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Randal M. Bundy

Patriot American Citizens Arm Yourselves,
Organize & be Prepared for Anything

by Randal M. Bundy - 11 July 2014
All PAtriot Americans Arm Yourselves

At this time every American Citizen should be aware that the Security of the United States is threatened on a number of Fronts.  Let's Look at the present mess the leftists, liberals, progressives and others have made of our country and society in the United States.

01 - The Radical Black Racists Targeting Whites, Jews and Orientals.  (Hispanics also have been targeted but to a lower degree and many of those assaults have happened because they were thought to be whites) - The Knock-out Game and the large amount of racial assault committed by blacks toward other racial groups, particularlly whites is only a very small example of what I think is to come if society comepletely breaks down.  This does not mean that all blacks are the enemy as many of them are themsleves speaking out against this racial assaults against the White Communities.  However we can not expect them to fight on our side if there is a race war.

02 - The Radical Racist Hispanic Ideology / combined with the Azteca Reconquista (Re-Conquering) Movement / Combined with the Flooding of the border with an army of Illegal Immigrants. -  Just as with the Black community, there are in fact more hispanics in the United States who are opposed to this re-conqoring movement.  I have been told by many of them that if those radical elements of their hispanic comminity wants to live exclusively in a hispanic country, they can go live in Mexico, however no one ever seems to be fleeing across the Mexican Border.

03 - Third is the threat from immigrants who are in fact Muslims.  This is a group small in population but as with the influence and terror of all gangs, a small number can terrorise and intemidate the enitre population andeventially destabelize an entire country and destrtoy the society.  However with the Mulsims this is their goal.  

04 - Behind all of this and those who are in fact responsible for it is the radical leftists.  The may call themselves by a number of different terms but in fact they are anti-white, although many of them are in fact white themselves.  To understand that little phenomenon consider the same phenomenon of what is called, "Self Hating Jews".  Part of the agenda of the left is "Gun Confiscation" and "Gun Bans".  A defenseless society is much easier to control and in the present situation, a disarmed society is much easier to annihilate.  This is the agenda of the leftists and their allies wit6hin the various racists movements active within the Black  and Hispanic Societies.   Remarkably also is the Leftists who seem to have a loose alliance or at least a sympathy toward Muslims Groups, all of which are part of the Islamic Agenda of Conquest.

By now if you are not Armed and trained in the use of weapons, then you do not have much time left. When the crisis does occur it will be too late to try to accumulate firearms and ammunition.  If you are a Veteran, then your previous military training will be a valuable asset to your community and to those around you who have never been in the military.  I used to say that "If Society breaks down", but now I say "When" because I see no alternative to that outcome as at this point I think the damage to the country and our societies is gone beyond the point of repair and we have moved into a point of "No Return".  Prepare yourselves for the war that inevitably is to come. 


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