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Obama's "Open Door" Border Policy is cause of Epidemic, Evidence Confirms
by Randal M. Bundy - 03 November 2014
Illegal Aliens and the Epidemic they bring
Illegal Aliens and the Epidemic they bring
Let me make it perfectly clear, the increase in illegal alien infiltration into our country by way of our borders being unsecured is what has led to the spread of what has been refered to as, The Mysterious Respiratory illnesses which has afflicted and killed American Children.  

Part of the entire Legal Immigration Procedure is to screen for illnesses so The American Public can be protect from illnesses that exist in third world countries. Long ago these illnesses were stamped out in our country with it's advance medical systems, such as TB to list only one such illness.  However these viruses and other more deadly illnesses still do exist in third world countries, such as Mexico and Central-South American Countries.  Obama, Biden and their cronies have spent millions of American Tax Payers dollars actually advertising in foreign newspapers, TV and Radio to lure children and others to crash our borders.  There are many children who have died as a direct result of this "Mysterious Respiratory Illness that came in from these illegal’s.  Therefore their deaths are directly attributed to Obama, Biden and the rest who assisted and collaborated with them. 

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