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Obama, The Supreme Traitor and Chief
By Randal M. Bundy - 30 August 2014
Obama Treason
.........I am no psychic and have no special gift or ability like Nostradamus and Saint John of Patmos.  However I do have is an understanding of History which I have studied extensively and I can recognize Tyrannical Dictators when I see and hear them.  I also can recognize the storms of World War III that are growing in strength.   

There are four quotes that I have always remembered

01 - “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it“ - George Santayana
02 - “People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors" - Edmund Burke
03 - “Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth” - Albert Einstein
04 - “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”  - Voltaire

That's right you did read the title correctly, I am asserting that Obama is a traitor and that he is deliberately working with the enemies of the United States and that his goal is now and has always been the destruction of this country.  Am I really the only one who can see this clearly?  No I am not, I know for a fact that others think the same as I do but they are afraid to actually come forward and say it.  Instead they watch the systematic destruction, piece by piece, brick by brick, life by life fall as a direct result of Obama's deliberate and systematic worldwide destabilization.

Let's make it perfectly clear, there are in fact supreme court justices, Congressmen, Governors,  News reporters, Business Leaders, Military Veterans, Active Duty Military and Law Enforcement Officials across the country who know that Obama is in fact a traitor and is working to destroy this once great United States.  The only news reporters I can think of off hand who are actually saying it, bluntly and clearly are Alex Jones of InfoWars and Michael Savage of The Savage Nation.  I am sure there are others and if I have overlooked them here, I do hope they will forgive me for not mentioning them too.

Let's also make it very clear that we know Obama is in fact a narcissist, which is what I have been saying even before he was campaigning the first time.  It is absolutely typical of a Narcissist to be incapable of any amount of empathy,  sympathy or compassion for any other Human being, no matter what their suffering is.  This is why while Millions of people in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere are being slaughtered or fleeing for for their lives from ISIS and Al Quida, Obama's only concern seems to be Golfing and enjoying leisure time at Martha’s Vineyard and fundraising for the democrat party.

Now the sane and rational person just can not imagine or realize the fact that Obama is on a personal mission that is two fold,

A - First to destroy the United States and it's Traditional Allies, or to stand by idle and do nothing while they too collapse or are overrun by their hostile racial, ethnic or religious enemies.

B - Second we must realize that just as Obama's election to the US Senate was in no way the full extent of his ambitions, so too is his presidency NOT the full extent either.  He has greater ambitions which we have not realized. although people like me have suggested that eventually he would even find himself not content with being Emperor of the entire world.  If it was possible he would eventually pursue “Emperor of the Universe“ or perhaps a god.  He has after all been raised to believe that he is somehow "Special" and even some of his followers refer to him as “a Messiah“, “the Anointed One or even “a god“.

Whatever his ultimate goal is, he is he certainly is a Traitor.  He not only stood by and did nothing absolutely Nothing while Ambassador Stevens and other Americans were killed in Benghazi, he actually order a "Stand Down" of any rescue attempt.  There were those military officers who attempted to ignore and violate Obama's stand down order, but found themselves arrested by their own executive officers, who obviously were Obama appointees whose loyalties to Obama was greater that their loyalists to the men who served under them.  Personally I would have been honored to have violated the stand down order, sent rescue missions into Benghazi and I would have honored to take a court-martial as a result of violating an order requiring me to abandon Americans who I knew would fall into the hands of the barbaric Muslim enemies.  

That was not the first time that Obama refused to react and respond as a Commander in Chief should have acted.  Think back to where the military was still in Iraq and the Generals were asking for a certain increase in Military personnel and supplies in order to counter attack and eliminate a threat by Terrorists and various Islamic Militias in Iraq who presented serious threats to the stability of Iraq.  Obama waited and stalled for 3 months and went golfing and vacationing as our military soldiers on the ground in Iraq desperately needed reinforcements and supplies they needed to win stability in Iraq and eliminate the enemy threat.  Our military Generals had to beg Obama to let them act and he still stalled.

If it had been me who was the commander and chief, I would have been able to immediately send supplies and whatever the Generals wanted on the ground, in the air or on the water for the benefit of military men and woman fighting on the ground.

Was it just ignorance on Obama's part?  Did it really take him 3 months to make a decision?  My  answer is NO to both of those questions.  I believe Obama was deliberate stalling.  Perhaps he had to send word through his Muslim Brotherhood Representatives who we know have infiltrated the white house or have deliberately been invited in by Obama.  I personally think the later is the case. Obama needed to send word to his Muslims Brothers in Iraq.

I believe this was also the reason that Obama stalled on reacting and aiding the Embassy personnel that resulted in the death of Ambassador Stevens and the other Americans who were killed in Benghazi.  I believe that Obama had either orchestrated a deliberate kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens, and there are several theories as to why.  I will write an article about those theories soon.  For the time being I will say that Obama knew before hand the Benghazi was going to happen, he wanted it to happen, he let it happen and he had motives for what he did.  The actions on Begazi alone make him a traitor.  The deliberate allowing of known Muslim Brotherhood Members or associates inside the White House or any Government Agency is in fact an act of treason.  He is most certainly a traitor.  

You see part of the problem is the western way of logical thinking does not allow them to actually believe that a person would wants to be president for any other reason than they truly love their country and people.  However this is the problem.  It is the same with people who have served their country in military service.  Some people just automatically presume, “Well they fought for their country so they must love their country”.  Well that is not always the case as we know with John McCain, Jimmy Carter, John Kerry and even Obama’s Grandfather who was himself a veteran of WW2 but who years after became an ardent and committed communist and Anti-American.  Let’s not forget the most famous traitor of American History, General Benedict Arnold, who surrendered West Point and his command to the British, without a fight and when he had enough troops to repeal numerous attacks.  He had in fact turn traitor and had made arrangements with the British long before the British Arrived at West Point.

Many people have said that Obama is in fact a Muslim and that he has kept this secret even before he was a Senator.  You see his time as Senator was really only a stepping stone for his greater ambitions of the Presidency and how does a “nobody” like Obama rise to that height?  That is where the Saudi's come in.  Their financing of Obama and really every known Islamic Terrorist on the planet is well documented.  The Saudis sell oil to the west, then with that oil profits they turn right around and finance every single Terrorist Organization through out the world.  The Saudis also share some of those profits with their own people in order to prevent any type of serious civil unrest.  Saudi Arabia has been described by some as the biggest “Welfare State“ in the world per capita, since most Saudi's do not work, but receive welfare money from the Kingdom, which originates as a result of the world buying their oil.

Saudi Arabia who are Sunni's the same as ISIS and Al Quida are on the payroll of the Saudi Kingdom.  ISIS is now enjoying military success and have decided and announced that it also had it's sights on occupying and controlling both Mecca and Medina, which just happens to be in Saudi Arabia and under the controlled of the Saudis themselves.  ISIS has even set it's sights on attacking the United States as well as our allies of Britain and the rest of Europe and Obama still is does nothing.  This is also treason since just as in the past, Obama seems to have absolutely no plan of countering the ISIS threat.  

One has to wake up and recognize the smell of death from around the entire world and realize it is all a direct result of Obama's foreign and domestic and it is part of his “Secret Agenda“.  They are actually interwoven and are one in the same.  It all does make sense rather Obama's motives are the destruction of the western world because he grew up as a Marxist and subscribes to the doctrines of Marxism and/or his motives are because he grew up as a Muslim and subscribes to the world domination doctrines of Islam.  Perhaps Obama in his sick mind has in fact woven and incorporated the two into one.  Either way it all makes perfect sense since it should be by now obvious to all that his goal is destruction.  As one with a “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” he actually glees at the prospects of death and destruction as long as he at some point can stand on the top of the mountain of all of the death and destruction that he has cause or allowed to happen.  
Obama is definitely a traitor to the United States and a traitor to our Nations Allies.

If you are a Religious person of the Christian or Jewish Faiths, then you know deep inside you, that this has all been predicted in those holy books.  What makes all those people who are blindly subservient to Obama and his goals?  Some of them have resigned, quite or have been fired.  Some have spoken out about what they have seen and learned, however most have not and in their own sick minds they must be thinking that they too will have some special place or position of power in their careers after the destruction is completed.  We have seen these types of people through out history with Hitler’s Nazi Party, The Communists Parties through out the world.  Americans somehow have always thought “it could never happen here“, never us, “we are too smart to be led like sheep to the slaughter“.  

I have always said that the average German citizen of the Nazi Era was really no different than we were back then and are right now.  What I meant by that is that we are so very similar to the Germans and if it could happen to them as it did, then it could happen to us, right here in the United States.  That was in 1974 while at University I asserted that it would in fact happen to us and people laughed and said I was crazy.  However I take not particular pleasure in finally being confirmed as being absolutely correct all along because we are now living through a Tyrannical Dictatorship as I predicted.  I also predicted that as a result the world would be death and destruction on such a level that would overshadow the suffering brought on by Hitler and World War II.

However I am no psychic and have no special gift or ability like Nostradamus and Saint John of Patmos.  What I do have is an understanding of History which I have studied extensively. I can also recognize Tyrannical Dictators when I see and hear one.  I also can recognize the storms  of World War III that are growing in strength.   

There are four quotes that I have always remembered

01 - “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it“ - George Santayana
02 - “People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors" - Edmund Burke
03 - “Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth” - Albert Einstein
04 - “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”  - Voltaire


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