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Obama Speech and Truth of What Islam Is
The Cult of the Dark Side

by Randal M. Bundy - 11 Sptember 2014

During Obama’s Speech on Wednesday 10 September in which he attempts to do several things:

(1) - He attempts to appear tough toward ISIS and other Islamic Terrorist Groups.  Of course we all know Obama never used the words Islamic Terrorists.  Apparently this might upset his True Masters, The Saudis and other Muslims States as well as the Muslim Brotherhood.  He certainly does not want to anger the members of The Muslim Brotherhood he has employed in The White House and Through out the US Government Agencies.

(2) - Obama also is like many Muslim’s who try to convince the "Non-Muslims" that, Islam really is a “Religion of Peace”.  These same types of people even goes so far as to try to have us believe the true definition of the word Islam means Peace.  This is because it comes from a base word that another Muslim word originated from.  The word is “Salam” which is the modern word meaning “Peace“, as in the traditional greeting among Muslims, “Salam Malakam” which does mean “peace to you ” .  However even though both of these words have the same base word they originated from, these words have never shaed any similar meaning. The word Islam does mean surrender and it can also means Slavery or toserve as a slave.  I recently heard a Muslim Convert say, "I am a slave to Allah".  So you see she was using that word in proper context, which is what she learned from the Muslims Cleric had taught her.  She had just not been savey enough nor educated well enough in the ways of Islam to know that she must hide the truth.

Muslims when talking or dealing with Non-Muslims will revert to this tactic of confusion, although people who are raised speaking Arabic as there first language actually do know the difference and they know that this nonsense about religion of peace is all for consumption of the Non-Muslims, who they view as inferior to them anyway.  Remember also that the Quran not only gives permission for Muslims to lie to Non-Muslims, but it recommends and actually encourages it.

 Consider also that the a Derivation of the word Salama - which originates from the Arabic Base Word, “Sinlammim the same as the word Islam does.  However the word Salama means The stinging of a snake or the tanning of the leather.  The fore is an adherent to Islam also someone who “tans leather” or “stings like a snake“?  Do you now see the ridiculous and deliberate deception and fraud perpetrated by Muslims when having contact with us Non-Believers?

Many people have wrongly attempted to equate the word Islam with peace by showing that Islam, meaning 'submission', shares a root word with Salaam, meaning 'peace'. But if such relationships between the meanings of Arabic words can be created then that would imply that there is a relationship between one of the derivations of the infinitive Salama, meaning the stinging of the snake or tanning the leather, and Salam, meaning peace; a relationship which obviously does not exist.

I remember George Bush repeating this nonsense of Islam meaning Peach, which obviously was told to him by the Muslim Cleric in Washington DC.  Some people will actually believe this non-sense because they want to.  They are simpletons whose minds just can not rationalize and acknowledge the fact that Evil such as Islam has been set loose upon the World a long time ago.  Like an ostrich burying their head in the sand. 

(3) - Now the third thing that Obama wants the American public to believe is that we, Americans can just go in their to Iraq and the War will be over in about two weeks.  He wants us to believe that we can just support the ground war conducted by the Iraqi Army.  He wants us to believe the Iraq Army can take care of it all with us simply directing the Air war.  All that is as much non-sense as Islam being a Religion of peace.

So What The Hell is Islam Anyway?  Is it a made up Religion, sort of like Scientology?

Well the short answer is, "Yes" although it's influence may have actually come from HELL itself or at least from a "Mentally Deranged Mind of a Caravan Boy" who lived a long time ago.  Incidently, while we are on the subject of Islam and Muslims, the word "allah" that Muslims want us to believe is simply an Arabic word with the same meaning or refering to the same "Divine Entity" that we call, "GOD" is in fact NOT even an Arabic Originating word.  It is a word which existed long before 
Muhammad crawled his way up and out of HELL.  Now Muhammad, whose correct and complet name was Muhammad ibn Abdullah, before he decided he would became this "Self-Appointed Prophet" ,  actually stole that word "allah" that had already existed within pagan religious beliefs of the region of Mecca.  He simply thought it might be more easier way to convince the pagans to join his own created religion if he could only convince them that he had spoken to "Their GOD" while he was on retreat in some local cave somewhere.  You see Muhammad ibn Abdullah was in life really nothing more that a little Caravan boy who also sold good in the local market place in cities like Mecca and Medina. The Real Muhammad ibn Abdullah actually could hardly read or write, but his future wife could and she was very well educated and came from a much higher social class of family background than little Muhammad did.  I refer to him in this way becasue his wife futhure wife was actually much older than he was, but to Muhammad ibn Abdullah, the money certain did make her look all that much more attractive in his eyes.

So now this future wife of 
Muhammad ibn Abdullah's was also his distant cousin.  She certainly was a successful and wealthy Merchant Woman who also "came from Money" and she was the daughter of a successful Caravan Merchant.  Her name was Khadīja bint Khuwaylid and it was she who hired Muhammad ibn Abdullah to manage her caravans that traveled to Syria and sometime to Yemen.  Along the way and while in the Market Places he had become exposed to various religions from the many different traders who regulated the markets, such as the early Chritians, the Jews and of course the Tribes who believed in Pagan gods.  One of those gods, Allah was actually only one of many gods they worshipped.  Their Allah was actually a minor, "Lunar god".  In this one little bit of overlooked and surpressed bit of ancient Arabic History, we see the true reason for the Crescent Moon and Star being a Symbol of not only the Arab Countries but also for the "Cult of the Dark Side" as I prefer to refer to Islam as. Now Muhammad ibn Abdullah may have been a "Good Caravan Boy and Market Place Salesman, but when he tried to market his new found religion to the Jews and Christians, this was where he failed miserably.  Both Christian and Jewish fellow murchants knew Muhammad ibn Abdullah all too well.  Of course their frist question toward this self proclaimed prophet who spoke to their god in a cave in the desert is, Now "little Muhammad", you can not even read or write, so why would the Devine Entity that Created the Universe chose you above perhaps someone who could actually read and write and transcribe what he was saying. Obiously this little flaw in Muhammad story of BS and the reponse from the Christians and Jews  was not at all what the "Self-Apponinted Prophet" had considered nor calculated on. - I will have more on this particular subject later.

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