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Obama is a Tough Guy but only in His Own Mind
by Randal M. Bundy - 10 September 2014
Obama Meets With Congressional LeadersObama is a tough guy but only in his own mind.  He says he's, "Ready to strike at Islamic State Militants in Syria (ISIS)", but look who he meets with to discuss strategy  and tactics, all four of the Leaders of Congress.  Now lets see who we have here, shall we?  On the left side we have Two Pussy Republicans with NO BALLS and proven to have No Will To fight for the Constitution or the People.  Now on the right couch we have two certifiable lunatics.  The one with long hair that resembles a woman is a Babeliing Idiot who was born, I think naturally with NO BALLS.  The other one on the same couch, in addition to Having NO BALLS also has no sense either and should have been forceably retired from politics 30 years ago because he is as "Crazy as a Goony Bird".  Of course in the middle of all this "Lack of Testosterone" we have Obama himself, whose own genitalia is in question and is about as "Useless as Tits on a Boar Hog". Now I ask you my fellow Americans, is this what we have to go to War with?  Is this what the Islamic Terrorists. ISIS is suppose to fear? Is this ALL we have to instill faith and confidence in our allies and fear and respect in our enemies?  What must the Russians, Chinese and North Koreans be thinking at this very moment in American History?  Oh My GOD people, we are in "deep shit" here folks! - Randal M. Bundy - 10 September 2014

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