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Obama's Image

Obama's Image in The World as The Weak Pansy
by Randal M. Bundy

Well the news for the past week or so has all been a buzz about how Russia perceives Obama as the weakling that we have all known he really is.  This is no surprise news to us who have to live in the same country that he has somehow managed to fraud his way into the white house.  Obama is also indecisive, impulsive, ignorant, uneducated (I will elaborate on that too).  He is also a self centered narcissist, perhaps even a psychopath, all in addition to be a “Prankster” as the Russians called him.  Yes, this is all true and more. 

In the above paragraph I mentioned that Obama is uneducated.  I base this upon the fact that he has refused to disclose any documents of his education and therefore we can only accept his word on the fact that he even finished high school, let alone graduated from university or even law school.  How is it that a man who does not even know how many states there are in the United States, but somehow insists that he is native born?  How again is it that a person who claims to be a Law School Graduate and even claims to be a “Constitutional Scholar” does not understand the Constitution and Bill of Rights or a sense of Respect and Appreciation for them?  Instead he works to figure ways of either circumventing the Constitution and Bill of Rights or just ignores and disregards them all together.  I might add that they are the very same Constitution and Bill of Rights that he is sworn to protect and Preserve.

The Russians have even referred to Obama as, "a Prankster" which I personally think in Russia will probably mean something like, “a fool” or perhaps a, “a mischievous child“.   Even Israel has warned that Obama appears to  be weak and ineffective on the International stage.  Of course we all know this and have been aware of it for quite some time.  To people like the Russians,  a Prankster or a “mischievous child” would be well suited to refer to Obama.  The Russians live in the Real World.  Their Men are Real Men and their woman are as tough as their men.  Obama is more like the comedy character, “Steve Urkel” the fictional character on the ABC/CBS sitcom Family Matters, who was portrayed by Jaleel White

Now Let's Compare these two men, shall we?
Putin Likes to Ride A Harley-Davidson with some of his buddies
and without a helmet

Here is Black Belt Putin actually participating in a Martial Arts demonstration

Putin is a former KGB Colonel

These are some images of Put when he does take a vacation

Putin looks the Saudi King in the eye.

Obama..... W T F?! - "Bow before your King you dog!" - Kissing The Saudi Kings Ring

Putin looks the Emperor of Japan in the eye.

Obama........WTF ? - The Emperor is thinking to himself: 'What's wrong with this idiot?

Well Here's Obama

Here is Obama observing a Martial Arts demonstration and cringing like a little sissy girl

Perhaps Obama's Inner-Woman at a Homosexual Pride Parade?

Obama Relaxing with a friend?  Seems rather close sitting, perhaps they were real close and special friends

Here's Obama Impressively Throwing a ball like a little girl

I think Obama's mistake was from the very beginning when he launched his world apology tour.  You remember when he went around the world apologizing to any government he confronted and apologized for everything America may have done to anyone or even been perceived by them as a more advanced society, well he apologized for that too.   The amusing thing is every country he ever apologized to, their citizens like the rest of the countries around the world would trade their left leg for a pass to immigrate to our country and become citizens.

That was not the worst of it though, as for some reason Obama, as President of the United States, a head of State visits Saudi Arabia and bows to the Saudi King and kisses his ring.  He made that little trip as one of his first on the world apology tour before visiting any of our traditional allies.

I can only imagine what all of the tough guys in the world were thinking when they were watching Obama when he made his little Apology tour and embarrassed himself and disgraced the entire United States and our People.  I may not be an expert on Russians or other people in the world, but I do know enough about the world to know, in most countries and societies around the world, people do not respect a weak man regardless of who they are and especially if they someho9w have managed to con their way into a leadership position.  Heads of state do not go around humbling themselves to anyone.  When they are their on official business their image must be first and strong.  Their country and people depend upon it. Most of these people and country around the world are NOT our friends and allies. 

I see things as they were when I was in the US Army.  Not the US Army of today, but what it use to be.  An officer in the US Army and NCO's as well can not be weakling, either physically or emotionally and they can be stupid either. 

I do not know who the hell within the Administration failed to do their job and did not explain all of this to Obama when he embarked upon this stupid little apology tour.  Perhaps their was someone who tried and his arrogance prevented him from actually listening.  I think it is probably the case that all of the idiots he brought in with him as advisors and all those he filled staff position in the state department and other agencies really do not know the slightest thing about International Protocol when visiting other countries as heads of state.  Thus there was apparently no one their to tell him that a Head of State visiting another head of state does no bow down to him nor does he kiss a kings ring.

So as mentioned earlier I can only imagine the Russians who were certainly observing this behavior of Obama's and were at some point looking at each other, puzzled and in disbelief at this idiot Obama when he made such a critical error as he did.  I can also imagine what our other enemies, al Quida were thinking too when they say Obama kiss the ring of the Saudi King.  They must have seen it as an act of surrender.  Obama and his advisors and State Department officials failed to realize that this one act alone is what defeated Kings use to do during through out history when they were subordinate to a superior monarch.  They were publicly declaring themselves as vassals or as subordinates along with their entire kingdom.  He in essence was declaring the Saudi King and Saudi Arabia as his superiors.

So there is absolutely no wonder that Russia is now laughing at Obama, when Obams says, you better not invade Ukraine or we will get real angry and we just might do something, and what does he do?  He imposes sanctions on something like 11 or 12 Russian diplomats?  I hope you can see as clear as I do the lack of any impression this has on tough guys like the Russians.  Believe me the Russian people are tough and they have to be tough, as they live in a pretty tough neighborhood.  After all they have a population of around 145 Million and an active Military of 766,000 and staring at them from across the boarder is China with a population of 1.3 Billion with the largest Military in the world at a total of  2.285 Million Man Force.  Now exactly how effective would the Chinese be in a war with Russia?  I really don't think either Russia or China want to find out.

Putin has a "badass" Magazine Cover. / Obama......well, he doid get a cover

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