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Obama’s "Fundamental Change for America"?
Ebola Mass Deaths and Destruction of Societies.
by Randal M. Bundy - 18 October 2014
I have read in an article tonight, "Medical Expert says: U.S. Playing Russian Roulette with Ebola.  The medical expert, Dr. William Miller, expresses Great frustration, like the rest of us do.  He says, "'Am I the only voice that is willing to speak against current policy?'

Some of his other comments are:
- “what the CDC doesn’t understand is that that source of Ebola coming here is open-air travel.”
- "there may be some 13 percent of people who are infected with Ebola who have the ability to transmit the disease before they get a fever,”

“Obama has tried to convince the American public that we can stop air travelers that show symptoms, but Ebola has a latency period of up to 21 days that it takes the virus to incubate,” “That means a person infected by Ebola can travel from West Africa and be perfectly well, showing no signs of infection as was the case with the first Ebola Patient, Duncan who knew that he had been exposed to it, yet lied about being exposed to it and traveled to the United States to seek treatment, obviously without any consideration of endangering other people.

Allowing people from Ebola-affected countries to enter the United States at will is National Suicide and saying that as long as they are showing no signs or symptoms while they travel make no difference. It does not address the issue of allowing an entryway for the virus to enter our country.  It makes absolutely no sense, but the actions of the truly insane seldom do and mass murders although insane often are just like the Nazis when they marched Jews off Death camps.  Obama is doing the same thing by trying to convince the public, "we have a handle on this thing"

I will say it again, " the entire population is at risk of Death" or at least the 70%.  Ebola is the most “Horrific Disease known to mankind, even more so than the Plague of the Middle Ages.  In fact Ebola is strain of the Plague but with a greater fatality rate.  Back in the Middle Ages outbreak of the plague an estimated 30% of the population died.   If Ebola does break out into a pandemic among the population, we do not have the medical care to assist them,  The Health Care System in the United States has already been weakened by Obamacare and with an Ebola Pandemic it will collapse. Economically the population of the United States has been weakened also and I do not see the economy surviving this shock.  The Government will also collapse as will law and order as well.  What police officer would continue to expose himself to the dangers of being exposed to large amounts of people on a daily basis.  The Government in power right now will conclude as it always does, Raise Taxes, but their will be no more for the public to give.  Steal their property and sell it off?  No one in their right mind will be buying anything but the essentials of life.  The system will be overwhelmed and unable to function.

The time between when symptoms and death occur is such a brief period of time that we will not be able to actually keep up with burial of the dead.  At present, as of this date, over 100 people have been exposed as a result of just that one person, Duncan who arrived on our soil.  and fro those 100 people, can you imagine how many people they will end up exposing.  The incubation period of 21 days maximum and we are right now in the second generation from Duncan and so the CDC is trying to find an estimated over 800 people who either flew on the same plain as the Infected Burse who was showing a low grade fever and those who flew on the same plane afterwards.  Considering that Ebola on surfaces can live up to 24 hours and continue to infect people.  How many people flew in that very same plane and were exposed and are now in that period before symptoms show and they too are contagious?

 Considering Ebola has a 70 percent mortality rate.  That is 7 out of 10 will be dead as a rsult exposure to it and Obama and the CDC not only allowed it in, they actually invited it.    What some people would accuse Obama of is Negligence, I would call pre-meditated Mass Murder.  The United States has an estimated 310 million people and because of Obama we now have a potential of 217.000.000 people who will be dead.  Obama will have achieved in his lifetime one thing that no one else in the history of the world has been able to achieve.  He will be the Greatest Mass Murderer in the entire history of Mankind.

The health care system will also crash as a result of the deaths of doctors, nurses and all healthcare workers in general.  In time their will be such few health care experts, they will be useless and unable to stop the death of over 200 Million of the population.  Their will not even be people to bury the dead.  The will be no one left who would willing expose themselves to the corpses.

What Obama, the CDC and the other Government Officials including the UN is NOT telling us, is that Ebola is in fact the very same virus as the Middle Ages Plague that annihilated 1/3 of the population of Europe. The present death rate of this strain at present is 70%.

I have come to the conclusion that Obama knows damn well what danger is in exposing this entire country to Ebola.  He also knows what the consequences will be for the population.  Remember he did tell the public, in Not So cryptic terms and words, what his intentions were, when he was speaking to his supporters.   He said that he was “going to fundamentally change what America Was“.  What did everyone who support him think he was talking about?  I had a pretty good idea long before he won the democrat nomination.  I guess we will see how many of those very same supporters, black, white, Red, and Brown, Democrat, leftists, Liberals, and radicals will also be among the many dead.  Ebola discriminates against none, it accepts everyone equally and it takes all with equal enthusiasm.  At the present time there is no cure and there is a 70% fatality rate. 

This is what happens when a naive segment of the populous are large enough to effect the outcome of an election and are so easily mesmerized by a Narcissist like Obama.  It happened in Germany and millions followed Hitler to their deaths, so people can not say that I do not know what I am talking about.  Government and political figure can not legitimately say that I do not know what I am talking about, because Medical Experts themselves are saying the same thing.  The only difference is that I am a little more explicit and less diplomatic about how I convey the same thing.  Government and Mainstream media also can not say that I am being an alarmist wither as I think everyone with the slightest amount of intelligence should be REALLY alarmed at the danger Obama is placing them in. 

We are now almost at the end of the 21 day period of the second generation exposed as a result of Duncan who was the patient who brought Ebola here from Africa.  there has been estimated to be 800 people exposed from that one person.  We are about to see the results of how many of those people will become symptomatic and we will also find out soon how many of those have had contact will people while they were showing symptoms.

I wrote a book entitled, Survival and the Coming Crisis, but I never envisioned it would be like this folks. 

As I mentioned above, I do believe that Obama is allowing this crisis deliberately. I have theories regarding this and those theories lead right back to the fact that Obama is now and has always been a Muslim.  I will be talking in detail in my next article about the Mahdi beliefs in Sunni Islam and how Obama sees himself as the “Promised One”. 

Essentially it is based upon the fact that Obama sees himself as the promised Mahdi.  We all know of course that Islam is in fact The Cult of Evil itself.  For those who may be of the Christian or Jewish religions, can only conclude that Islam is in fact, “The Cult of Satan himself”.

Consider the teachings which Obama is Very Familiar With as it relates to Sunni Islam and to some degree also Shia Islam also. Obama would be familiar with the following teachings which could very well be what he is driven by.  Considering Obama’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder and other Mental Diseases the following may fit in with his grandiose plans for himself.

According to Abu Sa`id al-Khudri (
is quoted as saying:
 "he will become great. He will rule for seven or eight years"

Shias believe that the arrival of the Mahdi will be signalled by the following portents:[3]

The vast majority of people who profess to be Muslim will be so only in name despite their practice of Islamic rites and it will be they who make war with the Mahdi.

Before his coming will come the red death and the white death, killing two thirds of the world's population. The red death signifies violence and the white death is plague. One third of the world's population will die from the red death and the other third from the white death.

Several figures will appear: the one-eyed Antichrist (Masih ad-Dajjal), the Al-Harth, Al-Mansur, Shuaib bin Saleh and the Sufyani.

There will be a great conflict in the land of Syria, until it is destroyed.

Death and fear will afflict the people of Baghdad and `Iraq. A fire will appear in the sky and a redness will cover them.

Muhammad is reported in hadith to have said:
In the time of the Mahdi, a Muslim in the East will be able to see his Muslim brother in the West, and he in the West will see him in the East

Sadir al-Sayrafi said:
will move among them and wander through their markets and walk where they walk, but they will not recognize him

According to the Twelver Shia, the main goal of the Mahdi will be to establish an Islamic state and to apply Islamic laws

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