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Randal MacNiall Bundy
Randal M. Bundy, Editor

Update - December 13, 2013
Recent developments of interest pertaining to Barak Obama's Birth Certificate which has pretty well been shown and confirmed as being a forgery and a fraud, thus rendering him ineligible for the Presidency according to the constitution of the United States.  Apparently a key person in the certification of Obama's claim to being born in Hawaii, Loretta Fuddy, 65, the director of the Hawaii Department of Health who released a copy of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate two years ago, was killed in a plane crash in Hawaii and her death is somewhat suspicious.  Various reports seem to conflict as to details regarding her death.  She apparently was the only person killed during the accident and some reports indicate that she had survived the initial collision and then othher reports indicate she was killed instantly.  I will keep you updated as information become available to me.
- Randal M. Bundy, Editor RMB News Report

Hawaii plane crash fuels Obama 'birther' theories

The lone fatality in a Cessna crash off Hawaii was Loretta Fuddy, the state public health director who verified President Obama's birth certificate. The birther movement seizes on the news.

Within hours after Attorney Orly Taitz published a press release of Johanna Ah’Nee-Randolph’s “control” birth certificate showing the same evidence of forgery and backdating as Obama’s alleged birth certificate, which was certified as genuine by director of Health of HI Loretta Fuddy, it was announced that Loretta Fuddy was the only passenger to die in a small plane accident. Attorney Taitz calls on 8 courts and judges who received her cases to rule expeditiously on the merits and review the evidence of forgery and theft in Obama’s IDs before more people die in strange accidents

More conflicting evidence: initial reports state that al 9 people survived: one swam to shore, 3 rescued by the helicopter and 5 by Fire rescue, later the story was changed

Previously posted report by deputy Director of Health Keith Yamamoto stated that he helped Fuddy to put her life vest on and they got out, were holding hands and then suddenly she let go and did not respond.
However, other reports state that her body was found inside the plane. Which story is true? Did she get out or not?

Loretta Fuddy
Loretta Fuddy, age 65 was the director of the Hawaii Department of Health who released a copy of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate two years ago.

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