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Randal M. Bundy

Never Divide Your Forces & Beware of The Fifth Column
By Randal M. Bundy

Never Divide your forces!  The famed Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer made fatal mistakes like this at The battle of the Little Big Horn June 25–26, 1876 near the Little Bighorn River in eastern Montana Territory, when he managed to get himself killed and his entire column wiped out because he divided his forces.  These were in fact military tactics taught in the book, "The Art of War by Sun Tzu two thousand years ago.  It all happened because Custer failed to follow the simple lessons every officer is taught or should have been taught, "never divide you forces".  As a matter of fact your enemy will be using tactics of divide and conquer and you will be playing right into their hands.

There were of course additional mistakes made by Custer which also contributed to his failure of his command and his death as well as his men.  Among them was his failure to pay attention to his own military intelligence reports from his own Crow Indian Scouts who tried to warn him of the numerous evidence of an enormous force which was built up against them.

It is also clear to me that he exercised poor judgment by his units movement too far ahead of his own supply units and his refused to accept with his units two rapid firing Gatlin Guns which had been offered to him.  Instead he shose to leave them behind so that his unites would be able to traavel light and fast.  He also seems to have had a feeling of invicability and even is quoted as saying his unit could never fail.  We those were probably the last words of the world greatest fool.

Never Divide Your Forces applies also when NOT necessarily in battle and perhaps prior to the battle.  What I  am referring to is often referred to as "The Fifth Column and was written about by Alexander the Great when his tactics and military comprised a 5 column formation to assault his enemy forces.  Four standard Greek Column Formations and one covert or subversive Column that had previously been infiltrated in among the enemy forces and the civilian populations around them.  Part of their purpose was to create dissention among the ranks.  Slowing hacking away at the foundations of the unit, the moral, and social structure that supports the other columns.

Now Military officers must also consider the fact that even while NOT in battle, the unit is subject to the enemies tactics of divide and conquer by the Fifth Column.  This will consist of those enemy forces that may exist around the warriors.  An example is the Militias susceptibility of being infiltrated by enemy forces whose whole purpose if to cause dissention within the Militia Ranks or the Patriot Movement.  Be aware of this because this will happen when you have a group on facebook, twitter or other such social media.  Some people refer to them as "Trolls".

The enemy forces will simply send you and your group a friend request or a request to join your Patriot Group on these social networking groups.  Their sole purpose of causing dissention between members of the group.  Their tactic is simply to keep the Patriots, Militias, and Tea Party members all fighting among themselves and they are less affective fighting the real enemy.  This is part of their game plan.  “Divide and Conquer“, learn it well because you must be able to recognize it when it is being used against you.

Remember the lessons of George Armstrong Custer and literally in battle never divide your forces, but also in reference to the Fifth Column, know their tactics of Divide and Conquer 

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