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No To Illegal Immigrants, Especially If They Are Stupid
We Have Enough Stupid People in the USA Already

by Randal M. Bundy

Tania Chavez Illegal Immigrant
Tania Chavez - Illegal Immigrant, Illegal Immigration Activists-Agitator and a General Asshole, quoted as saying:  "Why Would the United States Kick Me Out"

If in fact any illegal immigrants were to actually ask "Why Would The United States Kick Me Out", well that alone is enough of a reason for them to "be kicked out" or more correctly put, "Deported".  People have illegally usurped the borders of a nation and have illegally entered that nation and do not understand they have violated the laws, should be deported for the simple reason that we in the United States already have enough stupid people in our own country.  We do not need to import any from other countries.  

However in reality, they know damn well why they are being deported but are hoping that their "pretended ignorance" will invoke sympathy, leniency, pity and support from the general American Population.

The person who I am referring to who uttered this and other similarly ridiculous statements is Tania Chavez who herself is a Illegal Immigrant and a Community Organizer-Activist or more correctly she is in fact an agitator.

Chevas was actually referring to herself when she said, "She Wondered the United States would want to kick her out of the Country".  

Chevas went on to say that, "the United States should welcome the illegal immigrant children who are flooding across the border "with open arms."

and she goes on to say  "Why would the United States kick me out? Do they really want me to go share my wealth of knowledge that they have given me with another country?" she said. "Is that what they want?"

Chavez said that because she was not in debt, she did not owe the country anything.

Chavez complains that she has Two Advanced University Degrees but cannot find good jobs because she cannot leave the McAllen area.   

Obviously this is yet another living example of what I have asserted for years in my articles, that Education does not necessarily equal intelligence or common sense.

In the interview which Chavez the Interviewer suggested that "she could use her degrees to get a better or more desirable job in Mexico and Chavez says,

"Am I going to take the education that the United States paid for... are they going to kick me back to Mexico?"

So here in this statement Chevis admits that her education was paid for by the United States or more accurately the American Tax Payers.

"This has become my home," she said. "My value system has been developed here."

Chavez said she has lived in the Rio Grande Valley for 14 years and she wanted to support illegal immigrant children who came to the country, like she did, through no fault of their own. She said she is "caged" in the region because she cannot go "anywhere above the 100-mile radius" without being detained.

"If I'm going to do anything, I am going to do something for my people who have become my family in the Rio Grande Valley," Chavez said. "I want liberation for them."

At first the person listening to this idiot Chevez might actually be tempted to feel sympathy or even pity for her and her predicament, however one must always pay very close to attention to the words being said and the meaning being conveyed.  Chevis says, "my people" and she says, "I want liberation for them."  Is she talking about the American People when she says, "My people" and she want's to "liberate them".  No of course not!  She is actually talking about the Mexican People, not the American people who she admits have paid for her education, including two university degrees and probably have also paid for all of the other free giveaways and welfare benefits the she most likely have received for most of her life.

My feeling in this regard is that if she feels that strongly for the Mexican people then she should willingly return to Mexico where she can happily be with "her people" as she puts it.

Chavez also said she wanted Obama to "provide administrative relief" to all of the country's illegal immigrants and said it was "a shame" that illegal immigrants like her "can't get beyond the checkpoints to see our families."

At least 57,000 illegal immigrant children have unlawfully entered the country since October of last year, and federal officials expect at least 150,000 more to do so in the next fiscal year. However, Chavez said if the United States can pay for wars abroad, it can take care of all of the illegal immigrant children.

She went on to say, "I think if we can afford money to go have a war in another side of the world... then we can afford being able to have the children here."

In reality Tania Chavez does not care about poor children even if the are as she say, "Her people"  and she certainly does not care about the American People either.  What she does care about is her own personal advancement in our country, at our expense and because she and whoever brought here as a youth, did not follow the rules she is now stuck in a sort of middle earth within the 100 miles area of a border town where she was illegally brought to and raised in.  

She is not ignorant of the situation, nor the rules, nor the laws pertaining to immigration, nor is she stupid  but she is hoping that the rest of us are or at.  

Tania Chavez needs to be sent home to Mexico so that she can either find a good job there in the country where "Her People Live". as she refers to them as.  She is not fall into the category of ignorance and stupidity, and obviously not lacking in education, however she is in fact simply an "Asshole" who hates America and it's people.  She has received far more in her lifetime than most legal immigrants will receive and certainly more that American's of any other racial or ethnic group are capable of receiving for free.  The rest of us actually had to work our way through university and pay for what we received and often that meant for us, going without meals and working full time while attending university full time.


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