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Obama's Hand in Ferguson Riots and Destruction
by Randal M. Bundy - 17 November 2014
Obama's Hand in Ferguson Riots and Destruction

So now it is confirmed that Obama is what we all knew he was, A subversive President, a racist president, a president that is doing whatever he can to create division amongst the American people of different racial and ethnic groups.  He is subversive in so far as he has taken the side of people who are calling for the lynching of a Police Officer, who by all accounts did fired his weapon "in the line of duty".  By all credable reports and evidence he had been attacked by the suspect, beaten and he was able to fire several shots at the suspect.  He recovered enough at that point to do his duty which was to apprehend or stop the assaulant and he did so since the assaulant was beginning to make his way back to the officer, presumably to inflict further physical harm or even kill the officer.  The Officer had absolutely no other alternative that to shoot to kill. If it was up to me, I'd like to see him recieve an award for perseverance in the face of incredable odds.

If any one of us would have done the same thing that Mike Brown had done, we too would have met the same fate as he.  It would have made absolutely no difference as to our skin color.

Now the rule of law says that the legal procedures must be followed, which they are being followed by the establishment of a Grand Jury, consisting of the people.  It is up to that grand jury to decide if a trial is warranted, it is "The Rule by Law", not "The Rule by Mob".  If the Rule by Mob is permitted in this case, then so will be the rule by Mob against them too and according to the presidence they are attempting to establish, then we can all go back to the days of vigilanty Justice and if a Black Man is accused of a crime, them hanging them emediately will be perfectly acceptable by all, especially the Mobs protesting in Ferguson.  What?  You disagree?  Well that is exactly what Obama is doing by lending legitimacy to these Mob organizations and their leaders, when he met in secret with them and instructed them, according to reports, "Stay on Course”.  Obama further confirms his inability to actually be a presiddent of the people as he has chosen sides in something that does NOT fall into the shere of his authority or jurisdiction.

Now in regards to the unreast in Ferguson, I know and many people know that this entire matter is being orchastrated and inspired by Racists within the Black Community.  Those so called civil rights leaders are in fact hoping for a race war between the Blacks and the Whites.  These people who are using the death of Mike Brown as an excuse and in reality most of them did not know Mike Brown.  Those who did know also knwo that he was actually NOT the, "Big Teddy Bear" that others are portraying him to be.  He was a 
neighborhood Bully, a Thug and a  wanna-be Gangster.  A perfect example is the strong arm robery he committed against the store clerk before his encounter with the Police Officer.  Anyone who watched the video can clearly see that Brown was blatantly stealing cigars, without even attempting to conceil his theft and when confronted by the store clerk, he physical asaulted the clerk and threated more physical harm to pull off his crime against the store and the clerk.  However that was not the reason he was shot and killed.

I'll have more on this subject but the point of this article is Obama inserting himself and his office into a matter which does not concern the presidency of the United States.  Obama has deliberately attempted to tamper with the legal system and any future seated jury as well as the presently seated Grand Jury in such a way as to presure them into conviction of an innocent police officer, whose only crime is that he is white and his assaulant was black.

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