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Consider the well known fact that in Europe and America the News is dominated by people who have an agenda which is in most cases contrary to what is in the best interest of the people, the country and the society which they operate in.  The phenomenon is refereed to often as the "Leftist Media" "The Mainstream Media" or the "Drive By Media".  They are in essence Propaganda tools for those with a hidden agenda.  Not only do some of these same people control the News Media, but they also control Hollywood Movie Productions, The Music Industry, Advertising and Public Relations Firms, Radio Broadcast and anywhere else which enables them to "Control The Masses.  More times than not this means restricting the flow of information.  They are "The Thought Police" and yes, I also am referring to the Governments too as part of that the thought police.

As a Journalist and News Reporter I am absolutely committed to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.  Certainly I want you the reader to follow my News Reports and Articles that I write but most important I am interested in an Informed Public being the result of what I do.  Since I am not interested in a Monopoly on News Reporting, I am here sharing my list of News Sources from around the world which I follow.  Some are in fact left wing liberals so when I do tap into their reports I can recognize the leftist propaganda machine in full operation.  I hope this list will enlighten you, my readers and of course that you link to my page here at RMB News Report, where I will continue to endeavor to bring you the latest news events.  I am also committed to the Resistance Movements and against the Islamic Threat that all of us are faced with as well as the invasion of Illegal Aliens into our country and other who present a clear and present danger to our way of life, our national sovereignty and our people.

News Sources - Freedom of Speech / Freedom of the Press

Right Wing and Patriot News
Drudge Report
World Net Daily
Michael Savage
RMB News Report

Paul Joseph Watson
Stratfor - Glocal Intelligence

Get The News Straight
Glen Sutphin Desktop Publications
Videos USA
Next News Network
The Middle East Forum
Videos International Political Status Unknown
War Leaks

Israeli / Jewish - News & Anti-Islamic
NRG - Hebrew
Israel Defense Forces - Youtube Videos
the mad jewess
Times of Israel
French News Sourses - Leftist-Liberal
FRANCE 24 - French - youtube
LE FIGARO - French
L'HUMANITE - French Socialist
Lemonde - French
Marine LePen
Marion Le Pen - website
Marion Marechal-Le Pen - Youtube
fr. times of israel (French Language)
Euronews (in English)
Sharia Unveiled
Middle East Forum
The Muslim Issue
Christian Religious
Ted Montgomery
Ted Montgomery - endtimes - Nostradamus

End Time Headlines

Subscription Free TV

Alex Jones Channel