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Obama, the Most Hated President in U.S. History
by Randal M. Bundy - 24 November 2014
Giving Obama the Finger
This statement is based upon statistics produced from polling of the American Public across all sectors and social classes and comparing them with other Presidents.  From these results we also consider the comments made by those who are have made political analysts whose job it is apparently to keep track of such things.  Although their comments were not quite as blunt as mine are, they are in essence saying the exact same thing that I have. 

Obama does in fact deserves every bit of that Loathing from the American People he is getting.  Some would argue that he deserves "criminal punishment" in addition to absolute Loathing from the American People partially because of his deliberate and blatant violations against the Constitution of the United States, which he swore to uphold and protect.  Sited reasons also are his deliberate persecution of those he considers his “Political Enemies and his intentional betrayal of the Country to it’s enemies and his deliberate racial discrimination and persecution of a large sector of the American Population (White People).  Interesting also is from the various Racial minorities of our country also have expressed loathing for Obama and the reason is because they too saw that he was really only using them for political gain and they too see that he is willing to create racial conflicts and tension among all Americans to achieve his tyrannical and dictatorship goals.

Obama began his course of traveling down this road of Despotism before he even won the election and was sworn in as President.  We should all remember very vividly when Sarah Palin was chosen to be John McCain’s running mate, as vice-president back in August 2008.  Obama and his cronies shortly thereafter announced they were going to launch what they referred to as, "An Army of Lawyers” to all points of Alaska to investigate Sarah Palin and they were even so arrogant as to describe their efforts as, “digging us dirt”.  In their public announcement they even announced their purpose was to recruit any one who might have an derogatory information that could assist and help them in this stated goal and the only dirt they could find and settled for was "rumors about her Daughter".  To me, this was the first indication that he would certainly be a tyrant employing “Mafia Style Chicago Tactics including but not limited to, cheating, blackmail, fabrications, and spreads unsubstantiated rumors about his political opponents instead of actually running on any issues that he believed in or represented which might be important to benefit the American public.

The word, "Hate" is just simply “too gentle” of a word to describe the feelings the American Public has for Obama, whereas the word, "Loathing" is more suitable as it is dripping with the true "contempt" and "intense hatred" felt toward the person who has repeatedly lied to the public he is suppose to serve, persecuted them based upon their political and their religious beliefs and convictions, their culture, traditions and sometimes even their history as a people and their language as well as art for their race.

Yes Obama truly is the Most Hated man to have ever served as President in U.S. History and he is not finished yet.  He has another two years left in his term.  The Republican Majority with the support of some of the more reasonable and Patriotic Democrat Congressmen and woman must impeach Obama, for the sake of the country.  If they fail to cut his term short, then the next 2 years he will intensify his destruction of the United States and his Political Persecution and violation of the Constitution. 

It should by not be clear to all Americans that his goal is now and has always been contrary to what is best for the Country and the People.  He truly is An Traitor and an Enemy of the Country and our society and our people.  If the Republicans allow his free hand over the next two years, we will all be witness to The Decline and Fall of the Once Great United States of America, much the same as Rome was victim to over about 2,000 years ago.
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