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Obama's Motives and Weapons for Killing America
by Randal M. Bundy - 28 January 2015
Obama's Motive and Weapons for Killing America
Racial Conflict, Social Unrest, Economic Crisis, Illegal Aliens and Hordes of Muslim Immigrant/Refugees

Obama is like a Homicidal Maniac whose Murder’s make absolutely no sense.  Most of the rest of us in society. who are sane and rational understand principles of "Cause and Effect" even though some may not have ever have heard of it by name.

A Homicidal Maniac's motive for committing a crime may seem totally ridiculous to the rest of us, but to them it may make sense.  The only thing they do not understand is why the rest of us do not see it that way too.

Such as the case with the American Serial Killer 
David Richard Berkowitz who is more well known by the term, "the Son of Sam Killer".  During an investigation, along time ago I spoke with Berkowitz as part of an investigation.  Some people may already know that I use to be a Private Investigator with a Legal Background and specialized working for Attorneys.  Quite a few of those attorneys were Defense Attorneys.  One of the cases involved the need for me to ask Berkowitz a Question and he was very cooperative.  Although he and I never spoke of the Son of Sam Killings that ended in his confinement in prison, the reason I mention him is because of the motive he told the police at the time.  That motive he offered when he confessed to the killings was, "a demon that possessed his neighbor's dog had commanded him to kill".

Obama's Motives
Obama is really not much different than David Berkowitz when it comes to motives for that which they kill.  In Berkowitz' case a Demon who possessed a neighbors dog commanded him to do so and in Obamas case his motives for destroying America is something a little more complicated and is a little more deep in his psyche and also Obama is a little more cleaver and his goals and ambitions are also much more grandiose in so far as his intentions to kill a nation itself. 

What is Obamas Real motives and goal?  (1) Is it "self hatred" for that white half of him that he hates?  (2) -
Is it that he is a Muslim and has long ago signed on to the Islamic Doctrine of Conquest of a Non-Muslim Country by upsetting the existing power structure within the United States? (3) - Is it that he has also long ago signed on to the Marxist Doctrine and fancies himself the modern incarnation of Stalin and others? (4) - Or is it a combination of all of the above?

It is clear to Psychologists and Psychiatrists that Obama is not mentally stable and it is clear to intelligent and competent economists that every single thing he is doing which involves the economy and business health of this country and the employment situation is the exact opposite of what should be done if the best interests of the country were being considered.

Obama's Weapons
Muslim Uncontroled and Unchecked Immigration
As for the wild, uncontrolled and unchecked immigration of Muslims into our country will serve as a fifth column working against us. We now find out by accident that Obama is Secret planting of up to 75,000 Syrian Muslims begins in U.S. but yet he refuses to be willing to rescue Christians refugees.

For anyone desiring to look into the future of our country and see the results of out of control immigration by a hostile enemy force, yes the Muslims, then you have only to study the cause of the Lebanese Civil way of the 1970-2 through to 1995.
Obama is truly a mad man, there's no question about that but he is not clinically insane.  He is truly set in his goal to destroy the country and he is so full of himself that his narcissism and arrogance is seen also by those who can also be considered our enemies.

None of us real people in America believe for any moment that there are truly Moderate Muslims who could actually counter the radical elements within the Muslim Community, when we consider the Mafia Tactics and Organization of the Mosques through out our country and the entire world.  All mosques are involved and any Muslim who could even be considered slightly moderate will not step forward and stand against the majority who follow the directives of the mosque, word for word.  We see this in the recent Worldwide Muslim rally organized by the Mosques and what is it that they are rallying against?  That
right according to them they are rallyin against "Freedom of Speech"
yes the very same freedom of speech they use to advocate against Freedom of speech.  Sometimes it seems like it's all a ridiculous nightmare of which you just can't shake off or get the memory of out of your head. 

Now as for the threats presented by allowing Islam to infiltrate into our country and threaten our societies I am not the only one who see this through clear glass. 

Not Deporting Illegal Aliens / Border left open.
His actions of Not Deporting Illegal Aliens whose origin is from south of our border is further evidence of his destructive intent toward America.
His intentions of granting amnesty to those who are present in our country and his actual escapade of inviting and even assisting more illegal’s all additionally serve as another Fifth Column within our borders, in addition to the actual physical crime against American Citizens by those many of those same Illegal’s who possess a criminal nature.  There is also no way to actually effectively conduct a background investigation on them since most have no form of identification, which if presented to authorities will only serve to confirm their illegal status.  The Mexican Government even illegally issue fraudulent birth certificate to them without even really knowing who or what they are.

Deliberate Economic Destruction
Obama like all of the leftists learned along time ago, just lie about the facts, keep on lying and eventually enough people will believe you and they who believe you will out shout those who know the truth.  It is a typical radical leftists concept which is always put into action.

Obama’s Deliberate economic destruction of the U.S is at least partially at play here with his  using illegal’s to overrun us.  Obama dispatches his loyal cronies like 
Kamala Harris Claims Executive Amnesty Will Boost CA Economy by up to $27 Billion.  It is absolute lies, deceptions, half truths and fudging the numbers. 

Economists themselves have asserted and proven economic principles and history confirms that illegal aliens themselves will draw more from public assistance system in funds and benefits than they will be ever be contributing in either taxes paid or dollars spent in that would benefit the economy, either on a local level or a national level.  The fact has always been that illegal immigrants from south of our borders send more money out of the country and out of the economy that they actually spend inside the country in the economy.  They do this to assist their remaining family members back home from where they came.

These very same people who speak of the benefits of illegal aliens also have put forth the idea that more welfare recipients will in fact benefit the economy because after aall welfare recipients, they assert are spending money.  What amazes me is how these types of people supporting Obama at all cost really think we are all absolute idiots who can not walk and chew bubble gun at the same time, yet alone understand simple economics.  The welfare state itself as everyone should know by now actually draws away from a nations well being.  Sure it is necessary for some and especially where children are involved and people who really can not help themselves, but to advocate the falsehood that it is a benefit to the nation is simply ridiculous.  What these people are not admitting is that there is a certain percentage of people in our country who are quite content to just sit around all day and watch TV and live off of the income received from public funds paid for by those who actually do work for a living.  The concept and idea of actually looking for a job and bettering themselves do not even cross their minds.  For some dealing drugs and helping to destroy people lives is far more profitable while still allowing them to enjoy a lazy lifestyle is far more attractive.  This seems to be ok for Obama too, as long as they vote democrat and never never enjoy any sort of ambitions in life.

All these facts regarding the economic consequences of illegal aliens and Obama's desire to grant them all Amnesty are well known to Obama and those who work for him and this is why he favors it.  However Obama and his cronies are banking on the belief of the fact that a certain percentage of people will be gullible enough to believe what he says, even after he has been proven time and time again to being a compulsive liar.  Those who are dissenting voices on these matters are for the most part censored by the mainstream media and the only voices heard by the uninformed masses are the voices of Obama and his drones.

The majority of Americans I believe see the same things that I see.  Some of us saw those things even before Obama was elected.  The American people are reacting and it shows in the Polls as the
majority of Americans support the Republican Efforts to Block Executive Amnesty that Obama is pursuing.

The Majority of those who are often referred as 
Hispanics Want Tougher Laws Against Hiring Illegals.  It is also noteworthy to mention that Most Hispanics are Conservative id their own lives and are also for the most part Christian and very religious.  I believe they too see the threat that unchecked Islamic Immigrant Refugees pose to them and their lives also.

Criminal Violations of the Constitutional
When we also calculate the deliberate twisting of the powers granted to the President by Obama during his of the presidency he is certainly a serial criminal.  He clearly violates whatever laws exists which were designed to limit those powers of the presidency and preserve the separation of powers.  Additionally unrestricted powers of those people and agencies who are subservient to Obama, such as the FBI, Justice Department, CIA, NSA, and all of the rest give Obama the assistence he that he needs to accomplish his tasks unchecked and unprevented by the whipish Republicans in Congress, with the exception of a few. 

But wait don’t the very same people who are knowingly assisting him in this American Destruction realize what they are doing?  Yes of course they do, the same as the people who assisted the building of the Nazi Concentration Camps knew what they were being used for as well as those who rounded up the Jews to be sent off to these camps.  What people in America must come to realize is that for the most part, people are generally NOT good by nature.  This is why we have laws and police to enforce those laws and courts to interpret these laws and legislators charged with writing the laws that protect the populous.  Well they had all those things in Germany at the time that Hitler arrived on the scene yet if studied history as I have, we see how effective they were then in protecting the German people, yes I am referring to the Jewish German People as well as the other German people because they all were persecuted by what happened there at that time. 

The phenomenon is really not that difficult to understand and recognize.  In any society where a tyrannical dictator takes over, he really will not find it too difficult to find willing accomplishes to do his bidding, his dirty work, and carry out exactly what he wants, no matter how horrendous the crime and treatment may be toward there own countrymen.  We have seen this before with University Studies where a person two people were involved one victim of electric shock and the other one chosen as the implanter of electric shock as a punishment for providing incorrect answers on a test by the victim.  Few oif those chosen and paid for their time actually even voiced any objection to the torture they were told they were inflicting upon the other.  More difficult was they were not being threatened with harm should they refuse to carry out their assignment, they could have refused and left, but most stayed and even after a period of time seemed to actually enjoy their role they were playing.  So this notion of “It Can’t Happen here, in American” throw that argument out the window because it is certainly happening right now in what is referred to as “A soft Tyranny”.

Do we not see a pattern of what Obama is doing?  I see it all very clearly and I know that many others do too.  Put as simply as possible, Obama has driven the national debt up and continues to drive it up even higher as we speak.  Trillions of dollars that will never be repaid and where does all that money go?  For the most part, we do not know.  Nobody knows and the Government isn’t telling us. They refuse to even talk about it.  What they do admit too is some of the most ridiculous things they could possibly be funding.  Billions funded projects in Muslim Countries, Billions funding of projects in India all of which none actually benefit America or American Workers and has absolutely no national interests for the United States.  One such project I heard about was millions of dollars spent  in China to teach and educate Chinese Female Sex Workers in China on the proper use of condoms. Now how in the hell something like that can actually be justifiable spending when millions of Americans do not have jobs, are being evicted from their homes at record numbers, et we are financing the education of prostitutes in China?

This example was actually just one sample of the hundred and thousands of wasteful projects that American Tax payers are actually forcibly financing, even with out their knowledge and it is all causing the national debt to rise.  The fact is we really do have a pretty good idea where that money is actually going to.  It is entering the pockets of the financial donors to Obama’s campaign who have contrived these bogus projects.  They are getting the money to implement and run all these nonsense projects. The amount of space required to list the entire amount would be many pages.  All of this at a time of recession, unemployment for the American people, devaluation of the dollar and  all are designed to weaken and ultimately destroy the economy and the country.

We also now find that rising to the surface of the Benghazi which you will recall was the attack of the American Consulite on Lybia and the killing of the American Embasadore and American who heroicly fought to save American lives during the attack.  We find out that there is all was in fact likely that Benghazi was in fact orchastrated by Obama himself as part of his plot to free , "the Blind Sheik".  Acording to this theory the Embassadore was inadvertently killed which caused the entire scheme to capase and ended in Americans being killed.  Apparently there is an active Lawsuit that seeks the Benghazi documents which could also assit the House Investigation into the Denghazi attack itself.  If what is presently just a theory does turn out to be fact, then it further shows what dangerous extent Obama will go to to achieve his goals and live mean little to him.

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