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Obama as all Good Little Muslim Boys do
Lies and Lies and Lies

Obama as all Good Little Muslim Boys do Lies and Lies and Lies
Just like a Good Little Muslim Boy, he learned along time ago, the Quran says it is perfectly acceptably to lie to Infidels, no matter how outrages the lie is.
by Randal M. Bundy - February 20, 2015

One of the Biggest Lies Obama has ever told, "Islam ‘Woven into the Fabric of Our Country Since Founding"
Obama Lies and Lies and Lies

This Lie is certainly one of the biggest lies ever told by Obama and he has told many.  This lie illustrates not only Obama's own leanings toward Islam as a Religion, it is in fact propaganda deliberately being perpetrated for the sake of Islams intent to conquer.  It is a tactic of creating doubt within the people of the United States toward their own history, by plantings seeks in the mind of Americans to think that we somehow owe our own national history to the Muslim influence or that the muslims somehow had a hand in forming the United States?  It is all Islamic Lies.  I personally believe he is a Muslim and has been all of his life.  As such his interests are with the
Muslims who are working against us.  He is clearly a traitor in light of the fact that he is taking steps in a propaganda war which he intends will benefit our enemies. 

When Obama usurp the presidency, and the Senate before that, he has told many lies and what he couldn't lie about, he spent contributors' money to hire lawyers and seal official documents and destroy records when possible, covered up, altered or censored.   Obama lies about many things, but he really is not a very good liar, since he is willing to lie about the things that the real historical experts know better about.  However Obama being truly schooled also in Marxism and groomed by the leftist upbringing is following the tactics of both Marxist and Leftists philosophy of, “Tell a lie, tell it often and eventually enough people will believe it that they too will continue the lie until enough people actually believe it to be truth”. 

The motive for his lies, in addition to Obama simply being a compulsive liar, which he most certainly is, he also knows quite simply is that if people on a large scale knew he was a member of the Death-Cult of Islam, they would not have voted for him or any other Muslim for that matter, since most reasonable people have concluded on their own that Islam and it’s ideology is the enemy of ALL free societies. 

Anyone with a brain knows that a Muslim who swears an oath to anything other than Islam is a liar and as long as that lie furthers the cause of Islam, then the liar is a Good Muslim.  An oath given by a Muslim to uphold and protect the Constitution is a oath they never intend to keep as the Constitution of the United States is in complete contrast to everything Islam is against.

Yes, my readers, Obama is a good little Muslim Boy and has learned well that he can to infidels.  That is according to Islam all Christians, Jews, Hindu and anyone else who is NON-MUSLIM.  The Remarkable thing is that he is somehow getting away with it.  However that in itself is not too difficult when you consider that Obama began his infiltration of the US Government agencies long before he was even sworn into office and took up running the Government.  Remember that he placed in position his transition teams before he was even sworn in.  They were there, in place watching what was going on for the last few months of the Bush administration. 

Most presidents wait until the old administration has left the office and many people from that old administration remain on the job for awhile so as to help out in the transition, but not obama and his leftists who viewed his election as their leftist revolution.

Over the past 6 years Obama has openly and secretly placed his loyalists in all key government positions, including the Military as well and yes of course the Pentagon.  Remember all of those Military purges.  Obama and his cronies now have complete dictatorial power and control over the Intelligence Community and All Federal agencies.  Where he does not have immediate control, he has accumulated black-mail material on anyone who would oppose him, either in the Senate, the House and yes even on the Supreme Court.   Now do you real wonder how all those obviously Unconstitutional laws and Administrative Order seem to be passed and accepted without any real opposition?  Do you wonder how the Supreme Court could rule in favor of what Obama wants?  He must have a lot of dirt on a lot of people in key positions.

Let me make absolutely clear to all, Muslims have had absolutely nothing to do with the founding of the United States nor the establishment off it, The Constitution of the USA, nor the principles for which this country was founded on.  As a matter of fact the very principles of Islam is in exact contrast to what the United States ever was and was founded upon and the Constitution by which our true founding father created for us as a legacy and an inheritance.  Islam is the exact opposite.  Examples of only a few are as follows:

Freedom of Speech - There is no freedom of speech, where Islam prevails.  There is not a single Muslim country in the World which permits freedom of speech if that Freedom of Speech is critical of Islam or even slightly questions Islam.

Freedom of Religion - The is no Freedom of Religion where Islam prevails, only the submission as slaves. "You will believe exactly what they tell you to believe, you will never question and you will certainly never consider another religion and the punishment will be death for any violators. 

Freedom of the Press - It does not exist in any country where Islam prevails and Muslims are in the Majority.  Even in countries where they are the minority, they have managed to pressure the scared political leadership to instill laws against any criticism of Islam or even any open debate upon the authenticity and legitimacy of Islam as a religion. 

These three Rights of Mankind are what the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is all about.  These first 10 Amendments are also known as, "The Bill of Rights".  You will NOT find any of these principles or anything similar to them in any  Muslim Country in the wntire World.

It is true that their may have been a few unimportant and insignificant Muslims who have lived among us here in the United States from the early times when it was still a colony of England.  Although it is uncertain as to when the first Muslim actually did arrive on American soil.  Obviously contribution by them was non-existent in view of the fact that history does not reveal there names, nor their deeds or contributions in any way.  None of the founding fathers were Muslims or Arabs for that matter.

Anyone who believes that Muslims or Islam contributed in any positive way to the founding of the United States nor the establishment of it, is simply insane, or confused, or they will believe anything that someone like Obama tells them.  They are in fact mindless drones or Zombies.  They  probably also believe like Muslim Scholars do, that the Sun Revolves around the Earth. 

They probably also believe that a crazed Arab peasant boy and uneducated and illiterate name Muhammad was selected by GOD to transmit information to the masses upon the earth, instead of the reality of the fact that he, Muhammad like Obama suffered from Narcissistic Personality Disorder and to satisfy his ambitions and sexual perversions he stole the name of Allah from a little known Arab Tribal Pagan Religion whose god of the evening Twilight was named Allah and thus Muhammad created this myth which somehow by the twist of fate and by the shedding of the blood of those who were skeptical, took root and became what we know today know as Islam.

Again folks, Islam had nothing to do with the founding of the United States, nor the establishment of it as a Colony of Britain, and as a matter of fact Islam has not had much of anything as far as positive contribution to any society within the past 1,400 years since Muhammad crawled out of the HELL he came from.   Obama is lying now as he has been lying about everything else since his 6 years in occupation of the White House.  People from Obama's own childhood have also reported that as far back as his early childhood he was a pathological liar.   Well he still is and I think he will always be and I think he is also a Traitor and through the Muslim Brotherhood which he invited into the White House and throughout all of the Government Agencies, we now have an institutional betray of our Country and people as well as an infiltration into our society of an enemy determined to Conquer our country and enslave our people or slaughter them.

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