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Obama Blames The Intelligence Community instead of admitting his own incompetence.
by Randal M, Bundy - 30 September 2014

Obama tries to blame the Intelligence Community for his lack of knowledge regarding the Threat from ISIS, but reports indicate Obama Has Missed over Half His Second-Term Daily Intel Briefings and that instead of an actually in person briefing from CIA and other Intelligence Agencies, he insisted upon just a paper report, which he probably did not even read.
Obama Intelligence Briefing
Perhaps he was just too busy golfing or maybe smoking a little crack?  Or perhaps hung over from all those late night partys in the White House with his   celebrity friends to be concerned with the security of our nation.  After all that is why he is there right?  To party and Vacation at Tax Payers expense while the our country and the rest of the world is in flames.

Maybe he was too preoccupied trying to fulfill his own Dictatorial Ambitions by trying to figure out how to circumvent the Constitution of the United States which he was sworn to uphold and protect?  Perhaps he was distracted with instructing and briefings with the  IRS Auditing the Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party Patriots so as to interfere with their rights to participate in the Free Election System in the United States. 

Maybe the problem was his utilizing the Justice Department, FBI and All other Government Agencies directly under his control to harass his personal political enemies? 

Obviously when he should have been focused on actually running the country as a President should, he was spending all his time trying to destroy it instead.

He is also quoted as saying, We Won the Election, we are going to reward our Political friends and punish our political enemies.  Sound like a Tyrannical Dictator to me.   I warned people even before he was elected that he was a Narcissist.  I also asked anyone I could who I knew was voting for him, "why are you voting for him, who and what is he, what does he stand for, what are his credentials and experience that qualifies him for this job"?  The answers were pretty much the same, “Oh He Is So Cool, the first Black President”. 

That is simply the problem with the American Voters who cast their votes to him, they have been brainwashed over the past 50 some odd years and they know nothing of the real world or reality.

I found the same problem occurring when I would ask woman why they were going to vote for Bill Clinton, not once but twice and inevitably the answer would usually be something like, “Oh he is so good looking” or Oh, he is so Sexy" as though that somehow qualified him to be leader of their country?  They were  casting their votes while letting their vaginas do their thinking for them, instead of their brains.

I also remember during Bill Clintons Campaign and he was speaking at some university campus rally, somewhere and a woman stood up to asked him a question.  Now keeping in mind here is probably this young college students one and only chance in her whole life time to actually ask the guy who could be the next President of the United States one question of her choice.  So what does she ask him?  She said she was asking this question on behalf of many woman who want to know "is it Boxers or Briefs".  That's right folks I am absolutely serious. Of all the really crucial and important things in this world to be concerned with,  hers was "what type of underwear he preferred wearing".  Right about then I realized that we, as a society were doomed when it came to electing a suitable president when we have these types of people casting votes.  It is no wonder we ended up with Obama in office. 

For 50 years now the radical left has been deliberately instilling within the young white population of our country this "White Guilt Thing" and how cool it is to be black, Hispanic Asian or anything other than White.  Those of you who have been living in a bubble might do a little research into this, "Check you Whiteness” Program and Campaign designed to make white youth feel they are somehow to be blamed for anything that is wrong in this world or the failure in life because of other people‘s inability to be successful.  It is actually “the never ending assault upon the white race” of America and Europe by those racists of African, Hispanic, Asian and other racial and ethnic groups.  This is the end result of those programs, we have an idiot leftist like Obama in office who himself is racist toward whites and is out to destroy American Society.

My opposition to Obama should be clear to all that it has nothing to do with his skin color and everything to do with his political views and ideology.  It is as wrong to vote for a person simply because of their skin color as it is to NOT vote for a person simply because of their skin  color. 

If there is anyone in this country who may actually be worried about one day being faced with a Zombie Apocalypse, well it’s already here right now and has been for many years.  The female Zombies reside in the Democrat Party and although most of the male Zombies are democrat voters, they really haven’t a clue what they are actually voting for.  They tend to vote democrat in hopes of winning one of those Female Democrat Zombies as a "Bed Partner".

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