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. . . meanwhile: The Commander-in-chief sparks fury by saluting Marines with a drink in his hand

Obama Styrofoam Cup Salute
by Randal M. Bundy - 24 September 2014
Obama Styrofoam Cup Salute
Those two Marines standing at the foot of that ladder are prepared and ready to fight this countries battles and wars and are also prepared and ready to die for this country and the least they Do deserve to to have a President who is considerate and respectful enough to actually render a proper salute in return for their saluting him, as their commander and chief.

Every person presently serving or who has every served in the US Military knows that no matter what your rank is, it is a matter of Honor and Respect to Render and to Receive a Salute.  This President demonstrates on a daily basis that he has NO HONOR and he has No Respect and is therefore Deserving of NO Respect.

Had a military officer rendered a saluted in the same manner as Obama did,  there would have been either a fellow military officer or a senior non-commissioned officer,  known as a Sergeant Major who would have made damn sure that he would have been corrected and counseled on his ignorance and oversight.

A military officer however would have never made that mistake in the first place, because every officer in the US Military has far more Respect for his Country, Respect for his Branch of Service, Respect for Military Protocol and Procedures, Respect for fellow Military Men he leads and All of those honorable men and woman who have every served in the military through out history. 

This President possesses NONE of those qualities.  He is nothing more than a "Despicable Buffoon, Clown and Shyster" who somehow managed to Scam his way into public office and 
usurpe the Presidency.  Those ignorant people who voted for him are of the Lowest Caliber, Quality and Class that this country has every produced or have seen arrive on it's shores.

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