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Obama & Democrats in Panic & Fear of 2014 Elections, Impeachment Looms

by Randal M. Bundy
The word has leaked out through various sources around Washington that Obama, his Administration and Democrats in all of the Political Spectrums are in clear Panic and Retreat.  Even the polls taken by democrat friendly polling companies  show an ever increasing drop of his ratings and all democrats in general.  Additionally so is the traditional support apparatuses such as the leftist Mainstream Media of TV News, Newspapers and Radio.  Not surprising to me is the drop in the support from Obama's regular foot soldiers, all of whom now, on a personal level are waking up to see and feel the effects of Obama's devastating leftist agenda and how it personally effects their lives and that of their families lives too.  You can only keep lying to the people so long before even the most ardent of supports begins to see you for what you really are.

In the upcoming election in November of 2014 the voters are deliver to Obama and the Democrats the ass whipping they have had coming for a very long time.  Experts in polls and elections are predicting it will be the worst defeat of a Political Party in the History of the Country.
Obama in Fear
Obama's five years in office can be described in only two words, "utter failure".  His agenda can be described pretty accurately in three words, "Deliberate Economic Destruction". Obama being in offices has weaken the countries national defenses’ against our enemies abroad.  Obama has turned those traditional agencies of government directly under his control, into oppressive political organizations who are charged now with targeting not only the people of this country,  but also they are being used against our nations traditional allies and friends.  Agencies who charge it use to be to protect the nation and the People have been misdirected by this president to oppress the very same people whose tax dollars are used to fund them and pay the salaries of the people who work there.  It reminds me of the quote from Karl Marx, "The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope".

For me this comes as no surprise or any great revelation.  I have long said that the Liberals, Leftists, Progressives and Democrats in General have been put of touch with the American People for quite a number of years.  After all the ideology of those mentioned is an ideology itself that is not compatible to human nature.  Now those in Ivey League Towers on higher learning, namely the Professors and all of those in the Staff of Universities are primarily the types of people who have really never been down in the streets with the average Joe.  There particular world is sanitized for them.  In other words they simply do not live in the real world, like you and me.

Politicians in general are also in this same category, although some of them at some point in their lives may have started out in the same places that the rest of us have, they too often forget about their origins.
Now I am referring to Democrat and Republican Politicians pretty much equally.  This is why you have within the Republican Party a certain group of Republicans who we Conservatives and Tea Party supporters refer to as RINO Republicans (Republican In Name Only).  We also sometimes refer to them as Country Club Republicans, although that term can easily refer to Democrat politicians also.  With democrats we more that often refer to that type as Limousine Liberal, such as the case of the former Vice- President Al Gore.  However in both parties you have politicians who simply do not know and understand the American people because they have generally always lives a sheltered life away from the typical citizen and they just simply can not relate to us.

The general popularity among those on the left, the Democrats, Liberals, Leftists and Progressives has never really been very high among the general American Population.  The declining approval rates toward them now is reaching critical mass.  This explains all too well the democrats have for decade found that in order for them to win any elections, they can not run on their true party platform, they must form a coalition of sorts and make allies among as many discontented voters as possible.  Their typical tactics to win in any election has always been to form a coalition among radicals and people who feel disenfranchised and those with special agendas.  The democrats have absolutely no problem with out right lying to win a vote, and the voters they target have very short memories because for decades this tactics have worked. 

However now the typical voter is beginning to wake up and experience for themselves the actual devastation this President Obama and the Democrat Party has done to our society.  This has always been the problem with what some people call the, "The Low Information Voter".  The Democrats have received a free ticket from these voters in the past, but I think that time is over, because the arrogance, racism, and blatant disregard for anyone other than himself, Obama is now become clear even to the lowest of the Low information Voter.

Face it the actual unemployment situation has been at depression years level for the entire time Obama has been in office.  Inflation has taken it's toll on the value of the money, and even for those who do not work, when the prices of the essential items then even the welfare recipient eventually will become aware of it and feel the pinch upon them too.  The days of "Blaming the Rich Man” or “Blaming the Republicans“, well those days are over.  Even the uninformed and unintelligent voter must eventually figure out that it is the policies of Obama and his Democrat party that they must blame for the mess we have now in this country.

I am glad that Obama and the Democrats are themselves beginning to feel the panic set in for their re-election numbers for 2014.  All of those democrats Senators and Representatives who have supported Obama and his blatant violations of the Constitution, his anti Gun maneuvers, his lies about Bengasi, his using the NSA and all other agencies to spy of the average American, his using the IRS to discriminate against the Tea Party and cause disruption for the Tea Party and block them having any influence upon the 2012 election, his appointed Director of the Justice Department, Erick Holder flagrantly discriminating against the white population pertaining to enforcing laws and disregarding other laws.  All of this is just a tip of the ice berg and we must not forget the entire Obamacare nightmare facing the American people.. The point being is that all of this have finally had an accumulative effect upon the credibility of Obama himself as a President but also upon the entire Democrat party. 

You can not be a Democrat Senator or Representative or even a democrat on any level of the political spectrum and ignore and disregard the general wishes of not only the majority of the American People, but also even your own voter base.  When you do make this stupid mistake as Obama and the democrats have then you can not expect you flock of voters to be loyal to you after you have lied to them, deceived them, turned the power of the US Intelligence agency loose against them, and the power of all of the agencies against the people.  Even Obamas most loyal and dedicate followers are looking at all of this and thinking to themselves that this entire Obamacare thing is going to cost them more money and higher deductible thus costing them more money for health care. Money straight out of their pockets every month thanks to Barak Obama and the Democrats.

I can honestly say that I am grateful for this panic that Obama and the Democrats are feeling right about now.  However if they think it is bad for them right now, thing of how it will be in another 6 months and another 10 months.  For Obama and all of those who would actually admit to be a democrat, the real problems are coming folks.  Obviously they do not want this kind of trouble going into a mid term election with so much at stake,  but that is exactly what they are going to be getting.  They haven’t seen trouble but it is on the way and is due to arrive in November of 2014 when the Republicans take back the Senate and gain more seats in the House of Representatives.  Democrats will be loosing elections all across the country and the power shift will be away from the criminals that dominate the Democrat Party and the White House.

Furthermore it is also my hope that the Conservatives of the Republican Party and Tea Party supported candidates in the 2014 primary elections will win those primaries and we can oust those who are the RINO Republicans such as John Boehner, Representative from Ohio and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mitch McConnell, Representative from Kentucky and Leader of the Minority Republicans in the Senate, And please people of Arizona please get rid of that asshole John McCain and get a real conservative in who will represent the people of Arizona.  He is a traitor to the Republican part.  Let also not forget Lindsey Graham, Senator from South Carolina who like John McCain is a traitor to the people who elected him.  Get rid of these people who are more democrat that they are Republican, they are certainly not Conservative.  It seems like every time the Republican Party has new young blood congressmen, with the energy and the heart to actually stand up and fight the democrats, here comes John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner,  Mitch McConnel and the other RINO's to shoot them down and stab them in back.  Let’s also not forget that all of these mentioned Republicans have criticized and ridiculed the Tea Party which is as close to an organization consisting of Real American’s instead of these Political Parties consisting of traitorous political elitists. 

In 2014 Take Back your Country by using your vote - oust the leftists, liberals, progressives and democrats.

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