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Randal M. Bundy

Obama says:
"There is Less Violence in the world than has every been"

by Randal M. Bundy
Obama Lord of the Lies
That is right folks, "According to Obama, 'The World Is Less Violent Than It Has Ever Been" and by his statement he seems to be taking credit for it.

What Planet is this fool living on?  Of course no sane and intelligent person would actually believe a word of it or anything else this Narcissistic Liar says, except perhaps his loyal supporters who may be living in some rich gated community somewhere and never reads the newspapers, never listens to the news reports either on radio or TV.  His zombie like followers are somehow so mesmerized by their Messiah "Obama the Great" that they believe every word he utters as being divine truth, no matter how ridiculous his claims may be.

Let's remember also that Obama has recently proclaimed that "he" has restored all of the lost jobs that had been lost since his coming to office.  We know that is an absolutely lie and since the mainstream media will not challenge the authenticity of anything he says, there still are some people out there in "fairly tale land" who will believe anything the media tells them, after all if it's printed in the newspapers or reported on TV it must be true, right?  Do you see what ignorance we are dealing with here?

If there is anyone who actually believes a word of what Obama or his administration and their cronies say, then they are hopelessly living in a fantasy world.  As I am reminded of the quote, "Ignorance is Bliss" which is from Thomas Gray's poem, Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College (1742): "Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."  I am also reminded here of the very sad and tragic mistakes of the Jewish people during the Second World War roundup of the Jewish people by the Nazis who calmed there natural panic by reassuring them that they were being loaded onto those cattle trains only for relocation purposes. Of course they were also assured that at the end of the rail line they would be given nice homes in the beautiful country side, plenty of farm land for crop growing, plenty of food and water.  The Jewish people for the most part believed them, as who on earth could actually believe that human beings were in fact capable of what was actually to be their fate?

In the real world today across the United States White People, Asians, sometimes Hispanic and Jews are being assaulted in what black youth refer to as "the Knock out Game".  These and other violent racial assaults being committed by blacks toward whites and other races are racial crimes, but we have an attorney General Eric Holder, himself black who will do absolutely nothing about it.  We have the president himself who comes to the defense of those committing the racial crimes.  Through out the middle east and Africa Christians are being slaughtered, usually by either being hacked to death or simply having their head severed.  It's worth noting that in the countries they were unable by law to be armed and thus protect themselves.  In Mexico Drug Gangs are on the rampage also severing heads and hacking people into pieces, just to send a message of terror to the entire population.  Through out the entire Middle East Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims are both slaughtering each other.  In India and surrounding countries Muslims are attacking Hindu and they in return retaliate as they must.  Let's not forget the endless war of the so called Palestinians toward the Jews, who also must retaliate.  Let's move back home again to the United States where although the violence from the Police across the country toward the common citizens is on a much smaller scale, it is in fact increasing to alarming levels in more recent years.

We have all known that in fact the world is a violent and dangerous place to be, and the violence is increasing far more rapidly than I personally have ever seen. There is not one single place that I can think of where there is not some type of violence, even in peace loving Canada.  I do not recommend anyone walk down the streets of some sections of Toronto.  When I was a child that was not the case, but with the rising levels of Immigration imposed upon all western countries by the United Nations and the flood of Muslims and people from third world countries, peace loving Canada is a place of the past and it no longer exists today.  In the United States the floods of illegal immigrants have brought with them a general disregard for the United States society and it's people.  It has brought drugs, racial assaults, rapes and murder.

To Obama and this administration and his allied political leaders lying comes natural and is instinctive or impulsive.  Remember when we were all children and their was always that one child in our class who was proned to "Tall Tales"?  Well he and those like him grew up and they have somehow infiltrated into the highest offices in the land.  The lies are so massive that it is actually difficult for me to keep track of.  In many cases the violence in the world actually leads right back to Obama and his administration and cronies.  It is they who have created, supported , promoted and funded much of the Inter-racial violence and inter-religious conflicts through out the world.  When Obama came to office, he has a pre-establish agenda of turmoil world wide but he goes on television and tells the gullible masses, hay everything is fine, the recession is over with, peace is breaking out all over the world".  Some people will believe it simply because they want to instead of thinking for themselves and annualizing the facts and statistics.  I am also reminded of a recent racial assault, "the Knock Out Game" when a young white couple had been assaulted by a mob of black youth and barely escaped being killed, their statement to the News Media was, "this should not have happened to us, we are Liberals".  Apparently the Black Mob attacking them failed to first ask them if the were Liberal of Conservative.  I wonder if the person uttering this seems to feel that it would have been OK for anyone NOT Liberal to suffer such a Racial Assault? 

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