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My opposition to Illegal Aliens
by Randal M. Bundy - 31 May 2015
Illegal Aliens Get Free American Public Assitance National Suicide
We Americans Cannot Feed the entire F--king World and we can not invite the entire F--king world to immigrate here to our country and give them absolute complete access to the Public Asssistance Programs we do have which is intended for our own needy and deserving people. The results will be economic devastation for us and we will become a third world country like the ones where they came from.  It is National Suicide!

I once told a young man in the audence where I was speaking who tried to debate me on the subject of Illegal Aliens, "take a vacation to Mexico City, away from the Tourist Designated area or even in to the inner city communities of Los Angelos and if they survived the venture in either of those cities in one piece, I would welcome a debate on the subject of illegal aliens.  I also told him that during his little walk in Los Angelos, he would think he was actually in Mexico City.

I once saw a sign in Los Angelos that said, "When the Last American leaves Los Angelos please Turn out the Lights".   

Well, were almost there right now folks.  My opposition to illegal and uncontroled Immigration is becasue I love my country and it is in fact about to be pulled down into the same pit that Mexico and other third world countries have descended into.
 My specific opposition to illegal and uncontroled Immigration is:
  • (1) - it is illegal and laws are who are intended to maintain an civil society.
  • (2) - those who enter our country illegally are cutting in the line in front of all of the other would be immigrants who are following the legal procedurs to become legal immigrnats.  Illegal Aliens are circumventing the same laws that in their country are enforced.  If an American enters Mexico or any other country south of the United States borner, they would be arrested and serve a fairly long jail time.
  •  (3) permitting illegal immigrnats into our country rewards people for breaking the laws.  We do not reward people who steal from local stores or even for people who steal food to feed their families.
  • (4) - permitting illegal aliens to remain in our country promotes unfair competition of wages for the native born American Citizen who is able and willing to perform the same job, if the employor paid a decent wage.  It undercuts the collective barganing process.  I am surprised that Labor Unions do not openly and loudly oppose illegal aliens, as it is the illegal aliens is a factor against the unions and plays right into the hands of corporate management to keep wages down and deprive their worker a decent income.
  • (5) - The uncontroled immigration of people from one particular racial or ethnic group or now even a religious group, such as the Muslism, will change and alter the demographics of any country.  For an example in Mexico no one in that country would dream of allowing 15 Million illegal immigrant white Americans to just slip across their border in the middle off the night, take up residence, steal their jobs and work for less wages that a Mexican would work for, not to mention committ crimes of murder, rape, child molestation, smuggle drugs, organize into gangs and terrorise the citizens of that country.  Yet that is exactly what is happening with the illegal alien population that comes to our country.  Not to mention that 15 million white Americans suddenly showing up in Mexico and demanding Mexican citizenship and the right to vote, would in fact upset the demographics of that country and change forever Mexico and it's political system, and that is the exact thing that is happening right now in the United States with the destruction of the demographics of our country.
Now if anyone asserts the usual accusations of Racism against me for my possition on this matter, then first go to any hispaic person you see anywhere in the US and ask them if they'd rather live in their beloved Mexico or right here in the United States?  You already know what their answer wwould be.  Ask them why the want to be in the United States and they will tell you it is for the economic advantages, but that in itself is NOT a legitimate reason for us to allow them to remain.  Additional research will also reveal that each and every one of them have already been tutored, coaxed and taught about how to scam the American System of public assistence. Which in fact is paid for by the American Working Tax Payers.  It also reminds me of the following sign I found on line.

It has been proven by research and statistics, but well surpressed by the news media. the democrats and governmenmt that the amount of money consumed by illegal aliens from Tax Payer Funds, far exceeds the amount of incidental tax returned to the general funds.  In other words it is like running an unlimited credit card up every month by $5,000 and only paying off $1,000 per month of your debt incurred.  If you do this as a regular person you are well on the way to bankrupcy.  If you do this as a Government, then you are well on the way to Economic Calapse of the country and a depression which will undoubtably follow.

One of the recent Presidents of Mexico was answering a question by someone who asked him about being Meico and living in the United States.  He made a very interesting statement and although his answer was "coded" so as the White American Population could easily not understand what he was saying it was clear to me what he meant.  "If you are Mexican and in living in the United States then that will be Mexico".  The subtle message here was to flood the US with as much of the Mexican Population as possible, legal and illegal, then presure for free citizenship, instant voting rights and by pure numbers you take over the country.  This same President was also recorded secretly give more specific instructions to the Mexican Diaspora in the United States in regards to their support for the Reconquista Movement, which he was and still does support.

This is what's in store for the United States, to be conquored by shear numbers and then claim, "In the name of Democracy" they will dominate and control.  If you want a preview of what life will be like for the typical white American at that point, take a little walk-about in Mexico City away from the relative security of the Tourist Zones. You think Black Racism towards White people is bad under Obama rule, "you ain't seen nothin yet". 

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