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Ohio School Officials come to their senses and Cancels
'Hijab Day'

by Randal M. Bundy - 20 April 2015
“The Covered Girl Challenge,” was to be sponsored by the Muslim Student Association, which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group with Islamic terrorist ties.
This is an incident that is not very far from where I live.  At Mason High School, the principal Mindy McCarty-Stewart canceled a student event that claimed in the name of diversity it was offering girl students a chance to wear the Muslim headscarf, or hijab, on April 23.
Mindy McCarty-Stewart
What an absolutely ignorant thing for her to approve and originally condone.  Has she  never picked up a news paper to check on world news and current events or tune in to a news broadcast with information coming out of the middle east?  Has she not become informed even in the slightest bit of the attrocities being committed world wide in the name of Islam?  Was she never aware that woman in most Muslim middle east countries do not even have the right to drive a vehile themselves or appear in public by themselves without a male member of their family?  Is she not aware of the female genitle mutilation that exists in almost every Muslim country in the world?  Is not not aware that woman are regularly executed by stoning to death for what they say is adaultry which can sometimes be simply a smile cast in the direction of a man who is not their husband?  Is she not aware that woman are not considered the same status as a man in court matters under sharia law and that when a woman inherits, she inherits only 1/3 of what a man inherits?  Is she not aware that when a woman is raped by a man in most Muslim countries that she is required to produce 3 eye witnesses to the crime and that she is also automatically charged with Adaultry , as though the rape was her fault and that if found guilt of Adaultry she will be stoned to death?
Obviously this Brainwashed Liberal-Leftist idiot who somehow has been placed in a possition where she governs over the education of our youth is in way over her head, when it comes to making very important decisions.  However I suspect that she was actually fully aware of what she was doing, but yet she ignored good judgement and just pushed on with her leftist agenda.

The event, called “The Covered Girl Challenge,” was to be sponsored by the Muslim Student Association, which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group with Islamic terrorist ties.

Well this is a little detail that Mindy McCarty-Stewart obviously should have been aware of or perhaps she simply ignored it.  Either way this alone is evidence of her ignorance and her unqualified status to hold the job she does.
“The Covered Girl Challenge,” was to be sponsored by the Muslim Student Association, which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group with Islamic terrorist ties.
On Thursday, Mason High School principal Mindy McCarty-Stewart emailed an apology to district families, after public furor over the even had grown. She wrote:

As the event spread beyond our school community, however, we received many strong messages that made me reconsider the event’s ability to meet its objectives. I now realize that as adults we should have given our students better guidance. After much consideration and after talking with the student event organizers, we have cancelled the event.”

She admitted that allowing the school’s student activities department to promote the event was a mistake.

Ya, it sure was Mindy.  My advise is either leaave the leftist Multicultural agenda out of the school curriculum, and wake up to the fact that in Islam every single muslim is at war with us in the non-muslim world, rather they know it or not.  What may seem to those suffering from naievita to be harmless sharing of their cuture and traditions iis in fact an Islamic Stradegy of Conquest by conversion.  To the Muslim Jihadists, which actualy includes every single Muslim, a small infant child in diapers have been used as Human Bombs.  They really can not considered suicide bomers, becasue they are so young that they are incapable of making that decision for themselves.  Their parents decided to slaugter and sacrifice their own infants and children for th cause of Jihad.  So this little harmless act of the Muslim Students Association "Sharing Their Culture and Traditions" with us is yet another Muslim lie and deception.

In the United States it has been advocated that Christians should not be permitted to wear a shirt advocating their religious beliefs or even a crusifix arounf their nect.  It is the same for the Jews as to their depiction of the Star of David on either a t shirt or worn around their necks.  Yet the symbols of Islam, the Muslim headscarf, or hijab is an absolute and clear symbol of Islam which they are apparently permitted to wear and without question from the school authorities.  The idea of allowing the Muslim Students Association to sponsore this "hijab day" or offering girl students a chance to wear the Muslim headscarf, or hijab, or “The Covered Girl Challenge,” would be like encouraging Jewsish student to wear a crusafix or perhaps a Muslim to wear a crusafix or a Cristian to wear a Star of David.  It would be an offense against their religion and it would be completely unnessisary and inapropriate.  Yet we Christians are expected to just go along with this leftist, Multicutural nonsence and tolerate the deliberate assault upon our religion?  

Sharon Poe, who is a former school board candidate, pointed out to the Cincinnati Enquirer that many women wearing the hijab around the world had been treated badly by men, saying, “My belief is wearing these hijabs represents the oppression of women and Sharia law,” adding that the event would be promoting Islam over other religions. Poe similarly fought against the district nearly ten years ago when educators allowed Muslim students to have their own fasting lunch hour during Ramadan.

Sharon Poe abviously does excersise far more common sense and good judgement than the school officals do.

Mason City Schools spokeswoman Tracey Carson told the Cincinnati Enquirer that "student-led groups create events for the school all of the time", adding, “The key there is, it’s student-led and student-driven. In this case, I think, honestly, where we messed up is because adults got too involved in this process.”
Tracey Carson
Trace Carson says, " I think, honestly, where we messed up is because adults got too involved in this process."
So let me get this right Tracy my dear, the problem really is that we parents are paying too much attention to your attempts at social engineering, brainwashing and indoctrination of our children?  Are you saying that we parents and citizens who actually pay your salery should just shut-up, sit down and have no objections, like sheep led to the slaughter?  It is the job of every parent to get involved in this process, it is the parents and citizens right and obligation to be involved for the sake of their children and the country.  Your Job Trace Carson is to teach our children the basics of ready, writting, and arithmatic but you and people like you are doing a lowsy job at that basic task.

No I disagree with Tracy Carson on this matter, children are in school to be taught and to learn.  Perhaps one day when they are an adault they will be able to make important decisions for themselves.  However at the typical age of school children they are not old enough to make decisions for themselves becasue they are not capable to distinuish completely to consequesnces of their actions.  They are also not mature enough to be able to recognise Islamic Probaganda and subtle acts of recruiting and converssions and obviously the school opfficials themselves are unable to recognise what really is going on here, that the Muslim Students Association  employs the tactics taught to them by their elder Muslim Jihapdist Family members and Islamic Clergy and the Mosque officials.  Every act of a dutyful Muslim is an act of Jihad, and this is just such an act.

She said the schools must let the students freely practice religion, but she acknowledged, “at the same time, we can’t promote religion, and I think by us having the permission slip (for the Covered Girl event), by adults having sent the email, I think we crossed that line.”

And I agree completely that Religion has not place in the school.  It is so easy for the school officials to prevent any infringement upon the people of various religions who may be attendin gtheir school.  No religious symbolism applies to ALL.  No exceptions, including the Muslims and remember their argument will be that the headscarf, or hijab is "NOT a symbol of their religion but only part of their culture".  Of course that is nonsense and a deliberate lie.  Remember also that according to Islamic Teachings it is perfectly fine and acceptable for any Muslim to lie to a Non-Muslim, as long as it is to futher Islam in the world".  So therefore you can not trust what they say.  That problem is easily solved by doing your own research into the subject.  And yes that does often require a person with an annolitical mind.

Poe concluded, “I do not recall ever getting an email announcing a Christian Cross Wearing day or a booth for information about the Christian persecution from Islamic terrorists. What happen to the argument of the separation of church and state?”

She's absolutely correct of course as school officials have been all to well known to deliberately lie, decieve and mask what they are truely up to and what their real goal is.

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