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One Traitor Inside the Gates,
Now The Muslim Enemies on our Own Soil

by Randal M. Bundy 17 July 2015

Its' amazing to watch the Leftist "Mainstream News Media" hosts try to blunder there way through reporting the Obvious Muslim Terrorist Attacks without actually using the word Muslim, Islam or Terrorist. They all act puzzeled and I have heard at least one say they are still tryiny to "determine a motive for the attacks".  Well let me help these idiots, "It is a Muslim Terrorist Attack" , it is "Islamic Jihad", It is the religion of the Criminally Insain".  

If you want to know why Crazy people Kill, go to a lunatic Assylum for the Criminally Insane and ask one of those cracies why they did what they did and you will get a crazy answer.  The entire Religon of Islam is a "Cult of Crazies".

And what is even more frightening is that the true guilty parties are our own leftists government Politicians who have let millions of Muslims into our country and are in the process of allowing Millions more to flood into our country.  You might as well go to that same Insanasylum I speak of and invite the crazies to come home with you and let them share a room with your children.  It would be equally as iresponsible as a parent as those who run our government are irresponsible.

If my words of truth offend some of those Muslims who want us to actually believe they are Good Muslims, well the Monsters os Islam like the one who attacked and killed US Military persons are the Monsters created by the Muslims.

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