Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy - published by RMB News Report 2014
Survival and the Coming Crisis by Randal M. Bundy
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My Survival Weapons of Choice

When it comes to personal weapons, every person is different.  Some people might prefer an AR-15 and others the AK-47 variety.  For pistols, some may prefer the 45 Caliber and others the 9mm.  For myself I prefer the AKMS and the 9mm Glock.

For my basic Survival Bug Out Gear, I will have the AKMS, The Glock, A good k-Bar knife (Army Issue of course) and not to be forgotten a   IWhen I am in the field I will also have on my belt a good knife, and a Recurve Bow.  Why the the bow you ask?  We depending upon how long a crisis may continue or how long I an in the wilderness will determine how long my ammunition supplies hold out.  If I have a thousand round of ammunition to carry around, well that is going to be an additional amount of ammunition.  If I have to kill a deer every other day, then the supply will hopld out for 2,000 days or somewhere around 5 years or so provided I do not have to waist any ammunition defending myself against roving bands of thugs who do not know how to hunt and might find it easier to try to steel my food.

So presuming that I am in the wilderness and my supply of ammunition does eventially runb out, which it will of course eventially.  Well what the hell do I do then for food?  This is just the reason that you have a bow and you better start learning how to use it right now.  You might also find on the internet instructions of how to make your own arrows too.  You may find yourself finding out exactly how our American Indian Ancestors survived on the things they found in the wilderness to make bows with and arrows.  

So as for personal weapons that are firearms, each to their own preferences.  There may be some things to think about when making your choice. Availability and cost of ammunition can have an influence upon you decision, as well as reliability and endurance.  

On this page I will have included those weapons which I personally personally and am familiar with.  You personally may prefer a shotgun or a standard hunting rifle.  Ultimately it is always a personal choice, but regardless of what your choice is, don't be with out one.  In a survival situation, those who do not have a weapon or two will be dead in a very short period of time.

Rifles & Pistols

AKMS and AKM ( these are commonly just refered to as AK or AK-47)AKMS and AKM
Personally I am an AK man.  These Weapons are often called AK-47's however in the picture above you see on the leftt an AKMS and on the right a standard AKM.  The difference is obviously the folding but stock.  Either one will be suitable for basic survival for Hunting Deer and for personal defense.

These are my personal prefered weapon of choice.  They are reliable, rugged, easy to break down and clean and easy to reasemble.  They are basicaly what I call "idiot proof".  I live by the rule, "don't make things more difficult than they have to be" and these weapons fit that description well.  These weapons fire the 7.62 mm X 39 mm, which makes them very respectable for a personal combat weapon as well as for hunting game such as a dear, boar, bear or whatever big game they may find for survival.

Now when it comes to weapons for the survivalist should be well trained a familiar with the selected weapons of your enemy,  In the United States the most common weapon might be the M-4 / AR-15 and perhaps for a side arm you may find Glocks are far more common, however if you have a chance to learn the disassenbly and reasemply of weapons such as the standar 45 cal 1911 or the 9mm Baretta, then by all means study these weapons.  I would say the 9mm ammo will be far more common.  

I do recommend that you become familiar with all weapons now while you have time to practice.  If you are unfamiliar with a particular weapon, it might not do you any good at all to have something you do not even know how to load and fire.  Also consider the fact of resupply.  If you have an exotic weapon which fires a very unique bullet, such as a 7mm, then you may not be able to find the necessary ammo.  The Survivalist  must be trained on all weapons he or she is likely to encounter during a crissis.  As for caliber weapon, I have mentioned above the 7.62 mm which is about the same as the standar 308 favored by hunters.  However if an individual were to prefer to have, lets say a 22 caliber rifle like the xXXX for the purpose of unting the very numerous rabbit that may be encountered, then fine.  The weight of the little 22 caliber and the ammunition will be light enough to enable you to carry a lot of ammunition.  

In my case I suppose that is where the bow may come in handy, as I can usually find a rabbit that stays put and alows me to come fairly close to them and the bow will travel at a pretty fast speed.

A good Knife for Hunting, Camping, Survival and as a last resort for Fighting

US Army K-Bar Knife
US Army Style K-Bar Knife
If I could have only one Knife which could be used for either, Fighting, Survival or camping  it would be the K-Bar Knife.  Originally selected by the USMC (Marine Corp)  this particular  knife may be stamped with USMC but now used by every branch of the US Military.  Since I was in the Army, mine is the one above designed and staped US Army.  The price is affordable at  around $90-$100.  It will last you a life time.

As with the firearms, I do not want to cloud the issue or make it more complicated than it has to be so I am just showing you what my personal preferences are.  However any weapon, be a knife, rifle or pistol is better than none at all.  Just remember one thing, stock up on ammunition.  The more the better.  During a crissis you will not be able to find any in most cases.  Use it sparingly if at all possible.

For Hunting, I do prefer a cross bow for several reasons.  The ammunition for your rifle and pistol will be in short supply.  These weapons are prefered in self defence.  If you can become proficient in a cross bow or any bow, then it is a silent way to bring down game you are hunting.  Since you will be contantly on alert for fello survivalist who are stragers and if you are wise you may not want to encounter them.  Fire a big rifle like an AK-47, unless you are equiped with a silencer, any other survivalists for miles around will know you are out there and that you have a weapon and ammo they may decide to try to take from you and anything else they may want after they have killed you.  So learn to use that bow right now.  

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