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Survival and the Coming Crisis by Randal M. Bundy

Obama now says Amnesty for Illegal Aliens,
"Good for the Economy and the Country"
by Randal M. Bundy - 06 November 2014
Executive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Obama and his administration thinks the American People are Stupid!  The White House Spokesmen are now saying, "Obama's Executive Amnesty will be good for the Economy and the Country".  That's right folks in the Alternate Universe granting 6 to 8 Million Illegal’s Amnesty will some how spur the economy and additionally according to Obama it would be good for the country.  However the American People know better.

Nothing Obama has done so far, has been for the Good of the Country and neither will granting 8 million people amnesty who have violated America's Immigration Laws.  Obama's intent is to tilt the scales of the voters and obama supporters toward him and the failed Democrat party.  Remember that Obamas entire agenda for the past 6 years has been to Destroy the America that we all have known and loved.  Obama has lost much of his supporters and perhaps he thinks the illegal aliens will prop him up and protect him, but he is wrong on all accounts.

As part of my University studies in Business it was required of us to attend courses in basic economics but we do not really need a university degree in business or economic to understand the basic laws of economics and it works in a social structure.  Simple common sense will tell us that to begin with having 6 to 8 million people in our country, who by the very nature of their illegal status tell us they can not be paying taxes in the first place.  In order to work legally one
must have a social security number assigned to them.  In order for that to happen they have to have a "Green Card" issued.  By Law if they are in this country illegally they can not be issued a Green Card. So how are they working without a social security card.  Well in most cases the employer knows this person is illegal yet sees an advantage in paying them lower wages than an American Citizen would work for.  It is all basically under the table.  However sometimes an employer may require an SS number and in this case the illegal will just make up a number or will have stolen one or will have bought one from someone who has stolen a number.  Either way it is the employer who is making it all happen.

In fact the actual enforcement of our already existing laws could easily be achieved by (1) securing the border properly and (2) Cut off all public assistance and free health care those who are illegal and (3) - Go after employers who hire illegal’s with regular inspections to check those employees for green cards or documented proof of citizenship.  Violators would be prosecuted and eventually all employers would understand that it would not be profitable to hire illegal’s.  Additionally for the American worker jobs held by illegal’s would be available for American workers.  Now some employers would say this would affect their profit sine they need cheep labor.  However cheep laber is what contributes to a failed economy.  It all is like a snall ball being rolled down a steep embankment of snow.  It just keeps growing and growing to the point to where when it does hit something, like a house it will be devastating.

For the Laborer Unions it is also devastating since the little concept of workers collective bargaining” is undermined by people who are willing to work for far less that those who have an actual investment in our country.

A true and reasonable capitalist wants the worker to be able to enjoy a somewhat decent standard of living, if for no other reason because that employee is able to spend money within the economy, thus a healthy economy means a healthy business for the employer himself.  The concept of the Wal-Mart way of doing business does eventually destroy every business, including Wal-Mart itself.  For those who have studied what I call the Wal-Mart Business Concepts, you will know what I am talking about.  I’ll discuss that in greater length in another article.

When a person owns a business he or she has to suspect that if a person walks into the door and asks for a job, yet does not understand English and does not read or write English, then the next step should be to ask them to produce a Green card.  If produced the employer should be required to telephone into the proper authority in which to verify the authenticity of this produced card.  That is the way the system is suppose to work.

However the Government of Obama does not enforce the previously established procedures of Verification and since the employer knows the laws are not being enforced, the corruption and bastardization of the laws continues.  The vast majority of these illegal’s are in fact NOT WORKING.  What they are doing is living comfortably off of the welfare system that exists in certain states.  Those who work for the welfare system know these people are illegal’s, yet they feed the system that continues an ever growing supply of work for them, they social workers who are primarily Democrat voters.  In essence what the entire system does is suck the tax payers dollars into this ever growing, ever expanding welfare state consisting of not only an overburdening populous of American born welfare recipients but now and ever growing population of people born in other countries who have slipped across the unsecured southern border and are able to receive public assistance thus enabling them to often enjoy a higher standard of living that the American Native born citizen who has chosen to actually work for a living and paying taxes.

Even the most ignorant person of the planet must recognize the inherent defect in this type of system and that it certainly can not be good for any country or societies’ economic health.

There is in fact only one way that it will all end and that is a total collapse.  Since those who we call, "Bleeding Heart Liberals" have ruined the United States, the once great country of ours will resemble the third world countries from where the illegal’s came from in the first place.  They are a plague of destruction.  Those who ultimately are responsible for it's downfall and destruction will be living in exclusive gated communities somewhere with private security or it's own police forces while the rest of us are doomed.

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