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Randal MacNiall Bundy
Randal M. Bundy, Editor

My Studies of the Quran
by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2013 by Randal M. Bundy

Many years ago, perhaps in 1995, I studied the Quran and was immediately struck by the barbarism of it all and was repulsed by the lack of any empathy for any form of life being taught in the book itself.  In short time I came to the conclusion that the words were not inspired by the GOD that we know of but was inspired by something very dark and evil.  However I studied the book itself from beginning to end and was not persuaded to convert.  It was never my intent from the very beginning as I merely have always had an active interest in learning what ever I can, and  to become knowledgeable in matters of Religion as it relates to history itself.  One of my conclusions with studying Islam is that it is not a religion at all but is a cult that has been fabricated by Muhammad and his followers.  

From a position of known history as well as Theology, this book, the Quran contains not only theological errors and mistakes but from a historical account it reflects the ignorance of those people who have had a hand in writing it.  One familiar with theology as well as history has to conclude that Muhammad was NOT writing the words of any GOD that the rest of us know nor was he writing the words of Satan, for even Satan does have knowledge of History and Theology.  No, the words that are written in the Quran are inspired by true evil and perhaps Satan may have had a hand in it but it is the work of one criminally insane man by the name of Muhammad and followed by other criminally insane men who were his followers, all equally inspired by pure evil.

From both a historical as well as a theological perspective the errors, discrepancies and contradictions through out the book are obvious the work of the uneducated.  I also noted that this book placed in the hands of the criminally insane people living in any and all societies would be offering to that criminally insane person complete justification to commit any crimes against humanity on any scale, as long as that person in their twisted and warped mind can claim the actions serves their chosen god Allah  

This book is the exact opposite of what is presented to man in the 10 Commandments.   From a theological perspective  this is one of the first contradictions which I have noted in the Quran, as I find that it is impossible to believe that the same GOD who gave to Moses these 10 commandments would later contradict his own words and instructions to Moses and speak the exact opposite of every commandment to Muhammad.  I will elaborate further in this article about those many discrepancies and contradictions as well as the scientific and historical errors contained within the Quran.

I do not claim to be an expert of Theology, but I have enjoyed studying Judaism, Christianity (which I was raised in) as well as American Indian Religion, even Paganism, Wicca, the ancient Greek, Roman, Celtic and Viking Religions. But it was Islam that I found to have origins from the very depths of HELL which found a receptive audience in a criminally insane person named Muhammad.

I would place this book in the same class of evil as Karl Marx's, "Communist Manifesto'.  For those who are strong in character and conviction study of it is valuable from the point of being able to recognize evil and how those who are weak of character and conviction are negatively influenced by these writings.  Of course I would personally rate Islam as the worse of the two evils.  Both of these mentioned writings of Madmen have caused countless human sufferings and deaths upon this planet.  There is not one single thing that either of these doctrines offer to this world or humanity that could be considered a credit.  What these two doctrines have in common is that both of them ultimately must be enforced by oppression and death.  Both bring to this world misery and suffering on a grand scale to humanity.  Both appeal to a certain sick and evil segment of the worlds population.

to be continued

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