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Randal MacNiall Bundy
Randal M. Bundy, Editor
Obama, America's Traitor and Chief
by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2013 by Randal M. Bundy (does not inclide photos or videos)
Obama Traitor and Chief

There is absolutely no question in my mind that Barack Obama is a traitor to the United States. Furthermore I assert that his treason is not the result of ignorance, for he knows exactly what he is doing.  Every single policy decision he has made and every single thing he has done while he has been president is focused on one thing, harming the United States of America and a majority of it's people

Do you remember when Obama, in a number of speeches during his campaign announced to the audience that he was going to, "fundamentally change the country"?  It was clear to me what he meant by that, but many people in this country really had no idea what he had in store for this country and how it would impact them personally.  Many of the people in this country are not educated enough to understand complex economic and political systems.  Many people are so self centered that unless an event affects them directly and personally, they can not sympathies with or relate to the event.  If they loose there job, they can not understand the root cause of that job loss.  Instead they blame their boss or the Company or Corporation.  They blame Greedy Industrialists and Capitalists.  In their limited education and intellect they can not seem to trace the nations economic problems back to the policy decisions that this president has intentionally put in place to crash the economy.  Yes you read correctly, I did say "intentionally".

Now the United States has been fighting this 12 year war against this Network of Terrorist groups known as AL Quida.  There have been laws in place in the United States that forbid anyone of our citizens from aiding and abetting any of our enemies such as Al Quida.  However for some reason Obama is determined to support the rebels in Syria, provide them with American Tax Payers dollars and provide them with weapons, ammunitions and anything else to insure their successful defeat of Syria's Assad Government.  It has long ago been determined that these rebels are factions of or associates of our enemy, Al Quida.  So since there are laws forbidding this, Barack Obama just passes an executive order canceling the law, yes that is right he just circumvented the law itself a canceled it.  If you and I were to send money to Al Quida we would be in prison for treason.

Obama is clearly a traitor, an enemy of the United States and it’s people and an enemy of the allies of the United States.  He has a long list of violations against the Constitution of the United States, thus betraying his oath of office, which was to abide by, support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  When I was in the Army I took a similar oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.  Now that word domestic is very important for all people to know, comprehend and understand.  This president is in fact the enemy from within and a Traitor of the country and the people.  He has committed treason as well a intentionally violate the Constitution of the United States and should therefore not only should he be impeached but he should also be charged with treason and hopefully be found guilt of that charge.  We know what the ultimate penalty for the crime of treason is, in times of war.   Additionally all persons who assisted him in any way in committing these crimes would also be charged and convicted of the same crimes or at least assisting in these crimes and they too should be held accountable with suitable punishment.   - Randal M. Bundy, September 2013
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