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Obama Zombies
by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2013  (does not inclide photos or videos)
Obama Zombies

What an absolute disappointment that almost half of my fellow Americans voted for Obama, without really knowing a damn thing about him.  It confirms what I have been saying for many years, that half of the American Population are pure idiots.  Some may be well educated but they are not wise.  Most of that half are so easily pursued by a Charismatic leader, much as the German people of the 30's and 40 were captivated by the charisma leader Adolph Hitler. Thos who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and these half that I speak of are the ones to blame, it is they who have lead this country to the doom that it now faces.

Looking at the photo on the right, the young black man, hands clasped as though he was listening to a profit of GOD speak right before his eyes.  Does he know what Obama is?  Does he know what Obama has in store for this country and how it will effect him personally?  Or did he cast his vote because the candidate shared his same skin color?  Is that reason alone not representative of the ignorance and racism of a person who would hire or not hire someone based strictly upon their skin color?

Look at the white woman to his left.  She too looks like she is mesmerized.  Does she know that Obama was raised by Marxists and does she even know what Marxism is?  I doubt seriously if she could list one thing about the principles of Marxism, but here she is looking as though she too is in the presence of a prophet.  Notice also the well designed illumination and though these people were reflecting the light of a prophet and one can not help but notice the woman to the left holding the card with the slogan, "Stand for Hope".  Does she not look like she is overtaken by some religious sermon?  These people are hopelessly lost little babies in the forest of wolves.  They are Zombies with no brains, no sense of rational thought, no analytical mind, and like Zombies just wandering around being led by there pure instincts.  What is worse, they will never learn from their experience of being lied to and deceived by Obama. 

These and all of the others like them are what I refer to as Obama Zombies.  The name is well fitting, for like zombies they do not have a brain, they operate strictly from instinct or from feelings.  They do not have the capability of rational thought, nor do they have the ability of complex deductive reasoning.

Now they two and the others seen are the ones who were hand picked by Obama's handlers during Obama's campaign for the presidency.  This is standard procedure with Obama the same as him using a teleprompter during all of his speeches.  If you have ever heard him speaking in a forum where he does not have a teleprompter you would notice the difference.  He can barely get through a paragraph with stuttering and stumping over his words.

Now compare the Obama Zombies with the German people who in there time were also captivated  by the Charisma of another tyrannical dictator. (See below and right photos)

Hitler Zombies
Hitler Zombies

Hitler Zombies

Obama Zombies
Obama Zombies confirming the old saying," ignorance is bliss."

The Obama Zombie Oath
by Randal M. Bundy
01 - I promise to follow the directives of our glorious leader known to us as Obama.
02 - I promise to never question a word the glorious leader ever utters.
03 - I promise to never think for myself or ever exercise logic or reason.
04 - I promise to never possess any creative and independent thought of my own.
05 - I promise to always be obedient to the glorious leader, no matter how ridiculous his orders or directives may be.
06 - I promise to always comply with whatever laws the glorious leader creates or interprets for me, regardless of what the existing laws say.
07 - I promise that I will have "No God other than the glorious "Obama".
08 - I promise to always be an obedient zombie who posses no intelligence what-so-ever.
09 - I promise that I will always be happy as I am marched off to whatever concentration camp the glorious leader "Obama" chooses for me.

Obama Zombies and their Flag
Obama Zombie Flag

Glenn Beck: Obama Is Absolutely A Fraud; He's Not Who He Says He Is
Hitler Zombies

Any of these people seen in these photos of Pre-WW2 Germany look like they could be any of us, our parents, grandparents, siblings or any of us.  People must learn from history, or they will fall for the charisma of any wanna-be dictator.  I was raised on the saying, an ounce of skepticism  prevents a pound of regret".  If everyone would follow just such old world quotes, and think, analyses and above all else question and stop being sheep so easily fooled, then these mistakes would not be made.

However in our modern times it is obvious this is not going to happen any time soon, as we have seen with the election of Barak Obama.  The people really knew nothing about him, they heard what they wanted to hear, promises of change without knowing any of the specifics.  They did not demand details, but accepted vague, fell good rhetoric.

Also to blame is the leftist liberal media who have always gravitated toward the left leaning democrat candidate.  The American Mainstream media is more of a propaganda arm of the leftists Obama government and they are reporting the news with a bias agenda.

The ignorance of many people to exactly what Obama is, has always been and what he intended for the country is illustrated in a pole I have conducted at various universities in the Midwest - when asked what is Socialism, What is Communism, What is the Constitution of the United States, What is the first amendment, what is the 2nd amendment and what is Free-Market Enterprise - surprisingly a small percentage of these University students could answer any of these questions.  However they all answered immediately when asked if the had voted for Obama, an astounding majority said YES.

Obama Zombies, no other term could be more appropriate to describe them.

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