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A Muslim In The White House - Proof Barack Hussein Obama Is A Secret Muslim

The Obama File:  Religion

This guy is literally dying to come out:
Obama is Obviously a Muslim
by Randal M. Bundy - 06 February 2015
Obama Muslim
You just don't have to be a Rocket Scientist to recognize that Obama is in fact a Muslim and that he is also Anti-Christian as well as Anti-Jewish/Anti-Israel.  If one has been observing his actions and listening closely to his words, this fact becomes obvious.  In recent news reports he ridicules Christians,  and reminds his audience of Christian atrocities from centuries ago.  Islamic Atrocities are being committed “RIGHT NOW” through out the world as it has for the past 1,400 years.  Yet Obama will not mention these atrocities, nor will he mention the beasts who are committing these atrocities.  Islam and the Muslims go unmentioned by Obama and his Cronies.  As we all know these atrocities are being committed right now by Muslims and Condoned by Islamic Doctrine and approved by Muslim Clerics and they include Discrimination, Persecuting, Rape and Slaughter of Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindi and all other non-Muslims,  

Obama does not mention those responsible by name.  He may only briefly mention such incidents in a vague manner, and certainly he never identifies Islam as being the core cause of these atrocities.  As a matter of fact Obama invites the Muslim Leaders into the white house for Secret Meetings and even the names of those in attendance are secretly.  Remember when Obama before usurping the Presidency swore that his administration would be the most open administration in the history of the country?  

Now the reason for concern of Obama being a Muslim is that any oath sworn to by a Muslim is worthless as All Muslims first allegiance is to Islam and it's stated goals and objectives, which is World Domination by any means necessary, including lying as well as conversion and submission by the sword or slaughter by the sword for those who refuse to convert and submit to Islam.  Therefore Obama is an enemy of everything that the United States Stands for, the primary being Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech.  

Obama has proven all to well that he is openly and secretly persecuting his own political enemies, by utilizing Government Agencies under is direct control to spying on and illegal wiretapping of news reporters and even members of Congress both those who are his political opposition, “The Republicans” and “The Democrats” too.  

We must also NOT forget that part of Obama’s intentions of destroying the United States is to open the gates up to illegal immigrants and granting the amnesty and permitting uncontrolled and overwhelming immigration of Muslims onto our country which is a direct threat upon our very society itself.
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