direct result, say medical experts.  The Open Door Border Will Kill Us, but then that is Obama's plan all along.

Obama was warned by Medical Specialists NOT to release these illegal and unaccompnied children from Mexico and central America  without medical screening.  He refused to listen and now the mysterious illness is spreading across the entire United States.  It seems to be attacking and causing severe illness among American Children.. This is a delberate act of putting the entire American Polulation at severe risk of heath and even death
.  This was a deliberate criminal act by one who knew the consequenses - by Randal M. Bundy -  More to come 

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