Unconventional Warfare by Randal M. Bundy - 2015

Randal M. Bundy RMB News Report RMB Report
Randal M. Bundy while in Military Service
No time for Bleeding Heart Liberals

There are of course Rules Governing the Actions of those involved in wars.  Without these Rules there will be utter Chaos among the Troops and the result will be War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity which include Rape, Pillage, Plunder and Slaughter of unarmed population Civilian and Enemy Forces who have Surrendered or who are Prisoners of War.

History reveals these crimes have been committed in the past and they are being comitted right now in the world as I write this article. Examples of this is the War of Conquest being Conducted right now by ISIS in Syria, Iraq and other places where they are killing the unarmed Christian Population as well as the Yazidi, the Kurds and Shiite.  ISIS is in fact conducting a war of Religious Annihilation as well as a War Targetting certain ethnic groups as well.

Their Crimes obviously include Murder of Unarmed Populations, Rapes, Selling young woman and children into slavery.  These are the crimes at the top of their list.  So my point here is when and if these Criminal Troops of ISIS are ever confronted how should the individually be treated?  It will be hard for anyone who captures these animals of ISIS to spare their lives.  Even the lowest ranking ISIS volunteer especially must be held accountable for War Crimes.  In particular those who are willing volunteers from Foreign Lands who were not forced into ISIS service at the point of a gun or the threat os a sword severing their heads from their bodies. They knew what ISIS was before they joined, and they helped to faciliate ISIS's War Crimes by being a part of there military force.  Some of them were Muslims who had been
recruited from all over Europe as well as the entire world.

Personally I would hope these described criminals would fight to the last man becasue I do not want to take prisoners among those who went over to ISIS voluntarily.  I would find it very difficult to regard any one of them any different than I would regard a Mad Dog.  Just like a mad dog, they would have to put down for the sake of the safety of all persons who could end up coming into contact with them and becoming their victims.  Even common criminals would need to be protected from them becasue inadvertantly they may end up having to share a jail cell with one of them if any of ISIS is simply convicted and sent to prison by some "Bleeding Heart Liberal Judge" who themselves are well protected from ever having to worry about contact with them.

Your Enemy has Proclaimed a War of Annihilation

Again let me made it abundantly clear who and what the enemy is.  You are fighting a Race War or a Religious War that you did not start and your enemy who has started it has proclaimed it to be a "War of Annihilation" and "Genocide" against you, your family, your race, your ethnic group, your religion, your society and your countrymen.

Just let that soak in for a little while and remember included in their list of targets for extermination will also include your wife, children, mother, father, sisters and brothers.  Keep in mind this enemy you allow to walk away from that battlefield will be the enemy you will have to fight later on another battlefield or perhaps the enemy that exterminates all of your family and loved ones mentioned.