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Obama plays the Race Card Again, says,
"Some people dislike me because they don't like that I am black".

by Randal M. Bundy

In Interview with the New Yorker Barack Obama stated that his approval ratings had been suppressed due to racism. In the article he is quoted as saying, “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president.”

It's very important to keep in mind that the Leftist New Yorker Magazine is sympathetic to Obama and it's not hard to recognize that when you read the article.  The friends I have at the New Yorker have told me that the interview with Obama was well scripted and that the reported quotes allegedly  from Obama have been well edited and cleaned up to make him sound far more scholarly than he really is.  Example in point is my sources at the New Yorker tell me that the purported quote,

"There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president.”

is actually edited and cleaned up from what he actually did say to the reporter which was,

"Some people dislike me because they don't like that I am black".
Obama Plays the Race Card Again
Actually he is Bi-Racial - half  Black and Half White but that is not my point here.  The reason for the editing by the New Yorker is quite clear to me.  Obama claims to have attended some of the most elitist universities, graduated from and graduated from law school, but yet he can form a grammatically correct sentence.  Instead he sounds like someone who has not even completed high school yet and has not been paying attention in his English Class.  This is just an example of how the mainstream media covers for Obama in what he says, how he says it, what he means, and what he does.  They are after all Obama's Propaganda Machine and it also may explain why Obama is in fact so dependent upon the teleprompter for speeches.  On those rare occasions where he speaks with out the teleprompter, he sounds like an uneducated intercity high school dropout.

The way I see it is, the people who were stupid enough to vote for Obama simply because he was black have finally woke up from the ignorance and have begun to see what the rest of us knew all along about Obama.  It has nothing to do with the colour of his skin and everything to do with his policies that are harming this country.  It is also the man Obama who himself has a problem with race, as witnessed by the fact that he has appointed known racists to various powerful positions in Government, such as Eric Holder and others.  The reason the populous increasingly is viewing Obama with disfavor is because they have learned the mistakes they have made when they thought the color of the skin is what defines the man. 

Obama has deliberate attempted and with mush success to drive a racial wedge between white people and black people for the most part and he has attempted to drive that same racist wedge between every other racial and the white communities.  I could go on and on about Obamas Marxist and Racist upbringing as being part of the blame for all of this.  I could also go on and on about his economic intentions of bankrupting the entire American Economic System as a way of destroying the America that is loved by people of all races and ethnic groups.  

I can also go on about the fact that for Obama his actual campaign has never ended and the actual work of a President has never begun, he ois constantly in a state of campaigning and he is constantly attacking Republicans, Conservatives, The Tea Party and the   Religious people and institutions in the United States.  The lies that Obama has built his entire house of cards on have finally become realized by those people who were naive enough to believe in the first place that he meant anything he ever told them.  Now on to the discussion of race baiting, which is what Obama is doing when he makes such  racist accusations as he has done on many occasion, both subtle and blatantly.

How many White American woman are familiar with that type of strategy from someone playing the race card?  Obama's statement is a typical strategy used by black many black men ever since I was at university.  If you are a woman, you must have been victim to this strategy at one time or another as follows,  "Hey baby you want to go out with me?  No? You don't like black men?  Are you racist?  The problem is that many times for black men this works and all too often white woman out of fear of being labeled racist will end up accepting a date with someone who they really may not want to date.  This is partially due to weakness of character on the part of some white woman and partially because white people generally have been verbally beaten down for as long as I have been alive.

Perhaps the woman does not want to go out with a particular person, because they don’t like the arrogance and ignorance of the individual, be they black, brown, yellow, red or white.  Perhaps also of course the individual woman may already have a boy friend, or they are married.  Perhaps even they simply at this time may not have time to date anyone while in University, which is not too difficult to understand.  The reason for not wanting to date a particular person could in fact be that they may not want to date a person because they are black.  If that is the case, then that is their GOD given right too.  The verbal assault against a person such as described here is in fact, in itself an act of racism toward a person simply because of the colour of their skin.  No where in the book is it written that in order to satisfy any feeling of white guilt a white woman must date a black man.  Furthermore if a person prefer not to date or marry a person of another race or ethnic group, but instead prefers to date and marry a white man, that in itself is not an act of racism.  The same applies toward all people of all races and ethnic groups.  It is in fact called freedom of choice and freedom of choice works both ways.  Freedom also extends toward a person wanting to preserve the racial or ethnical identify, culture, traditions and heritage.  Everyone should be outraged at any person who suggests or implies that that is racist.

I have heard black leaders speak to the black population and tell them in no uncertain words that they, the black people, should not integrate or mix or marry white people.I've  heard in the main stream media ever suggest that this advise or position is racist.  As a matter of fact the mainstream media tends to generally avoid the subject when it involves a black person expressing that position.  I've heard black people defend this position because it is, as they have said,  a matter of protecting their culture and racial identity.  

I have also hear the same position being maintained and expressed from Oriental and Hispanic people, that it is a matter of preserving their racial culture and traditions.  However it seems that when a white person holds and expresses this same position, they are accused and labeled as a racist.  The entire verbal assault toward a person is in fact an act of racism, when one person of one race or ethnic group declines to accept an invitation to date an individual from another race or ethnic group because their choice may be to date and marry within their own race or ethnic group. 

The very same freedoms that permit people of different racial or ethnic groups to date outside their racial or ethnic group is also the same freedoms that permit people to chose to not date outside their racial or ethnic groups.  For one particular person to scream racist, is usually an act of attempted manipulation in addition to being a racial assault against a person of another race or ethnic group. 

I have also heard Jewish people too who held and express that same position when the subject of inter-faith marriage is brought up.  The argument from the most in the Jewish community and leadership is a matter of how will the children be raised,  Jewish or Christian?  The position is that if a Jewish person does in fact want to marry someone who has not been raised Jewish then there is no choice, it is either the prospective spouse must convert to Judaism so that their children will be raised in a Jewish family.  Anyone out there want to argue that case with me and call me Anti-Semitic for bringing this up, go ask any Rabbi on this planet if what I am saying is true.

America has always been a Country like none other in the world.  A place where people of many different racial and ethnic groups have come to have a better life, enjoy religious freedom and have the opportunities of success that they could have in the former countries.  They come here and although they can freely maintain there traditional cultures, customs and religions.  It is not surprising that many immigrants do congregate within communities of people of their own racial and ethnic groups and there certainly is nothing wrong with that.  There is however only one think that America really does require of those who wish to join us in the grand place called America and that is that they learn to speak the language of the country and that they become American and appreciate it for all of it's wonderful things it provides them every day.  Waiving the American Flag instead of the flag of your former homeland is just such a symbol that I am referring to, for obviously some deficiency in the former country brought the immigrant to America in the first place so waiving the American Flag on occasions is an appropriate expression of gratitude.

That being clarified America does not require that the immigrant give up there culture, traditions,  Religion, heritage, racial or ethnic identity.  If in American we have the freedom to associate with whom we choose, then we also have the same freedom of choice to not associate with who whomever we choose. 

Hopefully in time the vast majority of people will come to understand that Obama, the race baiter as he always has been, should be impeached, shunned and ignored, if not arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned and left there to be shunned and ignored.  I can imagine Obama in younger years, the less than intelligent school boy, in early high school when he was more interested in smoking dope than studying for a test.  Perhaps he received a failing score by the teacher and instead of accepting the score as evidence of his lack of study, he hurls an accusation of racism against the teacher and this tactic was successful and the teacher adjusted the grade to a passing score.  Since it worked them, perhaps he has used this same tactic all his life to get what he wanted with as little effort put forth as necessary.  So this whole allegation of Obama's excuses for lower poll ratings showing is simply an excuse, an attempted manipulation, a shuck and a jive from a con man, a race baiter trying to blame all his unpopularity on racism from the very same people who voted him into office.  He would not have made it to the white house had it not have been for the ignorant and naive white youth who thought it was cool to vote for a black man, and really knew nothing at all about the man or what he stood for.

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