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Obama to Punish the American People
by Granting Amnesty to 6-8 Million Illegal Aliens
by Randal M. Bundy - 06 November 2014
Illegal Aliens America in distress
In true Narcissistic Fashion, Obama intends to Punish the American voters, both the Republicans of course but also those Democrats who have now had their "Great Awakening" to who and what Obama really is and has always been. Those are the Democrats who for various reasons had previously supported and voted for him but now clearly see how shamefully they were all deceived.  Shamefull of course on Obama's fault.  

Now these previous voters who I have spoke to do admit their fault of previously being gullible and naive when believing any and everything Obama had said and promised them.  Those previously Democrat voters are now adamantly "Anti-Obama" and they voted Republican during this past election.  Most of them have actually begun to side with the Conservative movement and have begun to look closer into all of the issues which divide the Republicans and Democrats and they have found that they identify more personally now as Conservative Republicans.  One of them told me what lead them to this experience with Obama, is like "being taken by any con-man".  The victim is not only angry with the con-man, they are also angry with themselves for ultimately believing in the con-man.  They want justice and revenge against the one who con-man.

Obama has always had full intentions of granting legal status or amnesty to All of the 6 or 8 million illegal immigrants who reside here within the United States or whatever true and accurate number there really is.

Now that Obama and the Democrat party have been dealt a very severe "Ass Whipping" at the polls this past Tuesday, Obama is "On the War Path" against everyone.  He is even seeking revenge upon the very same Democrats who in the past have thrown their full support to him.  However this election will go down in history as the greatest defeat a political party has every suffered.  That of course is because they will also go down s the Political Party who made the most stupid mistakes that any Political Party has ever made, and that was to nominate a person like Obama for their presidential candidate in the first place.  They admit they really knew nothing  about him.  The difference between them and us is that we can honestly say, "we never voted for him and we never fell for any of his deceptions and lies."

Now the reason that Obama is on this path of granting amnesty for those Hordes of Illegal Aliens, be they from Mexico or any of the Central and South American countries is because he has lost so much of his support that he once had from the various other racial and ethnic groups in the United States who are citizens as well as the special interest groups too.  In short he has no where else to go and no one else to turn to to feel his ego.  You see this is what the Narcissist really needs.  They constant need people telling them how wonderful and extraordinary they are.  It doesn't matter if they really are or not and in most cases they are not at all exceptional or outstanding.  That is also the case with Obama, he is NOT extraordinary, he is NOT intellectual, he is NOT a Leader, he really can hardly be classified as Average on any scale when it comes to his ability to actually learn and comprehend anything.  Like most Narcissists he destroys and screwing up that which he comes in contact with.  When confronted with these things, he will blame others but never accept responsibility.  As a person, he is actually very shallow and cares little about anyone or anything else around him.  He believes himself to be the center of the Universe and he believes everyone else should feel the same way.

What Obama has in mind is actually very dangerous and threatening to our society and it has nothing to do with race, except that that is what is behind Obama’s intentions.  What he is doing will threaten all races and ethnic groups which make up our current American Society.  Obama is using these Illegal Aliens who are already been for some time and thos e who recently have invaded in what has been refereed to as "Unattended Minors".  Obama's plan will be to keep the border open, secretly invite and recruit more to arrive and illegally circumvent our immigration laws.  He has no concern as to the damage his action in doing this has upon society or the individuals who are harmed or killed as a result.  I suspect that he will try to use them as not only his assured voting block but may even attempt to use them as his own, "Rent A-Mob" sort of like Hitler used the Brown Shirts to upset the society of the former German Government and society.  If that sounds a little far fetched, well 8 years ago would anyone have predicted or believed that what Obama has done and gotten away with would have ever been permitted in the United States of America?  No absolutely NOT, they would have been written off as being crazy or a conspiracy theorist.

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