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Randal MacNiall Bundy
Randal M. Bundy, Editor
Obamacare Nightmare - Obama Care & Socialized Medicine
by Randal M. Bundy © Copyright 2013 by Randal M. Bundy (does not inclide photos or videos)
Obamacare Nightmare - Obama Care and Socialized Medicine

I was not the only one who predicted the utter failure of Obamacare.  There were in fact many people like me who were trying to warn the American People.  It is absolutely true that the majority of the American Public did not approve or support it and did not want it.  However is was passed pretty much along party lines and since at that time the democrats were the majority in both the Senate and the House, they were able to push it through regardless of the wishes of the majority of the population.  So the blame for this disaster that exists lies squarely upon the Dictatorial Democrat Congress at the time under the leadership of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reed and House Majority Leader Nancy Palosi. 

Of course now Nancy Pelosi is claiming that she is not responsible for this Obamacare nightmare.  According to her she can not be blamed, although it was her that said, "We need to hurry up and pass this bill so we can find out what is in it".  How absolutely rediculous for a legislator to assert such a thing.  It is ridiculous for a person charged with the responsibility of knowing what the hell is contained within a bill before voting for it and if that legislator has not read it becasuse they were not given time to read it, which was the case, they they should vote NO on it passing.  For any of them to vote for something and they haven't a clue what it is, is negligent in their duties and ressponsibilities.  Apprently Nancy Pelosy though she was are not expected to know ether.  Or perhaps she and the other like her just want their citizens to believe they are not expected to know the details of the Laws they vote for. Nancy Pelosi knew better nut just as Obama, she was lying to her constituents and the entire American Public in order to please her master at the time, Barack Obama.  We all know what his motives were in pushing this monstrosity.  His intention then and has always been the utter financial and social collapse of American.

Barack Obama was lying to the American people from the very beginning and many of us knew it, however many of the younger people being naive as they often are, just blindly believe every word he said, "Your going to save an average of $2,500 a year over your old insurance plan.  As it turned out the truth is it the cost of health premiumms will be three times as much.  Additionally the deductables are also much higher, so you will have more out of pocket expense when you do have to uttalize whatever heaalth coveraage Obamacare does provide.  Part of the reason for this expence in premiums and higher deductables, is because the mandaded unnecessary coverage which is included, such as medical exams and procedures which are for woman, but have to be included in policies for men too and those exams and procedures for men which woman also have to be covered for.  It makes absolutely no sense at all.  However when you consider the fact that this is a prime example of the incompetence of typical government agencies and the workings of burocrats it is no wonder.  It was a system that in my opinion was designed from the very beginning to fail and wreck the American Economy.  Which is what I said earlier was the true intentions of Obama, slash and burn.  How else can these things be explained.

You see the true motives for all of this Obamacare Nightmare was actually two fold.  As I mentioned above, the first was to wreck the economy and help reduce American from a first world super power to a 2nd class country and with no capability to protect the world or win a war against almost any other country.  The second motive was simple to create one more blotted and over funded government agency which would be directed by Obamas Cronies and later any democrat crony and to staff the entire agency with Democrat loyalists.  Perhaps they will allow a few republican tokens in there but the glass ceiling strategy will make sure they have absolutely no influence upon any of the policy decisions.  Now consider that it is not just one agency that is created as a result of Obama Care it is actually estimate to be scores of unknown agencies created to support it in some way or another.  In addition to rewarding Obama's Loyal Minions with employment in such agencies, can you imagine if only 100,000 people were created to oversee and administrate all of these agencies which make up Obamacare?  Now consider if all of these employee, grateful for their plush and comfortable employment were to contribute the maximum $5,000 to the next democrat that will help to insure their employment continues and the democrat machine continues to pillage money from the National Treasury?  That  100,000 people contributing to the democrat party machine represents 500 Million Dollars.

Obamacare was never going to fulfill the actual needs of the poor people who predominately supported it because they thought, like the Obama phone would be free and paid for by the Rich man.  Obama plain and simple lied and said whatever he needed to for a good sound bite and the Mainstream leftist, predominately democrat voting media promoted it.  Even the Obamacare Nightmare website development contract benefited Obama's cronies and it really didn’t matter if it was successful or not.  Now I am sure that Obama did in fact want it to work, but when you grant no-bid contracts to your friends and cronies,  they just might not be the most financially acceptable contract nor the most competent either as we have now see.

There is an angel on one of my shoulders who tells me to have sympathy toward those ignorant and naive people who really believed All of the Obama Lies and illogic of the proposed Obamacare Scam, but then there is also an other more less forgiving angel on my other shoulder who tells me that I was right all along and that these people who voted for Obama, supported him and blindly accepted everything he said, are they ones who are personally responsible for the collapse to come because of their ignorance and naiveté.

The problem with forgiving them for making such stupid mistakes is that it encourages them to just keep making more stupid mistakes.  What we have to do in somehow counter the leftists doctrine of actually lowering the IQ of the masses of people and expecting and encouraging our population to exercise critical thinking and to have a working knowledge of what our country was created as by the founding fathers, what a Republic is, what the Constitution and the bill of rights is.  We have to counter those voices who say, well you are not a constitutional scholar.  Of course if the leftists can successfully have people accept this as being true, then they have won the war of ideology and it leaves them to be the only ones who are capable of interpreting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  A person does not need to be a Constitutional Scholar to properly understand what their rights are as defined by the very founding fathers who created the Constitution and the bill of rights.  The majority of the population does in fact have an understanding, but the elitists characters among us sometimes find it more beneficial to them and their goals and objectives to have only low grade morons who only function in life is to show up at the voting polls and pulling a lever for them and their party.  Useful idiots are what most of us in this country are regarded as by our the leftist elitist ruling class and o0ften by the RINO Republicans too.  Break Free my fellow citizens and educate yourselves as to the inheritance that was left you by our founding fathers, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  No greater 
inheritance could be left to mankind than that.
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